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Hello & Welcome!

Thank-you for stopping by my thread! This is my first time arranging one of these to start a guild, so bare with me if I ramble a bit- I do that when nervous. >_<

It's my plan to start a semi-small guild for fantasy RolePlaying. Fantasy is a huge favorite of mine, and I love to mix different concepts and ideas for it. I tend to place it in a slightly more medieval setting, but I also enjoy modern ones as well. At the current time, I'm hoping to make a setting with a bit of a darker edge to it.

Right now I have two concepts that I'm unable to pick between. Then I realized, since I'm looking for people to join, it would be best to see who was interested in what! One is a little more wandering in its basic plot that I have prepared for it, so it's more of a starting point that I hope people will help evolve and change as it goes. The second is more exact in its details, but still very open to have all sorts of things happen.


I encourage people to use whatever character(s) they'd like, of any kind or variety. Even if they seem a bit powerful, no worries- just don't make them beyond all imagining/unstoppable if anybody tried. If they're extremely strong, try to make sure they have weaknesses to balance things out (I have myself characters who can be very powerful, but they have weaknesses and ways to be knocked-down/held back/etc).

(Plus it helps when people provide any little side roles of someone that's just a bystander. ^-^ I try to input any sort of passerby when one might be needed.)

Likely the guild will have a section for character profiles, so people can have references on who's-who. If there are any special secrets you don't want revealed right away, you can just hint at them, then update the profile when it's revealed. Alternatively, feel free to put it all in the open- after all, just because another writer knows it, their character(s) wouldn't.

I know some people like to use pictures, but that's entirely optional. The same for decorative fonts- though, try to make it so it's not too hard to read.

Skill Level

Let's face it, everyone has different strengths and skills. I've seen people write one or two paragraphs, to up as high as thirty (which startled me a bit). If you can write at least one paragraph a post, that's fine. After all, quieter, introspective moments would have more, and in action/discussion scenes things will move faster, and you want to give people a chance to respond/react accordingly.

Mostly, I'm hoping people have a pretty good grasp of grammar/spelling (especially knowing how to use quotation marks for speaking, and knowing when to capitalize). Everyone can make mistakes (especially if you get into it and type too fast), but just try to know the basics. If you'd like to use shorthand/chatspeak in OoC notes above or below your post, that's fine, just not in the main post itself.

How to Apply - Profile Information

Are you interested? Good! Let me know. There- that's the first step! After that, vote and let me know which story you would be the most interested in. I hope people will give both consideration, so when one is picked, they will want to RP either way.

If you're making a character or have already have somebody (or more than one), keep a profile of them handy. I may ask you to PM it to me, to give it a quick look-over. A basic profile would include;

-Name (or Titles)
-Basic appearance (hair/eyes/clothing/etc)
-Weaponry (or fighting skill), and/or special talents/abilities
-A little about their personality
-Where they came from (just two or three lines is fine)

Things like weight and height are optional, and if you want to include any random little facts or quirks.

The Stories

I'll post the vague outline for both of them down below, and also have a poll set up. If you have any questions or anything you'd like to discuss, I encourage to post them here! I'm on often, so I keep a close eye on these things. If you'd prefer to send me a PM (I know some people are shy when these things are getting set up), that's alright too.
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The Tower

At the centerpiece of an almost barren world, a structure rises above all others. For eons, none have been able to find a way inside the black marble stone that makes up its massive walls. A small city is carved at a distance from its base. Heavily reliant on outside traders to keep it alive, it offers travelers rest if they are planning to continue through the deserts or mountains that create the landscape. Or, for the brave and curious, planning to make the trek to see if they can unravel the secrets of the Black Tower.

They say if the Tower is opened, it can lead to a number of things. Some claim there is an unsurpassed treasure. Others say there is a millennia’s worth of knowledge. Others still say there are demons and monsters within, guarding gateways and portals. No one can fathom what lay within the top floors.

A rumor has begun to spread. Stars in the night sky have begun to align in the most peculiar way. When these lights finish their movements, a way into the Tower can be found. However, to safely traverse its halls, a guide will be needed. The problem is finding such a guide who will be capable of such a thing.

Waiting in this city, in a half-empty inn, someone waits. In the back corner, watching the people who come and go. They look human, but are far from it. Play their game, guess their name, and you may be lucky –or is it unlucky?- enough to find a guide who knows how to enter the Black Tower.

But be cautious- given this being’s nature, making sure you stay alive may not be their priority.

My Character

The nature of my character is best seen as ‘chaotic neutral’ (more details will be in their/his profile). To put it out there right off the bat, their name is Reaper. It’s almost exactly what it implies, though there are details to make them/him different from a stereotypical one. A unique feature he has is playing games with people, and making bets on them. When/if this happens, I would send the person challenging him a PM to work on the details of the game- that way it’s still unexpected to any observers. He doesn’t always win or lose, so hopefully people will be fair in not always expecting to win, either.

While he will act as a ‘guide’ in some places, he’s not going to drive the plot by himself, so I hope to find people willing to explore and contribute ideas.
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The Wonder Lands

This is no world of happy things and cherry trees. Wonderland was what it was once called, before something terrible befell it and its inhabitants. Wonderland became The Wonder Lands, and it eats other worlds in its growth. From tangled royalty to a story-telling gryphon, this realm has fallen apart. A forever-smiling Cheshire Cat awaits the unfortunate ones who fall. Will you be the one to try and save them?

The Wonder Lands are darker realms that were once called Wonderland. It was originally made as a place for people who felt abandoned by their worlds to rest, soothe their souls, and gather their strength to return. A being known as the White Rabbit created it, but he has gone missing. Stretching over the realms it has consumed, The Wonder Lands almost has a mind of its own, and slowly takes more and more worlds. If people happen to fall into one of the lingering rabbit holes, they can find themselves here.

Many of the denizens of The Wonder Lands are mindless beings that are from the worlds it has consumed. Some are helpful, some are harmful. Many will warn new arrivals of the curse that hangs in the air- there is no truth death in The Wonder Lands. Each time someone ‘dies’, they vanish, and awake elsewhere. However, their body will still ache with the recollection of how they had perished before. No wonder there are many who go mad.

It is unclear where the White Rabbit has done. He has been glimpsed several times, but rarely speaks. There have also been sightings of another rabbit, a black one. The Cheshire Cat appears to have the best grasp of what’s going on, but the humanoid feline isn’t telling anyway. Despite the loss of his dearest friend, he’s not crying, either.

Will you be one of the ones who tumble into The Wonder Lands? Will you find out what happened here, before your own world is swallowed whole?

My Characters

There are several main figures in The Wonder Lands:
• The Executioner
• The Queen of Hearts
• The Mad Hatter
• The Duchess
• The Black Widow
• The Gryphon
• The White Rabbit/The Black Rabbit
• The Cheshire Cat (this tends to be the main one)

At the current time, I am capable of writing all of them (in many ways, a few write themselves). What I’m hoping to find are people willing to be dropped down the rabbit hole.
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I suppose technically I could have tried making a public thread over in the general RP forums, but I find them a bit too disorganized, to be honest. A guild can have some more structure built around it.

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