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Dont get caught!


Browsing lingerie through the window she sighed and hoped that one day she would be able to afford a sexy outfit and pleasure a man with her body in ways he couldn't imagine. Although being young and having only one job to support herself with a rent that took over half her monthly pay, wasn't a life Mai expected. Especially since her brother totally left her on her own for his stupid girlfriend!! Ugh... she hated him. Mai was the only one who never got the spotlight in the family, instead she was the one who had to struggle for her own and prove herself worthy and she soon figured out that she never needed that type of family, so Mai left. Found a bar-tending job at a local bar near her apartment by the river and continued to work her a** off. Only having enough money to pay her bills and groceries, Mai had some savings to spoil herself one of these days but today wasn't the day. Instead she made her way to the local corner store to buy some ingredients for her meal.
Arriving at the store she gathered her ingredients and went to the clerk to pay. "$26.60." The man said and knowing she only had $18.53 she gave him the money, smirked, took the bags as the clerk was counting and casually but quickly made her way to the door before she heard the man call for her. Mai swiftly opened the door and stepped outside before the clerk got the chance to stop her. Darting around the corner with her eyes scanning her back, she bumping into a stunningly, handsome man who bared little expression. "I'm so sorry. What a klutz I am." Mai smiled and giggled but knew she had to leave and quickly before the clerk ran outside to search for her. "Have a nice night!" Mai said and rushed past the man. Hopefully he doesn't figure the situation and try and help the clerk; scanning him over just then, Mai knew she wouldn't be able to out run that figure. Although being held captive by him might have its highlights. Mai chuckled.

Runaway? Thief!


Tresa walked silently down the streets of Aragon blending with the people in hopes to find a quick way out of this kingdom. As the yelling started growing in volume behind her, she sighed and quickened her steps until she was no longer walking, in fact she was running, running for her life. The kings jewels were stolen and hidden in her side pouch tied tightly around her hips. Tresa was sure she could make the exit and hop a horse before the guards caught glimpse of her... hopefully. Knowing other thieves would soon hear word, if not already, she would have only the skilled after with their greedy eyes scanning for the jewels she held. Wrapped up tightly in cloth and packed firmly in her pouch, she checked to make sure they were still in tact, sure enough they hadn't even budged. Good. Time to get a horse and fast, her hairs on her neck was prickling, she was being watched. Tresa scanned the town of a horse and found the exit where many guards and people stood. Breaking her run she hooded herself and walked among a group of citizens that were walking close to the exit. Breaking from the crowd she hoped up on a horse and sauntered through the exit, face down and hood up, no guards even looked at her. Woo Hoo! Off to the next town in search for more treasure.... although her celebration wasn't starting quite yet. Tresa needed to figure out who was watching her to this point and how long until they revile themselves.



Kate was the captain of a crew of deadly men and a sinister ship named The Black Soul.This ship was massive, stretched at least 110 ft in length and 75 ft in width, shes a beast so the crew of over 200 men liked to call their ship. Kate loved her ship and treated her well along with her crew. She was one of the best captains out there, feared by many but also respected by thousands. Although, being respected came with challenges. Kate had gained a few arch enemies in the past that have only craved her blood and power but those captains never were able to take her mighty ship and crew down. Only one captain that was as loyal to his crew as she was to hers, was able to take her down and was devious enough to let her live just so they could fight again in the thrilling blood lust battle they engaged in on The Black Soul. She has now only craved that chilling sensation that the captain left when he mischievously whispered in her ear 'I'll be back for more, love." Kate craved the thrill of his presence and hoped to see him soon so she could even the score.

Sailing into port, The Black Soul docked for the week, giving her captain and her crew a deserved rest and the time to restock on food and supplies. Kate sauntered off the ship, never unguarded, and took the last gulp of the last bottle of rum. "Don't worry boys, plenty ashore, rest your bodies and enjoys yourselves." Kate stretched and sniffed the air. Ah, how she missed the smells of the dock; fresh fish, food cooking and the fresh sea air blowing in from the winds. Time to enjoy herself and relax. Finding herself wondering the docks that soon met up with the streets, she looked for the bar she loved the most, the one with the best rum ashore, 'Rumin Roe' was the bars name and she soon found the half lit up sign and smiled. "Time for a refill Chetri!" She called to the bartender she once knew as a child as well since this port was her home town. "Ah long time no see kate! How was your sailing?" Chetri smiled as he served a man sitting at the bar. "Eventful. That damned captain was no where to be seen, ah well, I'll find him again for sure. I need a complete refill of our alcohol supply, Chetri. Mind doing that this week?" "My pleasure." Chetri was already serving her the first of her drinks for tonight as she made herself at home on her regular seat that was not too far from the door.

Just one of the guys


Devon walked up to the gates of her new school. They were huge! She smiled widely as she looked at the school behind the gates. It was so amazing that this was an all guys school. They had so much luxury. Devon looked down and checked herself to make sure she looked like one of them before walking through the gates and up the long, stone walk way.
Ever since Devon was little she hung out with the guys and always acted and looked like a guy. When she grew older and hit puberty she became more curvy and grew pretty big breasts. All the guys noticed of coarse and started to exclude her in football games and sports in general. She noticed this and decided to do something about it. So, Devon started to work out and gain some more muscle, buy guys clothes and a wrap that flattened her breasts against her chest to make her look more like one of them. Her plan was to prove to guys that a girl can do anything they can do. It was the age old fight between guys and girls and she was down to play. Her hair was cut short, her face had some makeup on to make her look more like a guy. Alright she was set.
Devon then made her way through the glorious front doors and looked at all the luxurious paintings and decor. This school looked more like a mansion then anything else. She couldn't believe how much guys were spoiled here. Devon almost couldn't wait to get school started and show up all the guys. Her eyes were wide with curiosity as her feet took her down the hallways and past some classrooms that held the most... gorgeous.... drool worthy boys... oh jeez, this was going to be hard when it came to the sexual needs. Devon sighed and continued her way to the office to gather her luggage that was sent and her room key. Hopefully she got what she asked, a single room with no roommate, but knowing her luck she wasn't going to get a lone room.



Zoey, a blind girl from birth, was bullied through out elementary school. She had a rough life since she was blind and no body cared to take the extra time in slowing there walk to match hers or take the time to help her when she fell. Zoey never understood why people saw her different she was just like the other kids, Zoey just couldn't see. It became a custom to her to hear rude remarks and have a couple shoves here and there when she went about her daily routine. It was hard to go through and at the end of elementary school zoey had a hard time trusting people, let alone socialize with them. Sighing as she put on her side bag, Zoey hoped high school had some decent people that would take some time to get to know her.

Unfamiliar with the new school, Zoey was a little nervous as she arrived on the schools front walkway that many other students crowded into. She tapped her walking stick around to make sure she never bumped into people or wondered off the path. This was going to be hard. She was blind but that didn't mean she didn't feel all the eyes looking at her, watching and scanning her over. Students chuckling and whispering to one another; like throwing meat into a lions cage, she thought about herself. It was awkward being blind sometimes. Making her way down the walkway, the eyes only feeling heavier, she quickened her steps slightly and only wanted to reach the office where she could receive her schedule and leave this place. First days are always the worst for her so she always skipped them. Not paying alot of attention to her walking she tripped slightly, stumbled and was about to catch herself before she bumped into the wrong group. "So sorry, I wasn't watching my steps. Hope I didn't hurt you." Zoey hears a snicker and a chuckle.
"Hurt me? A fragile thing like you? Phht.... Hell, I could snap you in half if i wanted to. But im giving you a warning this time...." She felt the men staring at her, gawking like dogs for treats. "Warning?" There was a catch and she knew it, before she realized, her walking stick was gone and she got shoved back a couple feet where she lost her balance and fell to her a**. "Whats your guys' deal!" Zoey shouted, "I'm only blind! Not some freak! Get over yourselves and grow up!" Zoey was choking back tears as she hulled herself to her feet and took off to the right where the field and trees were. For now she will rest and maybe find a temporary walking stick...

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