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I literally did this face irl when i read "interactive"
well, minus the tears
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I just upgraded my home. It'll load in Towns. Home Editor is now stuck on telling me that I have a big house and to wait a second.
I wonder if it's on another planet/in another dimension where a second is like a day or something. XD
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My game isn't even loading. It reaches 100% but nothing loads.
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I'm also stuck on the loading screen (its only at 100% and won't let me go forward). Using Windows XP, Firefox 8. Also, how do we clear our house out prior to using the new editor?
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YES! I'm on the top ten pages of this popular thread!
Also, you've got to fix the green goo for animals, it's really annoying and your avi gets blocked..
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I noticed that the "wall tiles" were placed a bit wrong in the housing update. In my old house the "Ornate Brown Stone Wall Tile" was for flooring, and I really used it a lot. I hate to have to buy something else to use.Some things labelled wall tile were placed on the "wall" as what anyone would expect, but they are truly flooring. My thought is, to change the name and the location in which they stand, OR just change the location in which they stand. Having kitchen tiling on your walls is a bit canny.
A thought is that we could use both wallpapers & flooring for either one, depending on what we want to use it for.
I love the new arranger! The old one was so old that it refused to load on my computer and I coulden't decorate my house, thank you for listening gaia! Hopefully we'll get new furniture soon too!
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I was blind...

Still stuck on the loading screen...
Other than that, I can't wait to see how it has changed. Plus, I would like to see an update for towns in general.

But Now I see.
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Was the 'clear house' button that used to be outside of the home editor removed? D:

BTW I'm also stuck on 100% lol.
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Sweetness! I can't wait to see the new updates! heart
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I'm another with a very dirty house appearantly.

The upside is that I really like the new loading screen. I'll be happy to see the rest of it.

I am using an older version of Internet Explorer (I have XP, so I can't get the newest update).
Your operating system and browser version (i.e., Windows 7, Firefox 7.0)
- A description of the exact problem
- A screenshot (if the description is not clear)
- The particular items involved, if it seems to be a problem with only one particular item

Well, I did get past the sweeping the floors stage. But, not all of the items loaded and most of what did was misplaced, so that items were no longer on furniture, a wall light was half behind a window. Floor lights and a table were missing altogether as were the light settings.

My Avatar did not want to move, but finally did for a few seconds before freezing again. However, the text bubbles worked fine.

I use Windows 7 home delux with Internet Explorer 8.

I hope you get this resolved soon; I too am very happy at the prospect of finally having updated housing that works properly.
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I got in once... but now I get suck on 100% loading .

Right after I upgraded to a larger house too.

Running Windows 7 and latest Firefox
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it doesn't work for me :/ ...it gets stuck at 100% loading
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I can't seem to get to my house from Bildeau or from towns. I finally got the loading screen, but I too am stuck at the 100 sweeping floors.

I am running Chrome and Windows 7

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