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Won't load, stays at 100%

EDIT: Windows 7 Home, Firefox 7, Flash 11,0,1,152.
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I'm loving the new update! emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
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so exciting! :'D
...I'm stuck at sweeping ; n;
Well Im windows 7 and chrome

Like the little dialogues about hooking up plumbing lol, but I can't get past the 100% to the actual house. Not sure if it's just not up yet, or what.

.../Has and uses both

...Oh~ Better not try yet!
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Thank you so much whee

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YEY! emotion_kirakira

Now if only I could connect...Using Chrome and Firefox and neither of them get passed "sweeping the floor". emotion_donotwant

Edit: Tried Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari on main and mule and none will allow me to connect. emotion_eyebrow Using Windows 7. Can't enter anyone's home from Towns either. sweatdrop

ANOTHER Edit: Since the second Dev Alert I can edit my house now, but I still can't enter my house while in Towns. I also notice about half of my housing items are missing in my inventory. (Items are good now!) Some of my items won't place, aka, I try to click them to put them in my house but instead they just follow the mouse around.

Edit 3: I was finally able to enter Homes from Towns and the avatar moves horribly when inside, it sort of glitches and freezes at random. I also don't see anything that's interactive, but that may be part of the moving glitch. I'm also having the 'snap' problem other people are having, but I was able to work around it with a bit of persistence.

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Floor must have gotten a lot bigger, what with all that sweeping going on. ninja

Windows Vista, Firefox 8.0
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same here... I know my house was dusty, but it shouldn't take that long to finish sweeping!

stuck at 100%, sweeping the floor.

Win 7 OS, Chrome 15.0.874.120 m
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thats nice.
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One issue for me...

I don't see a Misc. items slot in the new Housing Arranger. I've used it since the test phase in 2005 putting Donation Letters/Monthly Collectible letters in my home. Then it broke as far back as 2009 as far as I know. Was hoping to get it fixed to be used again. Kinda disappointed in that respect.

Won't load for me when I enter my house through towns.
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Uhh... it seems to have gotten stuck loading at, "Retrieving Site Event" when I tried to enter the home. The bar has loaded completely though. Other than the bar it's a black screen.

I'm using Firefox 7.0.1 on a Mac.
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Close, but no cigar. |3

Can't get past the 100% mark. xD

Fix it up so I can spend all my gold! >:3
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A world of echoes and fallen gods...

I also cannot get past the page where it says 100 percent. Maybe it's just broken or something... Here's hoping that it gets fixed (or a fix is given to us)

Where all is shadowed, no rights or wrongs...
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>Skitters to test it out now

* A * AHHH
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Neither my 'Design House' is loading, or my actual house in towns. neutral

EDIT: I am running Google Chrome on Windows 7 Home Premium.

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