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Remember to <3 this thread and show your support for the guild!

What is this guild about?

The SDRP is a general roleplaying guild dedicated to improving our members' skills in both writing and role play as well as hosting quality RPs for all interests and skill levels. Whether you just heard about RP or you've been playing for decades, no matter if you play high fantasy or high school we encourage everyone to come in and join the fun.

Once you join you'll have the opportunity to play in existing guild RPs or even start your own in the main forum. The main forum is also a place to chat with the other members and advertise RPs and RP related shops or other RP guilds in there. We also have a dedicated One-on-One RPs subforum available. You can also ask questions in the QnA subforum or meet our members and take roleplaying courses through the SDRP Tutoring Academy. Our goal here is to provide a community where RPers of all levels can network and learn from each other to improve all aspects of the game while having fun and making friends in an open, accepting environment.

If you're just here to have fun that's ok too. We host a variety of RPs created and run by members just like you at all skill levels and in many genres. Check the What's Going On sticky to see our current Events and other goodies or have a look at our main forum for active and new RPs and trending discussions. You can even start your own RP in the main forum, and it's recommended that you start the thread title with "RP[New]" so we know it's a new RP.

What makes us different from Barton Town? The community. Here you're not just another username in a sea of thousands. We have a dedicated Crew willing to answer questions and help when you need it. We have friendly, committed members willing to run and play in RPs of all kinds. We host events and challenges to bring us all together so if you jump in and participate you'll soon make friends.

How to Join

So how do you join? Two easy steps.

First, make a post in support of the guild within this guild ad thread.

Next, copy the questions found below, and then click the join link near the top of the guild's home page to give us your answers. They don't have to be long or elaborate, just honest answers to all of the questions. Some of them just need a yes or no. We don't accept incomplete requests but if you actually answer our questions (and are nice about it) we won't turn you down - no matter what the answers are.
1.) Have you read the SDRP Guide?
2.) How long have you been a member of Gaia?
3.) What is your experience in RPing? (include what got you started, genres/RP types you like, GMing experience)
4.) How did you find the SDRP?
5.) Why would you like to join the SDRP?
6.) Is there anything you would like to do for the SDRP? (tutoring, artwork, advertising, donation, affiliation, etc)

We look forward to hearing from you!
SDRP Guild News: November 2014

      As always we have plenty going on in and around the guild, with roleplays and roleplay discussion and everything in between! Just have a look at what we've got going on:

        We're taking a quick breather this time around while we plan for the coming Holiday 2014 and perhaps some challenges starting later this month. Stay tuned!

      SDRP Academy
      • The SDRP Academy is wrapping up yet another PSY 101 class. This means that a new PSY 101 class will be opening up soon. New SDRP Academy applicants should keep on the look out for PMs to their inboxes indicating when classes will start for them.

      • We are currently working out the kinks on a POL 101 class. Graduates of the previous PSY 101 classes, keep an eye out for this! We have some good stuff coming your way.

      General Guild
      • Want some quick advice on some aspect of roleplaying? Have some question about how the SDRP works? Curious about the SDRP crew's favourite ice cream flavour? We have a new Ask the Crew set up for precisely these purposes. Come check it out!

      • Our Crew Assistants Program wants YOU! Join now and dive right in to helping out with our upcoming Holiday 2014 Event.

      But that's not all - we've got a bunch of exciting RPs still taking players and more coming, so keep an eye out for them and check the main forum for more of what's going on at the SDRP.

Featured Threads

      If you would like your thread to be listed send a PM to the guild mule (School Of Dedicated RPers) with the subject "Post My Thread, Please" and we'll give it a look over. Be sure to give us a link to the thread and include a short description so we don't have to write it for you.

      • SDRP Treasury: Every bit counts so help us to host more fun events by donating to the mule and check out the budget for what we're doing with your donations.

      • Divided we Fall - Casual | Open/Accepting | Fantasy/Sci-fi
        The land of Surga is torn by a war for vengeance, land, power, and survival. Spurred to greater destruction with genetically enhanced warriors, will any of the three Kingdoms survive? Come jump on in and fight for the Ruler of your choosing. This RP has a well thought out world and characters but a relaxed style and open plot which makes it perfect for players that are more worried about having fun than writing novels. So far it's got a pretty fast pace with players posting every day.

      • Dragon Fighters - Casual | Open/Accepting | Fantasy
        In a world where humans were cast from their homes by elves and dwarfs; They start life among dragons and fight for their right to exist. By bonding with dragons humanity gained a weapon to sway the power of the greater nation. Become soldiers to defend the nation against the many threats to the Draconia islands. Ride your dragon, fight the Orcs, Elves, and Dwarven forces.

Make Some Noise!

In the interests of creating interest, and information gathering, we're going to periodically update this add with discussion topics for y'all to speak up about. We want to hear from you so please give us your opinion. We'll listen and do our best to integrate the popular opinion into how we run our guild.

    Current Topics:
    Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014
    Here are some things you could talk about the guild, but feel free to talk about whatever else related to the guild you'd like too!

      • How did you find us? - If you've come to this thread because you were filing out a join request, let us know what recruitment methods of ours have recruited you! We love to hear about what's working and what's not.

      • What is Good? - Let us know what the guild has done right for you and/or give us suggestions on things we can do to make the guild better: events, contests, workshops, tutoring, so on. You can even let us know what you like in general: favorite genres, authors, characters, etc.

      • What's your favorite kind of RP? - We're looking to start some new ones and want to know what y'all are interested in playing.
I've not been a member long but the SDRP took me in as one of their own almost immediately letting me join their RPs and even start a few of my own. They are a wonderfully friendly bunch that recognized the hard work and dedication I have to the art and helping others in general so made me Crew.

Right now we've got a bunch of great things going on like the Challenge, a periodic writing competition, and our Summer Brawling Bash is shaping up to be a fun event. I think more things like this and maybe a few mini-RPs could be great additions.

For my likes - well, I'm fond of most everything but I really like variety. Same old boring stuff gets boring very fast so I like to mix things up and throw in some of the unexpected.
The guild has been a great place to host my stuff and a huge step up from Barton. I'm actually making a short video games in Multimedia Fusion Developer 2 using a setting I devised there right now.
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Wow~ So cool, like a real video game? You have to link it.

Oh, yeah. . . topic. *teehee* I'm a pretty new member but these guys are cool. Very welcoming and laid back. And they don't mind that I like series based romance RPs.
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Distinct Hunter

I've been here for quite a while and it has helped me improve me shtick at roleplaying. The people aren't so bad either.

We're currently doing an academy thing to help roleplayers on the up and up and would love to get more in there.

Also I'm a big fan of horror, the mind-screwing kind not slasher, and I enjoy comedies and crime-comedies the likes of Rock-n-Rolla and Snatch.

Both of which are kinda the same movie, but both of which are awesome.

I tend to write a lot of tragedy and black humour, or things that are snarky. My characters take a variety of colours, however, and are usually made to balance out a current cast.

If left to my own they're usually zany.
I've been a member of the guild for several years now and have participated in many, many RPs. SDRP has been my preferred source of RP entertainment for quite a while now and I even chose it run my biggest RP, Odyssey into Madness, in. SDRP has a great variety of RPs and a wonderful crew and playerbase. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in quality roleplaying!
Hey! I'm kinda-almost-Crew in SDRP, so this is a conscious shameless plug for it. The guild really is excellent. Having been a member for several years and participated in more than half a dozen roleplays in it, I know that my writing style and ability have been progressed and shaped by the time I've spent and the people I've met. The organization and "outreach" are both fantastic and undergoing some major improvements that will make the place even more lively, entertaining, and educational. The Academy we've been working on'll be especially entertaining for all levels of experience. Wow. Reading that through sounds way cheesier than I originally thought it did. BUT IT'S ALL SO TRUE.

Just to introduce myself and share some favorites, I...

am a huge fan of the high fantasy genre.
have been writing since I was like 13.
am a biology nerd trying to get a PhD in it.
am a huge fan of Jim Butcher, even though the man could really use a better editor now and then and one of these days needs to add some more depth to the Alera Codex. Admittedly, I haven't read the most recent two books, so maybe he did and I didn't notice. Either way, he's pretty awesome, and I still need to read the Dresden Files.
am hugely looking forward to tutoring people once that gets started up in SDRP. I love teaching. I could never do that for a living, though, I don't think. Props to anyone who is or wants to!
am about to go play some Frisbee and hopefully score a free meal from it. w00t.
used the word "huge" way too many times in this post. What even.
Hey! I've been a part of this guild for a long time, and I can tell you in my completely unbiased opinion that this is a great guild (...okay, so maybe I am a little bit biased). When I was a newbie, I was so nervous and worried that I wouldn't be good or ever improve my writing style. But I did become a better writer, and that was with the help of the lovely people in this guild.

I'd really like to see more events. I think they would bring the whole guild together in some light-hearted fun. The Brawl thread really makes me excited, and I can't wait to see that come to life.
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One more crew member here!

I'm the negrobird, and one of the eldest members in terms of membership. I was around back when we won the Guild Spotlight and my hope is that someday we can convince the moderators to give it to us a second time! That would be pretty sweet.

If you like, a little about me:
-Started roleplaying at age 12 on neopets (oh, nostalgia). (P.S. yeah, I was SO bad at it.)
-Been roleplaying for over a decade, as well as a couple short story and poetic efforts.
-I like me a little bit of everything, but mostly sci-fi and fantasy of various flavors and effects. If the system has a logic and the story is good, I'm usually up for it.
-Beyond the literal world, I'm a bit of a techy and currently trying to bone up on my computer science skills (sans college).

I think that's all the important stuff.

Please, feel free to drop us a line here or via PM if you have any questions or comments.
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Looking for some good ol' High Fantasy? We have it! Need your Science Fiction fix? We provide! Even your modern and series-based roleplays can be found within our forums! We have room for the D&D folks too. Don't like big groups? We have a sub-forum for One-on-ones!

Just to give you a taste, some of our current roleplays are:
We are about to start our Summer BASH!- quite literally. It's a tournament of EPIC proportions. Players can create or reuse ANY of their characters from ANY setting or time period so long as it is their original and not something like Naruto of noisy ninja fame, or Cloud of emo swordfighter fame. We are taking as many players as want to join- no limit! So check it out!

A modern sci-fi/fantasy called SOUL, which focuses on a particular team of soul-magic wielding individuals who protect society from demons and others who would use their abilities for harm.

Ghosts of Guidain is a D&D-inspired fantasy RP following a group known as the Snapdragons- friends of the dearly departed Sir Cubbard who have gathered to hear his final wishes. Fantasy adventure and hijinks ensue.

Tales of Magic pits its players in the midst of an eternal war between Heaven and Hell. The players of both sides seek an end to the conflict as well as possession of the mythical Weapons of Heaven and Hell in hopes that they can turn the tide- permanently.

Pathfinder Down Under is an open-ended Pathfinder game set on a continent inspired by Australia and New Zealand. It is created with first-time Pathfinder players in mind and aims to teach through experience. If you've been wanting to try Pathfinder, now is the time to do it!

Faerein aims to put a fresh twist on all the old fairy tale classics by putting the players in the shoes of a(n) (in)famous hero or villain. The protagonists of Happily Everafter and the antagonists of Happily Neverafter live in Faerein, separated by a great, thick forest and are constantly at odds. Perhaps this latest generation can settle the matter? Only time will tell.

Rowan Academy is a school for the magically inclined. All students are granted a companion their freshman year who is to learn and grow alongside them and aid them in their studies of magic, wizardry, and whose dragon is best. If you're looking for a school in a fantasy setting, this is the place to be.

And MORE! And to think, the only ingredient missing from this awesome recipe is YOU! Yes, YOU, the one with the eyes doing the reading. Come on over to SDRP and take a look. If you like what you see, we would be more than happy to welcome any and all with open arms.
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We also deliver pizza. Delicious, delicious pizza.

Not really, but if I had the donations, I would SO do that.
Have the basic first zone where the controls happen down as well as an initial boss fight with no animation on his teleport. <_<

Also have the global ammo counter, persistent mags (You can change weapons and it'll have as many bullets as you left in it before - may add the assault rifle having a capacity of 41 if you reload before running out the mag), focus (click on an enemy to consume part of your pistol damage for an instant kill), armor (can be consumed for a temporary shield or to heal), and some other stuff.

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