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Imagine a world where anything can happen. Where every door is an opportunity, every path a chance, every encounter left to Fate.

This world is in danger of dying; a death only a few can prevent. Do you dare enter? Can you handle the mind games? Do you have what it takes to survive? If so, enter. If not, leave. Leave while you have the chance. Leave before Fate drags you in.

Dropped into a world with no recollection of why. A courier appears out of nowhere, letter in hand with your name. Later you meet up with others. Others like you. Rumors of even more, some know each other. Will you find someone, or are you all alone? Why are you here? Why does no one remember? And just where is here?

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Functional respect system, character class upgrades, weapon specialization and combat rating ranks c:

Come check us out?
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Hi there , I thought I'd bring my guild to your attention. We have a few contests going on and getting started up with an imageboard and we have a brand new roleplay starting up. It is sadly only has one user on it right now but I'm hoping that I can get it filled with friendly active members.

It is called Insidious Grimmoris!
Alittle about it here
In a time before the darkness fell, humanity prospered. Great cities were built upon machines and from the heavens, the creator watched with pride for his creations. Yet within man, he felt the potential for unspeakable destruction, and so his worst fears came to realization. Countless times, man fought wars against their neighbors and always there were many deaths. The world bled with each new war man visited upon it. Then there came a time when man sought to free themselves of their destiny. They turned their weapons upon their creator. All of the heavens became engulfed in a great fire as the humans murdered the angels and eventually, toppled the creator from his throne. Where the creator fell, man grew a tree. The twisted limbs of the World Tree imprisoned the creator, for now and all time. Humanity had set itself free, yet in the aftermath of the great war, had doomed itself. Without the creator, the winds grew silent and the seas ceased their song. The fires dimmed and the earth decayed, visiting death and disease upon man. From the ashes, the dead angels rose, twisted by mortal sin into the Nephilim. The world fell apart in fire and chaos as the Nephilim rend it asunder. When at last the Nephilim vanished from the world and the fires faded, darkness descended upon the world and drove the survivors into the womb of the earth, where they became foolish creatures. In the absence of man, abominable creatures and demons flooded the earth and the underworld, bringing with them the eternal night. For centuries, all hope had seemed lost in the age of darkness, yet in the darkness man found an ember. A fragment of the Lord Pyre – the heart of the creator, still imprisoned within the Yggdrasil. Within the single ember came hope.
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Naruto Guild?
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At the end of World War One, the American Government began to see the need for bigger and better weapons. They were concerned about the future and what part they would play in it. They developed a super secret branch of the government, that would investigate the supernatural as a means of weaponry. The government searched for years, and came up with a plan. They formed what are called 'special talent agents'. These agents would consist of humans and non humans who had abilities above the normal human. The agents would be housed in a secret government facility in Russia, where they would be far from prying eyes.

It was not until the end of World War Two, however, that they were able to finalize their plan. Their greatest problem was locating agents. They placed a normal agent in hospitals around the United State and waited. It was only a year or so before they began getting reports from the agents in hospitals of potential agents. The potential agents were all small children, and the government say a opportunity.

The government devised a way to get ahold of these children by any means necessary. Some parents were told their child died, while others handed their children over happily to the government. It was only in extreme cases that force was necessary. The children were all taken to the facility in Russia where they would be trained until the age of eighteen when they would be released as a 'special talent agent'.

Play as a special talent agent , specializing as either a spy or assassin, or play as one of their bodyguards. You can play as a non human or human, and you can have as many characters as you want so long as you keep them active. The guild is just starting out so we need crew, and you can create some of the first characters.

Here is a link to the guild.
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League Leader, Captain of Generation Beyondxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                          Hello! Just thought I'd present my guild here for you to take a look at. Feel free to browse about, we're small but looking for new players. If you're at least familiar with the Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern etc. all getting together to fight evil) than you'd have a good time.

                                          Anyway, if you're interested or have any questions let me know.

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No preference really, just whatever catches my eye/ strikes my fancy....................

Are you Semi-lit - Literal?
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Grand Central Playstation

This guild is for those who want to role play thier fandom a bit... Differently. Your character, be it Sonic, Pikachu, Batman, or even an original, is in their video game. Play the game through to the end, or create havoc. Ever wondered what happens when you do a certain action- or lack of actions- within your favorite game? Find out here! ((Currently very small and recruiting))
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No preference really, just whatever catches my eye/ strikes my fancy....................

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Come play as one of seven were species! We are a new guild, and we are looking for members and crew. We are a semi literate to literate community and would love to welcome you.
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