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This is the official housing feedback thread!

We've completely rewritten the housing editor with the latest technology, and made a number of improvements to the editor. Not only should the new editor run much better on your computer or laptop, but we've also made improvements to the housing items themselves; we have some really neat items planned for future housing updates.

Note that, if you have an old housing layout, you'll need to clear it out first before putting in new items. You only need to do this once.

It's possible that you may run into a glitch with the editor and / or particular housing items. If you do run into a glitch, please let us know in this thread. It would help if you could give us the following:

- Your operating system and browser version (i.e., Windows 7, Firefox 7.0)
- A description of the exact problem
- A screenshot (if the description is not clear)
- The particular items involved, if it seems to be a problem with only one particular item

We hope that you enjoy using the new housing as much as we enjoyed writing it!
Yes! Too long in coming.
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Invisible Phantom

im stuck with a 100%

ohh first emotion_awesome

I'm popular now, so tip me ;D

edit2: thanks for the tip heart xp
first post

Sorry I ninja'd you. redface
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Fluffy Traveler

ryry Kenny_McGroot ryry's avatar

Perfect Bloodsucker

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^ not the first post
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Demonic Ladykiller

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A reason to use homes again? YAY!
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Philanthropic Billionaire

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Yes! It's about time!

Housing isn't loading up.
I'm stuck with a 100% loading screen.
Apparently my house is REALLY dirty.
I'm on Windows Vista, using Firefox.

Second edit: 9:01 P.M.
Now it's stuck on "Retrieving Event" in Towns.
Same OS and Web Browser as before.
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I mean... thank you ever so much for the housing update!
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Wheezing Fatcat

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I am so excited! Thank you devs!
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Diligent Bibliophile

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Oh yeah! *excited*
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      Yes! Finally.. crying heart
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I am gonna get ALL UP IN this update!
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Magical Girl

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Thanks for finally updating housing, I can't wait to check it out! whee
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Invisible Phantom

first post

Sorry I ninja'd you. redface
you're bad crying JK heart

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