Welcome to Gaia! ::

thankies for the website, sky!
I will definitely look into it. c:
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        @g l a m
        The Borders in my neighborhoods did not fare well and
        all but one will be open. It just had to be the one farthest
        from me. ugh.

        You are most welcome ink.
        I think that link will help you out a lot.

        @R o b o
        Hello! It is nice to meet you too.
        You can refer to me as Octo if you'd like.
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Kawaii Smoker

Megan ;; LOL. Indeed. Wait. Who are you? ;DDD

Octo ;; Hehe ^-^ Yayy. Octo is a very cute nickname >3>
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. . h-hey guys~!

i'm looking to join this rp~.
let's be friends!
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@ Kidd
I go by Glam and Sky on gaia :]

@ Octo:
That's sad D:
I was shocked that so many stores
are being closed. I feel really
lucky that we are secure.

@ Ink:
No problem!

@ Robo:
Who am I?

Shika-shika slim shady.

@ mameshibaa Camille
Oh boy.

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@ glam
( ゚ Д゚)- - -
yes glammy?
i had to stalk you.
you always make the best rps.
( ・∀・)[=========ビーム!
PFFFF, so many people. *working on profiles*
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Friendly Streaker


well, nice to have you again :]
many more good times to be had~
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        I'm watching Interview with a Vampire.
        course its on dish and there will be commercials.

        @R o b o
        Aw thanks. Robo is also a cute nickname.
        Or did you want to call you something different?

        Let's be friends
        /shakes hand

        @g l a m
        I know. I'm so upset to see
        it go. I need you bookstore! Why
        do you forsake me?
@Sky: Does the pictures on the profiles have to be that exact size? Can it be smaller? (not bigger but smaller is what I am asking)
Nnnn. - yawns -
fell asleep at the computer.

Hello, hello to all the new people~ c:
And Soul, your sig is adorable.
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Friendly Streaker

@ octo :
I'm sorry! I didn't mean to D:
You can come to my store anytime and
I'll treat you to a free cup of coffee. :]

@ Diamond
I would really prefer the pictures keep the dimensions.
If it's only a few pixels off, that's fine. If you need
help resizing something, I could do it for you.
@Sky: It is alright. I got it covered! Thanks!

@Ink: Thankies. XD Children. >.>;
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Peaceful Conversationalist

        @g l a m
        Oh I would just have to stalk
        you to find out where you lived so you
        could treat me. I would look forward to
        that free cup very much whenever I did
        fine you.
oooh~ we seem to be getting more people.
yay! x3

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