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emotion_kirakira Finally! Yay~
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I'll certainly have to check the new houses out.
They might be worth using now.
Thank guys!
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Will edit~
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OMG finally! I was so excited when homes first came out then they got all ignored. Getting them updated it awesome!
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time to play house again. smile
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It's not going past sweeping the floor. Is it because so many people are trying to use it?
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I hope my prediction doesn't come true or I'm laughing HARD!
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The new editor stopped loading at 100% with it saying, "Sweeping the floor."
Edit: Using Google Chrome v15.0.874.120
Edit2: Same results in Firefox v9.0.
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Thanks for updating Houses! I can't wait to check out the revamp. I've waited for years. gonk
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I'm stuck at "Sweeping" too :>

On a mac, Firefox 8.0
Tried Safari, doesn't work either
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Well Im windows 7 and chrome

Like the little dialogues about hooking up plumbing lol, but I can't get past the 100% to the actual house. Not sure if it's just not up yet, or what.
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Knight Yoshi
The new editor stopped loading at 100% with it saying, "Sweeping the floor."

Same here! How do I clear out my house?
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Omnipresent Phantom

Neh?! Loading is stuck at 100%. LIVE DAMN YOU! gonk
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Oh Goodie!
Thank you so much I'm excited to try it out!

Apparently not, The loading gets stuck at 1oo% and "Sweeping the floor" it wont continue to the actual space.
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I can't wait to see it whee

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