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Lady Snowflake

Stuck at 100% on loading in Firefox, Windows 7
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Ooooh, does this mean we might get a housing items update in the future? @ w@

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Why is my house a mess? I visited it in the Towns and I do NOT remember it looking like this lol.
How do you clear the house without loading the "decorate my home" screen?
It stops at 100%...

Y u have to lie to me emotion_donotwant
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Shirtless Brawler

I got in once... but now I get suck on 100% loading .

Right after I upgraded to a larger house too.

Running Windows 7 and latest Firefox

what she said : P
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wahmbulance Here to update you with a glitch wahmbulance

Some reason it will load to 100% and will not cont, if some1 could help me with this problem it would b appreciated. Also my flash player is updated.
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I can't load my house or edit it. sad
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Yeah, some users are getting this. We're looking at it now.

Knight Yoshi
The new editor stopped loading at 100% with it saying, "Sweeping the floor."
Edit: Using Google Chrome
Edit2: Same results in Firefox.

On a different note, I sent you a PM earlier, if you could take a look at that and get back to me it'd be appreciated. cool
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Lady Glitch

I'm probably the 50th person to say this, but IT'S STUCK ON LOADING 100%!!

*goes off to sweep the floor of my house*
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My house stops loading at 100% then just doesn't do anything. By the looks of it I'm not the only one with this issue though. Is it something we are doing/not doing or...?
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Anybody else has the problem that he says he's done loading but that it doesn't go anywhere.
I'm getting tired of it telling me that it's sweeping the floor.

community worker ninja
Gets stuck on the 100% loading:

OS X.5.8 / Safari 5.0.6

and also tried on:
OS X.7.2 / Safari 5.1.1
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I'm getting stuck on 100% as well. Running Windows 7, Firefox. Wanna play with my house agaaaain. ; o ;
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How do we clear our house? This might fix the problem, perhaps?
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I'm currently stuck on sweeping the floor (like many others). Firefox 8, Windows Vista.
Also, tried going into my house in Towns, "Retrieving Site Event"- won't go beyond that. Tried editing and entering in Chrome, too, didn't work.

By the way, love the "reticulating splines" bit. <3 -can't wait to see the new things, excited-
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im also stuck with loading 100% --> sweeping the floor

i'm using latest version of chrome on a win7 ultimate OS

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