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Thank you for taking your time to read my post smile I am looking for a active guild to join. I have my own guild and I am in one other but both are pritty quite at the moment. I love to RP. I am very active and i do my best to put a lot detail into my posts.

Guilds i am looking to join would be ones with: fantasy, adventure, animals (shape shifting or something along those lines), magic, high school and even possibly some Anime (though i have only really watched vampire knight.) Of cause the guild doesn't need to have all of these but one or more of them would be really great.

Please Post here (quote me for a faster reply) Or PM me if you have a guild you think i would like to join and ill have a look and let you know. Thanks heaps again for reading my post and helping me out.

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Bump. smile just for you my friend! Hope you fine what you are after
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I have a guild though I'm sorry to say it is not as active as I would like. That's the whole reason I'm even in this forum. I need new members badly. We do have 3 active members plus myself. I'm very active.
If you would like to see it, here Webpage Title
You can even make new forums to your liking. In fact, I highly encourage it.
Also, I saw your earlier post and I might join your guild. It's sounds pretty interesting.
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Good luck finding that perfect guild!

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Adventure time,

c'mon grab your friends,

we'll go to very distant lands.

With Jake the dog and Finn the human,

the fun will never end, it's adventure time!

There will be roleplaying!

There will be fantastic adventures!

Tons of fan chatter about episodes and other mathmatical subjects!

Let's not forget contests for fun items or gold!

Once upon a time, (since all good stories start with those four words), the Ice King read a fanfiction to Finn and Jake while bound in ice. The story was about two heroes named Fionna and Cake, who were basically the opposite gender of the dynamic duo. As the Ice King told of the tale of how the two defeated the Ice Queen and it was clear that the similarities of the story were too good to be fabricated.

However, what the Ice King failed to tell Finn and Jake was that he took the story from an actual situation. In the land Ooo in a strange mud puddle, it transports you to the alternative land of Ooo. In the "Other Land" as we shall call it, Fionna and Cake live there along with all of her other gender-opposite friends. Once you step in the mud puddle you fall to the ground in the "Other Land".

Our story however, is about discovering the mud puddle and the characters meeting each other and getting to know eachother. As time passes, everyone starts to meet each other.

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Would you like to join a naruto guild?
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If you are still searching for a roleplay, you are welcome to have a look at WINGs It is a steampunk roleplay that focuses on a small portion of the population that share the experience of a strange dream on the eve of their 16th birthdays. After awakening from their dream, they find they have acquired unusual powers--and sometimes physical changes--depending on the color of wings they saw in their dream. Termed 'angels' and 'demons' by the rest of the populous, these "Winged" often find themselves embroiled in political intrigue and the personal vendettas of those in power.

WINGS is a very versatile RP and while the overreaching plot arch involves the political and social aspects of the nation's leaders abusing the power, there are many groups and organizations in the RP that have their own, smaller plots. And there is also a focus on characterization and interpersonal struggles. Basically, you can play anyone from a pirate, to an inventor, to a mechanic, to a noble or street urchin.

Having just undergone a "reboot" to clear the slate and make it easier for new members to get into the RP, we are searching for people who would like to join us.

If the premise interests you, and you would like to join, please feel free to send in a join request. We politely request that you also take the time to PM a character and RP sample to either myself or StrawberryZ0mbie prior to being approved to join the guild.

I hope to hear from you soon. If you're not interested, best of luck finding a fun RP guild!
Aethar is trying to become fully active. We need more people though. Most of us are active players. Check us out.
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The name may speak for itself, but if not here's a little blurb: Just opened today. Is a roleplay guild for people who wish to roleplay as training beasts and have them fight as well as have character development in a free-range area. There is also a point system within the guild that you can collect more monsters with as well as items used for the battles that are dice controlled. Interested? Then go join! biggrin Just note we are a literate guild. Click the Image Above!
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Try the Underground Role-Players Society We have a main RP as well as a few sub forums. However, we are currently restarting everything so it may take a few days to get it rollin.
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We are small but very active, we have every kind of rp imaginable please give us a look!
i do not know if you are still looking for a guild since this is a old post. but i do have a fantasy RP guild if you would like to join. the link is in my sig. we are fairly new and need more people so if you would like to join that would be great if not im sorry to bother you

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