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As a Canadian, I'd say yes and no. Been to America several times in my life, and I've seen pleanty of different types of American.

That being said.... I was also once on a crowded bus in Florida (How in God's name does anyone live in such a hot place?) and this woman was sitting on a chair complaining about how she was angry that her daughter always had to stand.

Of course, I've also met very many intelligent Americans who I have had very interesting conversations with.
If you're naive enough to believe stereotypes it won't matter what people say cause everyone in the U.S is different as is everybody in other countries. That would be like me comparing every Asian to North Korea's leader.
I feel it depends on the person, and their environment. in my aspect i think america is one of the best place. Most of my friend and family members want to live in america.
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Dumb? Depends on your standards, but I say we have some very intelligent people.

Fat? Statistically, the largest in the world. However, I'm in Indiana (a state South of the Great Lakes) and obesity isn't a very pressing matter here.

Lazy? Yes. The other day I was reaching on the floor for my Pepsi but the adjacent remote to change the channel was just too far down for the effort.
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MURIKAAAA!!!!!! Nah im Puerto Rican :3
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Does everyone think american's are dumb, lazy, and fat? Cause I want to know what people around the world think about different stereotypes.

Yep, sounds about right, mrgreen

And where are you from??

the U.S.A

Okay. How do you view people from the west coast, midwest, and east coast?

East Coast = beautiful beaches and NYC

West Coast = better beaches and more money

Midwest = cornfields and tornado alley

thats how i view those.
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Dumb: I don't think all Americans are dumb, but it's true that compared to most other Western countries, American education standards are pretty low.

Lazy: Not at all. Americans work more hours per capita than any other Western country, if I recall correctly. I generally think they are hard-working and determined.

Fat: Not every American is fat, but it's true that generally, America has more obesity than other nations.

Ask yourself what kinds of jobs the majority of these people spend doing while working these "long" hours. Out in the farm (in other words: in physically demanding jobs) or indoors in a cubicle/office sitting down for the majority of their "working" hours? The second types of jobs tend to pay better than the first, it's the American Dream-- not lazy?
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Stereotypes are stereotypes, you can look at a black guy and because of how they are portrayed immediately think he'll shank you and steal your bike.

A kind of funny story, we had a flat tire on the highway and had to pull over, all of your average people just passed us by, but the one guy that had his music blaringly loud and everything that would make him look like a bad person, was the only one that pulled over and asked if we needed help.

So while it might be tough, we can't judge a person just by how they look or how they are portrayed on television or anything. razz
What a rude way to think of Americans. Dani Johnson is an American and she teaches hundreds of people to become millionaires like her for free. People tend to lose weight in the process and she's not fat. I hate stereotypes.
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I do believe that the majority of people who believe Americans to be fat, lazy and stupid are those who have never actually been to the States and who watch a lot of American Pie and Jersey Shore.

As for lazy in particular, I just spent half a year living in South America, and the nation I was in had at least twice the holidays that we get at home in the US. They only had classes four days a week, too. Lazy Americans? Not North Americans, that's for sure.

On the contrary, that's the image US citizens portray when they visit other countries. I've been and/or lived in a lot of major tourism destinations like around major parts of Australia, Tokyo, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and currently residing in Dubai where the GCC folks are fat and lazy (which they admit). Americans who often come around tend to be arrogant, boisterous, loud and ignorant which leaves a bad taste with the locals. I've also asked my relatives and friends from around the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe who also have similar feelings or observed it in the locals.
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And why should we care about these ridiculous stereotypes they neither hurt us or help us. I imagine the only ones interested in these stereotypes are those who seek approval and praise from others.
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Joes. Or at least in the 20th century. drunkards.
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Im from the south and I can pretty much assure everyone that some stereo types are true.
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I just hate how monolingual we are. gonk
I love the USA. Or parts of it.
Everyone is so enthusiastic about everything.
It's very warm and very cold, there are beautiful landscapes.
You can find anything!
There are so many brilliant and creative minds in your country.

However I still don't like the excessive greed or ignorance that still is hovering around in many places.

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