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So! It should be obvious that I'm looking for an rp guild. BUT!!

I already have an idea for a character that I'd like to try(the complete opposite of what I usually play) and figured it'd be easier to ask this way than look through guilds one by one to find one where this kind of character is possible.

By the way, I've rp'ed tons before, at LEAST semi-lit and I'm a stickler for grammar(my own, at least).

So, this would be the basic skelly, but I would obviously fit it into the guild specific skelly later.

Char. Name: (Don't have one yet)
Age: 25
Abilities: Strength, stamina, speed, agility, and indeed all physical traits are augmented in proportion to how clean he is. The maximum being 2-3 times normal human parameters.
Personality: Very clean, neat and vain, constantly trying to keep from getting dirty and usually butting in to give others unwanted advice on how they should groom or clothe themselves. Or perhaps to mock their choice of style. He might come off as extremely effeminate, bordering on the point of being a campy gay, but this is because his aquired powers require him to be so. He is still very much of the hetero persuasion.

Appearance: User Image

History: (Name) had a nice life up until about a year ago. Loving parents, good grades, lots of friends, etc. Something that stood out about (Name) was that he was EXTREMELY filthy. Unorganized, the room was a pigsty, his clothes were always stained with SOMETHING -though his friends never seemed to care-, and extremely bad hygene habits, save for daily showers to get rid of it all for the rush of getting dirty the next day.

Everything was going great for him up until he met... A frighteningly well dressed hobo. Mind you, it was still evident the guy was a hobo. This hobo was asking for handouts from under a cardboard box top so he could feed himself and keep from the cold. Not one to be particularly mean, (Name) reached in his pocket but found no loose change. He couldn't just leave and leave the hobo with nothing after giving the poor man hope of recieving something. So, (Name) reached to his neck and pulled the scarf wrapped around it off and handed it to the vagrant. Wide-eyed, the hobo ran his hand across the scarf length and whispered.
"So chic..." he said.

In an instant, the homeless man was on his feet, much taller than he had seemed a second ago.
"YOUNG MAN!" his voice boomed, "You have given me a gift which has moved me to the very core! So I gift YOU with... My powers!"
A bright flash of light and he was gone, (Name) standing on his own, having seemingly gained nothing.

As the days passed, however, (Name) would come to realize that he became stronger and faster in accordance to how clean he was. It seemed that the mysterious metrosexual hobo wizard truly gifted him with powers. It wasn't long before (Name) decided to help defend those who couldn't defend themselves.

Hah. Metrosexual Man is on the case!
Well... I don't really know if this is going to fit in anywhere, but I felt I HAD to write it down SOMEWHERE... For some reason.
Anyway, if someone DOES have an rp guild where this character is viable, don't be afraid to post. I WOULD still like to play him. mrgreen
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Hmm...Not sure if it the right kind of character, but I would love to see how a character like that would react.

How about my new guild?

Imagine a world where anything can happen. Where every door is an opportunity, every path a chance, every encounter left to Fate.

This world is in danger of dying; a death only a few can prevent. Do you dare enter? Can you handle the mind games? Do you have what it takes to survive? If so, enter. If not, leave. Leave while you have the chance. Leave before Fate drags you in.

Dropped into a world with no recollection of why. A courier appears out of nowhere, letter in hand with your name. Later you meet up with others. Others like you. Rumors of even more, some know each other. Will you find someone, or are you all alone? Why are you here? Why does no one remember? And just where is here?

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League Leader, Captain of Generation Beyondxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                          Hi how are you? I'll be straight with you, an ability like the one you're shopping around with likely wouldn't work well with the guild I'm rolling with. However, it's pretty creative and admittedly pretty funny. If you're ever interested, come take a look into Generation Beyond. If you're familiar with DC comics Justice League and the popular cartoon "Batman Beyond" you'd probably have a good time.


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