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Your Akina
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Total Members :: 3723
Entry Fee :: 0
Forum Type :: Private
Established :: July 31, 2004
Guild Owner :: Your Akina

The name pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? It tells you what we are: a literate roleplaying guild. But it doesn't tell you what we are: a friendly community of creative writers with doors wide open to everyone with a similar view of roleplaying. That we're an established guild nearing its 7th anniversary and the 4k member mark. That we're here to have fun and make friends before anything else.

While other 'literate roleplaying' guilds have come and gone, we are here to stay. Roleplay when you're in the mood. Socialize when you're not. Meet new people, exchange ideas, make threads, join threads, enter contests. Most of all: have fun. That's it. No fancy recruitment speel, no massive requirement list. Come check the guild out and see for yourself what we're about and what we offer. We are open to the public until April, so come hang out in our social thread and get to know folks before deciding if you'd like to drop a join request.

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