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I've had this idea cooking up for a while now, a fighting RP guild with a point system and that. I've worked out how everything with go, I just need to know if guilds are interested in sending a team into the league.


I have a blank GGN guild to use.
I have all the fighting rules in my head, and in an archive somewhere on my pc and i'm trying to find the other version before i spend ages re-writing 'em.
Blah. I'll just re-write it.
Team Entrants:

When I thought of teams entering the league, I thought they would be from guilds. But if you can gather enough single RPers feel free to make a team. A team can consist of any number between 2 and 10 with no gender restrictions. If a role-playing guild wishes to join the league they may have an A & B team but no more, so that makes a 20 man max from each RPing guild. There is no limit to the number of the teams but once we hit 20, if we do, their will be divisions.

Fighting Rules:

- Each team must choose two of their RPers to battle when going into a battle.
- Their will be a few places of battle – made on an art program from a birds eye view in diagram form.
- If no-one not everyone has effectively died within five days of a match starting a judge will decide on a winner.
- I myself and a few others will monitor the battles hourly and if we see any godmodding or speed hacking the team will instantly lose the fight.


- Remember. No guns, tanks or anything of the sort. The type of weaponry able to be used is daggers, swords, shields, bow and arrows, axe, battle hammer etc.
- With Magic it is allowed but only to a certain extent. For females, they usually use magic in battle so it would be realistically unfair to pitch men and against women with the stereotypical nature that men and stronger than girls with no magic.
- But when you choose magic, you must only choose three main attacks and one defence. It gets out of control when someone just says magic in their profile then uses all sorts to get them out of trouble.
- It’s nice to them all your magic on one topic like plants, fire, water etc.

League System:

- When you win a battle your team will get 5 points.
- When you draw a battle your team get 3 points.
- When you lose a battle toy team get 1 point.
- Each team plays each other once, so the league will take about 20 weeks.

Win, Draw, And Lose:

- To win you must ‘kill’ or ‘knock-out’ both your opponent before the five day period.
- To draw you must have the same amount of men left after the five day period.
- To lose you must have lost both of your men to the opponent before the five day period.

To Enter A Team:

To first enter a team, you must all request to join the guild and put in the guild request part of the “ENTER NAME HERE” team soon to join. Then once they have been accepted which will be within 24 hours, each member must fill out the profile:

Which Ground They Fight Best With: (Only really needed for magic people.)

Once the team have managed this, one member, maybe a captain, can post all the profiles neatly in the profiles thread in one post along with a team name. Once they have don’t this, they are official signed up to the league!

Any Interest?

The Guild is in current making will be ready in 1 hour.
I am interested...

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