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I'm looking for a RP guild ;3. I'd prefer one that does not have like 10000 people, I'd like a slightly smaller to medium-big one where people won't forget they are in a RP and also so Its easier to get to know people. I'd like a guild not based on a single RP, but rather where it has many different categories. And for it to be active. Those are really only my three requests. Just tell me a little about the guild and maby a link (at least the name) so I can check it out ;3

Thank you ;333
bumpin dis threadddd
hello? ;c

thought I would already have a recommendation by now...
help anyone? l;3
help meeeeee ;o
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I was wondering if you would be interested in this guild. It is based on one storyline but I, with the help of the crew member, are planning on creating other sub forums for new story lines and a sub forum for those who want to create their own roleplays.

User Image

I would describe the genre as a mixture of slice of life, drama, romance and comedy.
It's a lazy literate roleplay. So that's a good use of grammar, punctuation and spelling but the rules surrounding post length are more relaxed.
The story line itself is about the lives of the workers and customers of Le Cafe Obscur - a small independent cafe situated in a fictional city on a fictional island in the (not so fictional) English Channel.
Well, please take a little peek if you're at all interested.
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Welcome to Rogue Blood, a fascinating guild where one can become whatever they may desire. In this land among the times of castles and blades you can fight in an epic quest, rise from the filth of the street to become the ruler of a nation, bring your name from a faint memory to an immortal ideal, fall for another of the same heart, discover new lands, sail the high seas, become whatever it is which your heart craves. Within this new world there is a great energy which can craft, change, or corrupt the world to your desires, and not all desire for things to be well. Begin your journey with the first step...join us.

Rogue Blood is a guild which promotes creativity and activity by requesting that all material remain original and allowing RPers to take part in games for their characters. We have several systems which allow the experience to be both fun and easy to take part in, and our current crew are quite kind and willing to assist wherever you need help. Typically we are quite easy on RP quality, but we do ask that you not utilize emotes or Txt Tlk so that we wont have to decode your every post. Join us now to begin your tale.

Our location upon the map...

User Image
So we have created our current guild recently and in search for new recruits could be trainers,coordinators,breeders, and only a handful of gym leaders since we're in need of them. Currently we are in need of only 1 for the elite four roles. We also created a evil organization "Team Libertà" for those interested there will be roles to fill up for those who want to be the Leader or commanders,employee's etc... working for the high up people.For contests we might have judges be randomly selected within the guild or have people who would be interested in taking the role whenever we held one ^^

We're still in construction but we have our own little region,and map created. We still need to create a set of badges which would be more then 8 (Don't have to get all of them to face the champion and elite by the way) and name some of the locations in the map,there's roughly around 41 locations, so there's a lot of things to do.

If your into RP, or just chat about pokemon,Art, exchange friend codes, etc then this may be the guild for you ^^ I'm hoping of getting new members we currently have 14 members but i believe it would be fun with more people to make it more entertaining we will be working on the plot and post it up soon, so expect a little out of the original when receiving your very first starter ^^

Join Coria

There will now be two ultimate rivalry evil organizations in Coria

Team Liberta and Team Cattività

Team Liberta

Their main purpose is to free all Pokemon from everyone in order to create peace and equality towards both man kind and Pokemon alike.

Team Cattività

Their main purpose will mostly be based off like team rocket, by far more corrupted.
Rule the world, steal and use Pokemon for their own gain.

So far the RP has begun but we're always recruiting ^^ we're even still working on creating more things to be released so there's a lot to do in Coria or out of the RP
The RP is in the sub-forum "The Coria Region" and the other sub-forum "Skeletons/Profiles" to view what role you would like to take on hope you join us and become a fellow member ^^
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Well we are pretty single-minded it's a Star Wars Guild but you can feel free to branch out in your own direction. Were pretty small, but hope to grow. My Guildmates are the best - great fun and a terrific RP! Check us out! biggrin
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Sanctuary is always looking for new members. We have many different genres and a TON of open and accepting role-plays!
It would be great if you could join and invite your friends so we can increase activity even more!
Just click the banner in my siggy to go to the home page!
Greetings and Salutations Comrade!

That bothersome reaper in Death City has told me it’s my responsibility to scout new candidates to invite to the DWMA.

For starters we're a Semi to Literate roleplaying guild where every one of all backgrounds are welcome. Be it Meisters, To Weapons and even witches of various origins. You make your own destiny be it to become a savior to all in need of kishin slaying or to cause calamity unlike which the world has ever seen. I shouldn't be telling you to live a life of evil. I just know that everyone lives by their own morals and won't all be a goodie two shoes.

We'd like for our academy to grow and flourish but without able bodies like you we know that will never happen. Come by, check us out and give us a good look around. Only you can make the decision to take up the call to adventure and danger in order to become a death scythe, be a world famous Meister, or even the greatest witch to ever learn the craft.

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Please check out The Athenaeum. It is an "RP hub" which means that it has a variety of active RPs and is open to accepting more RPs at anytime. The guild currently has a wide variety of RPs from fantasy to paranormal, to horror, steampunk and science fiction. We have just over 30 members, but not all people are active. Still, the RPs are posted in regularly and the group is friendly and very open to welcoming new members.

Please have a look around and send in your request if you're interested. We do not auto-accept and take a look at every request we get to make sure it matches what we're looking for in members.
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Radiant Fluid

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The world is a cruel and heartless place. For many millennium, evil and chaos ruled over the lands, the order of chaos and destruction led by the Five Purveyors of Darkness. Each of the Purveyors rule a different aspect of Death, and they have caused much grief in the world, but from the shadows rose a group of individuals, ordinary beings, but with great potential for good. They have sought to end the chaos and the darkness. They have come together, and formed a group called the Society of Light. They wish to achieve one goal, and that is to rid the world of the Five Purveyors and to bring the world into an age of peace and order.

It is a relatively new guild that I created. I am seeking for members who like to RP and would consider joining. It would be great if you would join.

Here is the link.
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A super active guild that has a new proactive Captain. Were pretty awesome smile

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