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I won't be adding Luthor to the front page until I hear back or see the owner of the character since it took so long for anyone to approve the character I am unsure if she is still interested in the roleplay.

I have to read and approve Huntress before I can add her to the front page and completely forgot about Giganta not being there already.

The spelling errors aren't a concern for me right now cause truthfully I am actually starting to get pissed off about this whole situation. I am running several of my own roleplays and running this one is starting to get on my nerves.
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Someone ate my god damn cookies.
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-hugs- I understand this is all really stressful for you,
and that you have a lot going on.

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Is there anything I can do to help?

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Find who touched my cookies and eat them?


I sent that announcement out, dunno if it went out already but that should help.

The problem is that half of us are all liek WE BE ACTIVE then there are some that are like WE DON'T CARE!! And I can't delete profiles //cries

I don't see whats spelt wrong in the description ._.

I put it though a spell checker and nothing but the iPod stupidity came up.

I'll mention to whats his name [ I am just so good ] that he has to add how long Bane has been at Arkham. I over looked it cause again I was doing several things.
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When you’ve written something and read it so many times, it can be difficult to catch little things. One of my classes this summer was actually an independent study where I helped two people edit the book they are writing and write the bibliography for it, so it’s something I saw a lot of. And often, it’s just little things, like I remember they accidentally had “loose” instead of “lose” on several occasions. Also, spell check doesn't catch a lot of things; in the example I just gave, loose and lose are both spelled correctly-- they just have different meanings!

In the description, it’s just little things like “steamers” instead of “streamers” and “though out” instead of “throughout.” Here’s how it should read:

It is time for an activity!
And that activity is a dance!

You can dress in attire from any past era, but you must cover up.
Anyone who has too much skin showing will be sent to their room and will receive detention.

Anyone found fighting or sneaking off will also be sent to their room and receive detention.

Everyone is required to attend.

The gym that they are holding the dance in is the same size as any normal gym in a school. Streamers have been hung up throughout the room, and some of the lights have been changed so that when they turn on they shine a different color. Most of the walls have cheesy cut outs of items that have to do with the theme - some jukeboxes, castles, and more.

One table has been set up with a punch bowl and a few finger foods for the students to enjoy throughout the night, and a very simple CD player with an iPod sits on one side of the gym with two huge speakers for music.

Students can go up to the man playing the music to select the songs that play.

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Oh I am so good at that.
When I use to count money when I was a book keeper I was known for it in fact, I would count something as 260 when it was 270 but no matter what I did or how I counted it till I walked away and came back it was 260, I had that number stuck in my head.
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Just checking in to let y'all know that I'm still alive just reallyreallyreally busy.
I have a 10 page paper to write tonight as well as a human biology final and work tomorrow.
Plus, since the Avengers is coming out this weekend and I work at a movie theatre I'm probably gonna be busy most of this weekend at work.
Buuuuuuut, once Monday rolls along I'll be back in full force BABY!
Also, I hear we've got a Huntress and Bane now!
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I know we were suppose to start the dance a while ago but maybe we can wait till Tuesday?

I don't think Grave is the only one with exams and such, I wanna give everyone a chance to post with out feeling rushed or left out.
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-flops on the floor- Let me tell you, Tuesday sounds great.
I am so exhausted. I volunteered at a school near my university where they were having a walk-a-thon. I helped set things up for two hours, and then painted faces for three hours.
I painted the faces of seventy children, from 3K to like 3rd grade or something. SEVENTY.

I got to paint some fun stuff, though! Two boys wanted Superman, there was one Batman, two Spidermans and a Venom. 8D Amongst the myriad of flowers, butterflies, and rainbows, I also had requests for a hula dancer, Rapunzel, Spongebob, Ariel, and Tiana. Surprisingly, the boys were all about tigers for some reason.

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x L A C U N A x

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Lulu, every time I see your artwork it makes me smile. <3

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