Welcome to Gaia! ::

He's more like a mischevious brat you want to punt across a football field. xD
But he'll do his share of wrong - doings~ I promise.

Shall start those profiles very soon!
Making the pictures for the reserves now. c:
scorpihoe's avatar

Friendly Streaker

Woo, sounds awesome!
That makes the island all the more interesting.

Ugh, my "s" key is jammed.
It's killing me. T___T
Just gonna post the reserve here.
Cause I be lazy~ > 3 <

User Image User Image

The girl is the owner of the cafe.
And the boy is an angel~ c:
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Friendly Streaker

Okay, their icons are up!
Shall do my best to finish their profiles tonight.
But no promises. > w <

And dang.
How do you guys make such pretty graphics?
// ish envious o ^ o
scorpihoe's avatar

Friendly Streaker

Take your time! :] No rush.

And thank you <3
I make my graphics with photoshop.
-made baka_shroom's as well-

I'm especially proud of the ones I made for this roleplay.
Okie dokies. c:
I'm going to have a lot of fun with these two.
Might even make one more~
Maybe two to even out the genders.

And they're gorgeous.
Ink can has gorgeous graphics too?
I'll pay~ > w <
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Friendly Streaker

I appreciate looking out for the ratios. u___u

And sure, ink can haz :] Just pm me with the pictures you want used, colors, lyrics, and anything
else you have in mind for them.

Haha, your welcome~
I know how annoying it is to have 20+ girls and 5 guys. x w x

Weeeeee! :'D
Gotta think up what I'd like then~
Thank you, thank you! x3
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Friendly Streaker

Yeah, it gets really bothersome. >w>
Usually I can avoid it though since I have the whole "Two girls = one guy" rule.

Sometimes I'll close girl spots, but there's always those people that pm me like "PLZ CAN I JOIN"

and I hate saying no. ;____;
Stay strong - willed!
All those hormones in one roleplay could end badly.
What if all the hormones explode? o w o

I've got the pictures and the colors.
But I need to name them first. Bah.
That'll have to wait until tomorrow afterschool though.
I need to get some sleep. > w <

Night night, Sky. c:
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Friendly Streaker

Yes, I must stay strong. D<

[ / charge up ]

No problem, goodnight! I'll use the rest of the night to work on journals for Vince & Jewels. Bleh.
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I think I shall join~!

Yet what job should I take, hmmm.
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Friendly Streaker

Yay, pains! <3

You should play the.... -insert perfect role here- role. :]

I know, I'm good BD

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I think I'll play the flower shop owner, Now If I could just find some damn pictures! I've looked through 223 pages of pictures on safebooru, I think I might use nino from arakawa under the bridge, though she's a little more fishy xP

{/sigh] I'll be looking for pictures until I die...

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