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I finally had time to watch Heartstring
and I give my first love to you.

Surprising enough a guy asked me to watch "I give me first love to you"
ahaha it was something amazing to share with..a close friend : P
It was sweet and made me wish I had such a childhood relationship
but I didn't cry as much as I thought I would.
Then again I didn't even cry in "1 liter of Tears".

Anyways Heartstring made me love them both more...the songs were so
amazing, storyline not so full od cliche dramatic plots I liked it. ♡ • • ~
Waaah, I love the couple in Queen Inhyun's Man! <3 heart They're just so amazingly adorable and they look awesome together. Only 2 more episodes left. ;3; I'm hoping it ends well so I'm satisfied with it.

Eeeeep, I just can't wait to see where they're planning to lead Big. Also Suzy is coming up in the next episode which makes me wonder if her acting has gotten better. xD

Bridal Mask seems pretty amazing so far. :'D The description of it totally threw me off as I was watching it. Ugh, totally expect some sadness coming from this drama. Hopefully, not too much to make me cry a river. ;3;
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Started watching the new drama Big! Really funny and cute! I love it! I advise you to watch it! hehe
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Started watching the drama Tree of Heaven yesterday, and finished it in one day! There's only 10 episodes so I thought, why not just finish it in one day, lol. Started at 6pm, finished at 4am. xD It's a sad drama ....
Tree of Heaven, I'll have to add that onto the list of dramas I have to watch. If it's only 10 episodes I should try to finish it in one day too or spread it over 2 days. xD
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Currently watching Queen Inhyun's man and King 2 Hearts,love them both heart
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Okaeri nasai
so i give my first love to you was good? I have never heard of it, does it have a different name I can search for?
Just finished Queen Inhyun's Man and it was definitely worth the watch. I cried so many tears, but clapped like a happy like fan girl so many times. Also the kisses in the drama were so passionate, I loved them. :'D I seriously adore the dramas that are coming out on tvN. I'll have to take a look at The Wedding Scheme.
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w00p I finished the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 3 days xD I started it a long time ago and somehow I thought it was boring, and I am now telling myself how I thought it was boring xD very cute and funny!
I feel weird being a guy in here. How good is city hunter? I keep hearing that girls only watch it because of lee min ho
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@iiSoDorkiee: I'm not a big fan of Lee Min Ho and I thought City Hunter was good.
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So I just finished watching Iris (yes, I confess I started watching it because of TOP) and what the hell kind of ending was that?! scream

Also, is Athena supposed to be a sequel to it? I've also heard that City Hunter is better.
preposterousplum :: Hahaha, the only reason I started watching Iris was because of TOP too. Bah, I know, right! If you watch the movie it shows you a clip on why it happened. I just skipped to the very end of it 'cause the movie is pretty much all the episodes put together. I also watched 71: Into the Fire for TOP, but that movie was actually freaking amazing. Athena is a spin-off of Iris with new characters. As for City Hunter, everyone says it's a must see, but for some reason I couldn't make my way through it. xP Then again I prefer watching romance dramas.

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