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I am having the same prob and nothing will wrk wat s hould i do??? I hate this it is stupid my house won't freakin load
Felicia says; ++++++++++
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Rofl that happened to me too.
i have vista.
but i pretty much fixed it .-.
i just download newest flash player & shockwave..
voila~~ its fixed xD

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+++++++oh the blood, oh the blood, oh the m a s s a c r e .
+++++++i always t h o u g h t that y o u would be the o n e .
does it say you need to download any ting
if it doesnt then try refreshing
well im pretty much another one who's going to join the"it can't work on mine either" sweatdrop sweatdrop i tried downloading the shockwave player biggrin but still it doesn't seem to want to download stressed stressed and now i'm atempting to contact gaia about this problem cause it doesn't seem to me like they have even tried to fix it or upgrade it so it can download on ours.. so wish me luck im doing it now fingers crossed 3nodding 3nodding razz razz ..

gonk crying crying gonk scream sweatdrop mad cry crying rolleyes emo I agree. I, too, am having problems with this Gaia feature which is really one of my favourites.
I think that it SHOULD be attended to IMMEDIATELY BY the appropriate GAIA ONLINE STAFF.

I mean, do we need to form a GAIA ONLINE branch of HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. ???? rofl rofl
We all get little avatar characters to represent ourselves.
I don't really care if I have a little pretend car or not.
Don't really care about the aquarium that much, either.
But, doggone it....sure would like to get some virtual enjoyment from being able to see
all the neat items that I spent most of my GAIA GOLD that I worked and played so many hours to save up and spend on my little GAIA HOUSE. exclaim exclaim rolleyes

I think I'll find the "snail mail" address or phone number for GaiaOnline again --WRITE THEM LETTERS or TELEPHONE them and
suggest that some of you other people with the same problems with your GaiaHouse
TELEPHONE THEM and let our voices be heard. smile smile smile smile So, anyone else agree?
me to i download it but nothin happens crying
I am having the same prob and nothing will wrk wat s hould i do??? I hate this it is stupid my house won't freakin load
tell me about it samee prob i have to
Taki Arika
Mine was doing the same thing.
I even tried installing the latest Shockwave.
Now it says shockwave is still being installed...

I want to fix my house, darn it.
me to
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When I Try To Put Stuff In My Room It Say's "Error Loading XML." What The Heck Is That?!?! Can I Download It Or Something??
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Can anyone tell me how to do this house and car thing?

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