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ARKHAM ☾SCHOOL ƒσя Շroubled ϓouth
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Welcome to Arkham School for Troubled Youth. This is an alternate Gotham City where Batman and his cohorts are all still young, but with the same pasts. They have all done some kind of offense where they should be in prison, but because of the kindness of a judge, they were sent to a reform school instead.

What will become of them now? What did they do to end up here? Will you keep their original story to a "T" or will you tweak it some? Will they straighten up and make it out, or will they be sent next door to Arkham Asylum?

Inspired by: boredom
writing expectations: lazy adv-lit [minimum: two paragraphs || max: six paragraphs]
Photo credit/edits: kwarren7
Moderators: Doom Me Baby && EmptyxNamine && isad_pandy
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All role histories are negotiable. If you don't like the blurb that's written up (or you don't see your favorite character), then feel free to PM me or one of the crew members and we'll talk.

updated 12/28/12

bold means open
bold && underlined means reserved
striked means taken

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman: the infamous Batman. After the death of his parents, Bruce found himself constantly involved in fights--many of which he didn't start. Against his guardian's advice, Bruce began taking martial arts lessons and seeking further training. When he set up the Batcave below his mansion, it was evident to Alfred that Bruce was pursuing a new life: that of a caped crusader. Alfred suggested the young master attend Arkham School as an opportunity to "know your enemy," and after a few years of setting things up and paying the right people, Bruce was enrolled.

  • Robin: Bruce's little cousin. He was adopted by Alfred as well when his parents died in a circus accident. He is sweet most of the time but has developed a split personality that's grown steadily worse as his older cousin has started acting out. middle school age

  • Superman: growing up as an alien with super strength is hard, especially when you go out for the football team and end up putting the guy you tackle into a coma.

  • Lois Lane: the daughter of the headmaster of Arkham School for Troubled Youth. She technically shouldn't be in here, but stole a few things from a local gas station in order to get in. She wants to write an expose about the kids in Arkham in order to reveal to the world the true dangers that could be unleashed...but she might be in over her head.

  • Wonder Woman: after coming from her homeland as an exchange student, Diana found herself in a strange place where men ruled and women were subservient. When she was expected to mind her own business about a friend's abusive ex, she didn't know how. After beating the man into submission, her friend went back on her and chose to defend her abusive lover over Diana.

  • Catwoman: when Daddy doesn't give his little girl enough attention, or any at all, she resorts to other ways of getting it. Selena started stealing and couldn't stop, ending up a kleptomaniac.

  • The Joker/"Jack White": to be quite honest, we're not sure why he wasn't here sooner! He managed to get put into Arkham School after finally getting caught, but when he attends mandatory counseling, the counselor is generally the one needing help before Jack receives any. When not avoiding his self-titled girlfriend, Harley, he can be found causing issues and setting people off.

  • Harley Quinn: Harley was a good girl on her way to Harvard with her grades until she met the Joker, or--as she calls him--"Mistah J."

  • Poison Ivy: Pamela Lily Isley was a prodigy until she was betrayed by her professor. After blowing up too many big oil companies, she has made a niche for herself in Arkham School, where she has found all she needs is Harley and her plants. She hates that horrible Jack White.

  • The Riddler: if anyone is a nerd in this school, it's the Riddler. He's an odd fellow, and has yet to reveal why he's here, but he gives everyone the creeps.

  • Lex Luthor: the spoiled rival of Superman. He was sent here as a last resort before boot camp by his parents.

  • Harvey Dent/Two-Face: a charming friend one minute and a terrible enemy the next, Harvey began lashing out after he was in an accident involving acid at his old school.

  • Bane: once a big wrestling star at his school, he was caught using a steroid called Venom. Sadly for him, the Venom had a side effect of extreme anger and Bane ended up killing one of his opponents. He lucked out by being tried as a minor and was sent to Arkham School for Troubled Youth as a last chance to get clean and straighten up.

  • Scarecrow: A brilliant young man, he hides his obsession of fear behind the face of an awkward teenage boy. While the shy awkwardness isn't just a facade, he can quickly throw it aside when properly infuriated.

  • Some others: Starfire, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Ace, Batgirl, Aquaman, Mera, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter Hawkgirl, Plasticman, Livewire, the Flash, Huntress, Maxima, Question, Black Canary, Hugo Strange, Penguin, Clayface, The Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Ra's or Talia al Ghul, The Ventriloquist, Green Lantern--and many others, I'm sure, but this was just to give you an idea.

  • Keep in mind that you can be anyone from the DC Universe (yes, even you, Jimmy). You can even play younger heroes like Starfire or the other Teen Titans, but they will be much younger than most of the students. The reform school goes from ninth grade to the second year of college.
'Ello everyone; I'm Demelza, the vice captain of the guild (but you can call me Harley if you want to ;] ).

The original captain started this as a role-playing thread, but decided that it would be better suited for a guild.

We're just about to start our guild Christmas event, so we hope you'll give us a chance and pop on over to see what we're all about.
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ARKHAM ☾SCHOOL ƒσя Շroubled ϓouth
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This is an alternate universe DCU RP where all the characters are teenagers or young adults in reform school. It's lazy adv-lit that moves at a slow pace for guild wide events and sometimes a bit faster in smaller events.

It's created so one can really get to know their fellow role player and develop your character. We hope you'll take a look!

[size=20][color=midnightblue][b]ARKHAM ☾SCHOOL ƒσя Շroubled ϓouth[/b][/color]
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[size=10]This is an alternate universe DCU RP where all the characters are teenagers or young adults in reform school. It's lazy adv-lit that moves at a slow pace for guild wide events and sometimes a bit faster in smaller events.

It's created so one can really get to know their fellow role player and really develop your character. We hope you'll take a look! :3[/size]
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