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Same problem as everyone else; can't get past the 100% loading screen, right when it says "Sweeping the house."

Using a Windows 7 laptop, browser is Google Chrome.
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new fixes mean new things that break YAY lets break more stuff so it gets fixed faster people that is how it works biggrin
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I finally got into my home by going to "My Gaia" then "house" then clicking on "go to my home".

I can not edit my home in any way to change the layout.
Walking is very glitchy and I feel like a sketchy person creeping around in my home.

Every 30 seconds, give or take, there is this click sound coming from my house. No idea what it is.

EDIT: When I say I can't design my home I mean when I click on edit my home from the home editor, it stops at the 100% sweeping the floors load bar.
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Tried but like others, stuck at the 100% - Sweeping the floor.

I'm using firefox 8 on Windows XP, and I have already cleared and saved my house.
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Stuck at loading at 100%/Sweeping the floor.
sweatdrop The floor might be in need of a good vacuum the way this is going. lol

Chrome, Mac 10.7.2
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Stuck on 100% as well. / Chrome, Windows 7.
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About time houses got an update. Now, what about new furniture?! 8D

I must a hell of a dirty floor because the edit screen says it's still being swept and the bar is at 100%. And I can't even get into my house though the "Retrieving Site Event" bar is full.

I hope that when I can eventually get into the editor, my housing items that went missing from the old system show back up.

Details copied from the Bug forums: Browser Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0
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It "would" be a wonderful update .... if it actually worked. We must all have very dirty houses or the floor sweepers are the slowest in the known universe.

Its been said beofre but I've got firefox 8 and am on XP.
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oo i am also excited
as excited as when it came out the first time <3

alas also stuck at 100%
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Well, dang!

I KNEW I should have come back to sweep my house more often.

As everyone's saying, I'm currently stuck with my progress bar on 100%.
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Either these are pretty huge housing spaces now or I've forgotten how big the larger sized homes were.
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It "would" be a wonderful update .... if it actually worked. We must all have very dirty houses or the floor sweepers are the slowest in the known universe.
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they're using tweezers to move the individual grains of dust :3
it's still not working as it should. Objects don't save in the spots they were placed.
I made a screenshot of how i arranged it and how it shows up in towns.

User Image

I tried in IE and in FF, both with the latest flash and both gave the same result.
I really enjoyed using the new system, actually. I wasn't having any issues. The only thing that I might suggest just for additional ease of use, is when you click on an item, and it brings up the menu, and you click move or rotate as soon as you've done either of these ONCE, the menu closes, now I don't know about everyone, but when I chose to rotate an item, it never rotates the way I need it to the first time. My suggestion would be, allow us to move/rotate items more than once, before the button that we clicked on disappears. And to close the button, we could simply click on the item again, or something to that affect.

Overall, I really enjoyed the new housing system, now how bout you let us make our houses even bigger, and perhaps give us a couple more styles. ;D
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I'm using Google Chrome and mine gets stuck at 100%. I'm looking forward to these updates, though.

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