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Ummm I do apologize for asking...
I thought about this and... redface
Umm I was thinking if we could have more instruments for furniture
for gaia houses or make the instruments make a sound when you
touch it (click on it). We only have piano's as furniture but not others such as
the harp or drum set redface .. Or have a radio furniture that allows us to
play our playlist that we already made for gaia profiles or different?...

Sorry I thought about that when I was fiddling with my playlist...
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That, actually, is not a bad idea
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heart That's a wonderful idea! Personally an organ would go better with my house than the piano currently does. I like the thought of them actually sounding.
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Why not? After all the other interactive items do have sound effects.
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This.. Is a super awesome idea O:
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I find this a very good idea too smile And maybe well.. if it wouldn't be a lot of them then their parts could make a harmonic music together. Seen (I mean heard) playable instruments making a nice piece of music together like that at some other games/sites too.
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That's actually really cool!
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Wonderful idea, just wonderful~ 3nodding
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- I Think GAIA Needs ALOT More Interactive Things Anyways .... Atleast Allow Us To Actually Sit In The Seats and Stuff, but GAIA Gonna Do What GAIA Wants To Do .

sweatdrop sweatdrop

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