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We put in a change where users now need to be a guild member to see the guild member list for hidden guilds (NOT hidden from registry - just hidden as forum type). Previously, it was viewable by all.


Info tidbit:
Do you know the difference between Public, Private and Hidden guilds? I get asked about this a lot. Public, Private and Hidden guilds only refer to who can view their forums (and now memberlists). Keep in mind the designation is for forum type, and is often confused with hidden from registry, which is a whole different beast.

Here's a quick breakdown of the forum types:
Public Guilds
have forums that can be viewed and posted in by anyone.
Private Guilds
have forums that anyone can read, but where only members can post.
Hidden Guilds
have forums visible only to members.
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Oh, OK. ^^
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that feature was already in place.
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Wasn't that feature already there?
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I think it was a feature but it was disabled. Then remade I heard.
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i have a few questions and wasnt quiet sure how to go a bout it.
it didnt seem necessary to make a whole topic for it, simply because once the questions are answered it would have simply gone dead..

and id rather not burden forum clean up crews unnecessarily.
first of im not forum savvy , so please pardon my lack of understanding on the best ways to go about this. i tend to stick to 2 or 3 simple guilds to enjoy my time.

as for the questions
in one of the guild i am vice, and have been left in charge for a bit while the captain has real life matters to attend to, unfortunately it seems much of the crew and members do not find it necessary to listen to any suggestions i make, or even remain active. im not sure how i should proceed. Im doing my best to come up with ideas to motivate them, to atleast listen and respect me even remotely, but it seems all in vain.

ive even made a chart so the forum maintenance is split up easily between 4 groups.
but no one seems interested in participating, and much of , if not all, the guild cleaning and maintenance has fallen on my shoulders alone, rather than being dispersed fairly between the "guild squads" .

im not naturally assertive. and im finding it very difficult to push the crew and members to even remain active much less aid in keeping the guild neat and organized.
and unfortunnatly i can not out right ban or demote anyone, atleast i will not with out permission from the guilds rightful captain. it wouldnt be right if i just did that. its his guild, im just trying my best to keep the seat warm.
i need advice. what should i do?

the second question

i have recently came to the idea that i might have to recruit new members in order to keep the guild even remotely active, and im not sure the best way to go about this.
ive already gotten the ok by the captain to recruit, but i have no idea how to do it effectively.
its another area i am lacking, convincing people to come, or follow...

i've a librarians nature, sit and watch, and perhaps suggest, but leadership is far from my forte.

i am asking advice, and even help if you wish to offer it. i dont really know what to do at this moment, and im dreading having to "towns recruit" i find the method far from efficient, or atleast with my limiedt abillities but if i must i will.enclosed in my signature is a link to the particular guild im asking help about.

if you wish to join, or know anyone who might, please , it would be of great assistance.

thank you for your time
I could have swore that feature was already there.
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I thought these feature been there seen 08 gonk
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Thank you !
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Good to know. [First Page]

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