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Some Observations on Compatibility with I Am items (IA):
There seems to be a couple of types of IA's and some items that have their unique abilities:
Grunny-types, which includes almost every I Am pose.
Humanoids, a few I Ams that are more like an avatar, which are distinguished by the ability to have companion poses show.
Hard Shell Pack, unique when it comes to what it can equip.
Dust Bunny and Vampire's Coffin and Jack'O'Lantern, which can equip more than anything else.

For [Animal] items, scroll down to the third post.

Min-UFO, Meatball Fight, and Sushi Error cannot equip anything i've tested so far.

Catastrophe! (you are cat?) and Owlpocalypse (you are owl?) are NOT I Am items. There is a thread with stuff that works with them HERE

Most IA's sort into the first category, and some things within a category may have slight differences. ALWAYS TEST IN THE MP or Search in the changing room if you're not sure. Tek-Tek doesn't layer like Gaia, so they're not a good proving ground.

CLASS LISTS (as complete as possible) What IA's are in each class, and what works with them.
Where i say, "part of..." or "some of..." that means the whole pose doesn't show. "white ghost" means that only a white blank space is there which only shows if there is some other color than the default forum white behind you. The first pose of most items just goes by the item name.
Things that show from both sides are listed first, then things that show from the front only, and then things that only show when you turn around. Also, some things may show by themselves, but get hidden by a background that wouldn't normally hide them, but does because you're an I Am.

First, the Grunny types, to which most IA's belong. Basically, every I Am pose that's not listed as being in any other type. Some examples: Ace Meow, Bad Moon, Boto, Captain Ara, Cheepz, Cow, Drome (both), Enchanted Tome, Fallen Wish, Faustine, Gogh, Hermes/Mercury, Inari, Jinxi, Longcat, Mona, Nightmare (Buer and Bogey Man only) Noel, Pantheracorax, Shadowlegend, Siedh, Starmony, Sundae Sweets and Strawberry--, Toadstool, Tutu, Twister, Wonderland; and even though they look like humanoids, Alruna, Ebenezer, Foundling, Jinxi, and Kottan (and many more since i started making this list)

They show a lot more items from behind than facing forward, and most things that work are not "attached" to the base. Almost all wing poses will show from behind, some show from both sides. Some of the IA's in the list will deviate in one or two cases, especially Longcat (emgnol) and Will o'Wisp which show fewer items, and most animals starting with Ace Meow show some few other things that sit on the ground behind the base, such as Monsiuer le Panda.

Some of the items that work from both sides of Grunny types:
10th Anniversary Ultra Satan Cat Face
Aeschylus's Order (Aeschylus (background))
Albus/Atrum Egg (halo)
Altair's Honor (Bridge) bit of rail from the front
Animal Cracker Buddies (all the ground poses)
Anthozoa (Coral Reef) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp
Antique Shop (window) (Copper Mirror, BUT only when kneeling, and most IA's show only a grey oval. --Humanoids show the whole mirror kneeling from behind, and Dust Bunny shows the whole mirror both sides.
Aria Dannata: Playwright's Madness (Blazing Inferno) partial front
Arrogant Unit (Explosion) Behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Artist Application and (Background--behind only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid)
Asphalt Jungle only the shading shows in front.
Astro Liner (Starship Bridge) partial front on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Autumn Glory (Boughs)
Avatar of Twilight (Alert) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humdanoid
Beach Day (Beach Day), (Out in the water)
Beat 'Em Up (street meat) missing the meat on all, behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Becoming a Chef shading only front except (prep cook) partial front Both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Bonnie Ol' Clyde (Death Car)
Bounding Space (all 3) behind only E/W/H
Boundless Gaze all 3 poses shading only front, complete on HSP & D/C/J
Bug Wanderer partial front
Cafe Miam (cafe exterior) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid, (cafe counter) partial front; complete on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack.
Candy Kingdom behind only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Captain Cobalt (Dark Sea) partial
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer (ominous mist, the mist part of misty graveyard, same of warlock's future, hellfire)
Case of Pietro (mob, black sedan, the wreck, Interrogation, there is no body, there is no case, a far shore, another crime scene)
Cat Burglar's Treasure (Escape into the Night and Bank Heist!) shading only from the front
Cat Faces; all poses.
Cats in Space (all 5) behind only E/W/H
Celebrity Snare Hulk Impact Crater missing some in front
Celestial Wrap (Spiral Galaxy)
Centre de la Terre
Charon's Vessel (Charon's Vessel), (Boat) both partial front and behind only on emgnol/wisp
Cheepz (Ground Poses 1-10)
Cheery Heart Clouds
Chill of Artemis
Cloud and (Rainbow)
Colbert (Truthiness, missing the flag from the front)
Comic Sounds all except (Bazinga)
Compass of Seidh (attack of the mysterious wyvern, half of Sash of Heimdall, parts of Sash of Loki)
Convention Backdrop both poses behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
The Cosmos (Black Hole which makes anything that is completely under it disappear)
Courtly Love behind only on emgnol/wisp
Cozy Holiday Tree (Cozy Holiday Tree, Pose2) front only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid, (Cozy Holiday Room) behind only emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Crime Scene behind only on Emgnol/Wisp & (Rainy Alleyway) shading only from the front; both sides complete on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Custom Cut (The runway) behind only on emgnol and wisp/humanoid
Cutie Rainie left arm position b, only the rain shows
Danse des Etoiles partial front [shading only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid]
Dame de l'Opera (Grand Staircase) partial
Dark Heart (Desmona's Lair)
Dark Omen (Lis Nouvelles) partial front
Dead Inside
Dearie/Precious Rainie title pose, left arm b position, only the rain shows
Death Whisper (Dark Power, Ragnarok Consume, Doom Titan (arms, body, leg)
Demeter's Wreath behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Demonic Chair, both poses
Devil's Kitchen (YES CHEF)
Djinn Baharat (Luxurious Tent)
Doki Doki Deito (Gift Me, Rally Baby, CHU^3^ all part from front and complete from behind)
Doki Doki Memories all 3 poses shading only in front
Double Complete Rainbow
Dream Town (Caught on Film, you vanish if you're below it)
Dreamscape (Dreamscape), (World of Fire)
Dusky/Perfumed Bower and (garden statue) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Eerie Goods (Mass of Jars)
Elama the Phoenix (Lema the Death Phoenix)
Emerald Dream: The Superficialist (the road) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp
Enchanted Meadows (both backgrounds)
Epic Fail Hat (Green Goo)
Error (all poses except red X)
Essence of Innocence (Mirror of Entrapment) shading only from front
Evertree Embrace and (stream) partial front
Experimental Interplanetary Shuttle
Extreme Schooling and (Classroom) partial front on emgnol/wisp; (Locker Room, Soccer Field) behind only on emgnol/wisp
Fairies Abode all poses except (Snowflake) show on both sides
Fairy Grave (poached) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Fairy Ring and (fairies) both half missing in front
Fallen King partial front
Fallen Wish (Way to the Stars; Rider half from both sides--complete only on HSP and nothing at all in front for emgnol and wisp)
Finn and Jake's Treefort
Firefly's Flame (Firefly's Dance) works like Astra animations, and (-still) missing the back part from in front; both sides complete on HSP and D/C/J
Flight of Fancy
Forest/Midnight/whatever Brier (background) partial front, complete on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack; behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Foodmatic title pose partial white ghost
Forteanagoria (Moonless Night and Unexplainable Lights) both just shading from the front. (Crop Circles and " at Night) both some grass from the front. (Close Encounter) yellow shading from front
Fortuna (Guilded Throne)
Frostbite Blade (Frostbite Wing (right)), (Frostbite Aura)
Galactic Solder (stand--only the skulls from the front)
Gale Sniper
Game of PWNS shows partially
George's Pipe (Safe for now) behind only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Ghost Maniac (Live Cam)
Ghoul's Acre/End behind only emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Gilt Lily (Halo) not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Gimpi (most of Deemon Motorcycle which animates in flash spaces)
Glamorous Getaway (Me time) odd partial effects from both sides
Gliese 581c only the fog shows from the front
Grave Danger Funeral Frame
Griefstache (mind palace) just the letters (flat, rooftop)
Grimm Lolita title pose partial front
Hanafuda all four poses, behind only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid except the rail part of (Wisteria)
Happy Capsule (Happy Scenery, partial in the front)
Hardhearted (Autograph)
Health Down and (Red Zone)
Heavenly Skies all 3 poses behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Heralds of Chaos Factions only the frame in front
Herme's and Mercury's Moon (Wing)
Hey Doge (wow & much fashion)
Hidden Ace (all Wings)
High Wire Unicyclist (in the spotlight) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Hoarfrost Pass [either]: (The Ice Fortress & The Fire) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Holiday Housetop behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Holiday Wintry Landscape behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Homeroom (all the bus parts)
Hunted Ones (Oops)
I Am Adamant (diamond bokeh) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
I am Sparkly all poses
I Heart Waffles (Waffles Face) always faces forward
Ice Kingdom
Ichigood (happy scenery) partial front, full on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Imperial Throne
In the Ruhk [both backgrounds] (for Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid, only from behind except the shading of Night)
Independence Fireworks
Intrigued Mona (Mysterious Forest) partial
Invincible Frames (Dojo Day, Dojo Night) shading only in front, whole scene from back
Isle of Azli behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid; (Cliff view) partial front on E/W/H
It's Adventure Time and (intro hill) [on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid from behind only]
Jaguar's Curse behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Jinxi's Charm (part of Commencement Chant, the arms of Awakened Spirit, part of Forgiven Chant)
Josie's Journey (Bike) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Joyful Dreams Air (both poses) partial
Kaleidoscope Vision (all) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Kanoko's Dark Reflection (in the mirror with some interesting effects from the front)
Keiko's Cake (Keiko's kitchen) front is partial; complete on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/etc.
Knight of La Mancha (Windmill)
Kocho Sensei (Modern desk) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
L33T Gamer (Fight Action), (Magic Action), (Item Action), (Skill Action)
Lady Jayne and the Mummy (Desert Tomb, To be continued) shading only in front on Emgnol/Wisp and HSP
Lady of the Mist (Enchanted Lake) partial
Le Carousel (podium) back only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Line-A-Design (Background) red outline is missing in front
Lila Fa and (tree) behind only on E/W/H; (grass)
Lila's Burning Halo (Lila's Burning Halo)
Lounging Around (chair) not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Lovebird Plush (Lovebird Wings)
Lovely Heart Clouds
Lumiere Noire (both Moons)
Lunar Celebration (Background and Fireworks)
Lyndexer' Journal (Hospital Room, wing)
Madoka Magica: Kyubey (Watching...)
Man-Eating Tree partial front on Emgnol/Wisp and (barren) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp
Mana Seed (both Mana Trees, but the front only shows a little, and the night one shades almost the --whole square from the front)
Marble Bubbles partial in front
Marceline's Cave House
Mark of the Unsound (beloved nurse) on Hard Shell Pack and Emgnol ONLY, partial front
Master of the Internetverse behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Mechanical Star (Tick-Tock) behind only E/W/H
Megalodon Monster behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Memetically Speaking (Good Advice) and (Bad Advice)
Memphis' Sparkling Halo (Memphis' Sparkling Halo)
Midnight/Forest/whatever Brier (background) partial front, complete on HSP and D/C/J; behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Mini UFO (Scanning for Life) mostly only from behind, (Mothership and Child) on Dust Bunny only, half of (Kart Rider) from both sides.
Minty Skate Date (spangles)
Misty Heart Clouds
MLP: Carousel Boutique
MLP: Cloudsdale bit of cloud shows front on E/W/H
MLP: Everfree Forest
MLP: Golden Oaks Library
MLP: Sugarcube Corner (Inner) bits of the counter show front on E/W/H
MLP: Sweet Apple Acres the fence shows in front on E/W/H
Modus Operandi (Reporter Wilhelm's camera) NOTE: arm position determines which background you get. Arms down=nothing. also : Rumpelstiltskin (Tower Room) shading only front; (Dark room and...) behind only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Monochrome Heart (Desmona's Lair)
Monstrosity behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Moody Heart Clouds
Moon Man (Moon walk) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
MPP [any] Cosplay (photo backdrop) behind only E/W/H
Mysterious Train Station behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires (Countess's room) behind only on emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Mystic Locations all three behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Nano-C (all Aerial Boosters, Target Analysis)
Nartian Rock (all the scooters, which animate in towns)
Necronomicon (Darkness)
Neptune Surge partial, not at all on Emgnol, Humanoid, and HSP, behind only on Wisp
Night Bug Wanderer partial front
Night Weaver (moonlit river) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Nightmare (Popobawa shows mostly from behind; one wing is visible from the front, Crescent)
Nihonzaru (Onsen) behind only Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Norseman's Expedition and (Ship) but the ship is only partial; also, behind only for E/W/H
O Renji Days (sunset) shading only from the front
On the Road behind only Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
One-Winged Soldier (Floating feathers) missing some in front, complete in back.
Onyx Dragonslayer about half of the (MINUS FIFTY DKP)
Opening Act (Stage-Closed) lights only; (Stage-Open) Lights only front, white ghost fills box except the lights from behind; on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack white ghost both sides
Oppa Style! (Opppaaa!) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Orbital Clutter [partial]
Orchid Chateau Chic behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Ordinary Elevator (Tree Creep) behind only on E/W/H; (Kraken)
Orindae (improved oh sweet mother of-), (improved Where's The Frog)
Otaku Sanctuary's first pose
Overgrown City behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Overgrown Ruins behind only Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Padmavati's Lotus (halo)
Paramour's Divulge (A New Beginning...) only the shading in front on E/W/H; (Knox's Bike) behind only on E/W/H
Peaceful Ruins partial in front
Perfumed/Dusky Bower and (garden statue) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Periwinkle Chateau Chic behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Pixie (Dust Cloud)
Planet X shading only front
PNT-BKT (both Photos)--partial from the front; complete on Dander/Coffin/Jack
Popular Flirt partial front, complete on Hard Shell Pack and D/C/J
Portrait of a Deer/Hare behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Precious/Dearie Rainie title pose, left arm b position, only the rain shows
Prima Poppet partial from behind; behind only on HSP.
Prince of the Sea (cliff, captain's quarter, burning ship, underwater incubator) [all show only part from front, complete from behind]
Prize Collection '10 (Neon Core 2) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid (Camera Frame) partial front, full behind
Prodigal Child (Behind Bars)
Purrsuasion Play (Diamond Background) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Quaint Neighborhood behind only on Emgol/Wisp/Humanoid
Queen Bee (honeycomb)
Queen's Vengeance title pose behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Questionable Beards
Radiant Prism (Prism Aura, Radiant Prism Crown is partial from the front and white ghost from back; part of both Crystal Rings from behind, and both Panels from behind; Crown and Radiant Prism poses are white ghost)
Radiant Messenger (holy light) not on Hard Shell Pack
Raijin's Rage behind only on E/W/H
Rainbow Jubilee just the cloud part in front
Rakugaki Style (Graffiti wall) partial in front on emgnol/wisp/humanoid
RAVE (RAVE (Party Hard))
Red Flame Bike behind only emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Regalia of the Flame Tongue (Flaming Ring)
REMemories all 3; behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Reve Rouille (shallows and an offer, shadow show poster, operating light, diving in)
Rogue Bravado (Bravado's Playground)
Romantic Dreams Air (both poses) partial
Ron Bruise Mask Mother Duck's Sunday Stroll--behind only on E/W/H
Royal Commander front only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Royal Macaron (Banquet) behind only Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Royal Marines (Coral Bank)
Royal Throne
Rude Tattle Tale (contaminated crime scene) partial front, complete on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Ruined Souls (Corrupted Well, Purified Well) not at all on Emgnol or Hard Shell Pack and behind only on Wisp and Humanoids.
S-Pop Club: Taja
Saddle Bronco (home fields) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Sapphire Cave partial front
Scarlet Riding Hood title pose behind only on E/W/H
Scenic Quests all poses both sides except emgnol and wisp only parts of the fronts of 1&4
Scenic Tea Party (Luminous Night & Vivid Day) only from behind on emgnol and wisp
Scott Pilgrim: Gideon Graves title pose behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Scott Pilgrim: Kim Pine title pose
SDPlus #120 Carl (musk) part in front
Secret Retreat (Mirror)
Seven Years Bad Luck only the cracks show, only in odd-numbered posts.
Shadowlegend (Tenkaze Village), (Tenkaze Village Destroyed), (Burial), (Crossroads)
Sharkzilla vs Crocodactyl (Doomed City)
Ship's Last Stand (Last Canonfire!) complete front, partial white ghost behind
Shooting Star's Debut (Sparkles)
Sir Ceph the Dapper Octopus (all grown up)
Sky Rouge (Sailor Tattoo) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp
all Sleepytime Beds
Smashing Cities (parts of all poses)
Somber Dreams Air (both poses) partial
Song of Amour (Cage) partial, behind only on Emgnol/Wisp
Sour Tsundere (BAKA!)
Space Wreck (Objective in Sight)
Spartan Queen (Ramparts of Troy) behind only on emgnol and wisp.
Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe (Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe, often only from behind)
Starters only the letters show from the front on Emgnol and Wisp
Stellar Stats all poses
Strike of the Giants and (flames) partial front full back
Stylish Pageturner (lost in a story) only the pictures from behind and from both sides on Hard Shell Pack
Summer Grass Field missing background in front
Summer Jelly partial white ghost behind only on emgnol/wisp and HSP, and (Relaxing Beachscape) behind only on emgnol/wisp
Summoning Supplies (seance parlor) partial front, complete on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Sunset Siren just the bottom from the front on E/W/H
Super Powers missing some in front and (parts of Death Summon)
Tale of Clarion (Freezing Meadow) partial front on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid (Crescent Sky, Dual Crescent Sky) partial front
Tanked Tavern--only the edge of the bar
The Cheers and Jeers (5-stars) shows the gold part in front and the white part in back
The Forest Fawns (blooms) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
The Heaven's Gift (Cloud and Star Tree) only the stars from the front
The Moth Lullaby (wings) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
The News for Cats (yoink) just the thumb shows
The Twisted Juniper behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Third Stall (It's Safe and She's Here) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Through the Golden/Romantic/whatever Frame behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Time and Space behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Time Lapse Gala all 3 poses behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Toadstool (Toadstool Field)
Trail of Ants missing some in front
Traveler of the Tundra only the shading
Trilune's Covenant (Triad's Moon)
Twilight Dusk
Under the Big Top (Starry Wonder) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Underwater Vivarium very little shows
V-Day 2k11 Dissing Booth and Kissing Booth (missing the back from the front)
Vague Reality (Background) shading only from the front
Vega's Love (Clouds)
Velvetine's Reading (on a card) behind only emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Victorious Evil Queen (Background) behind only emgnol/wisp/humanoid
War Game and (desert) just the haze shows from the front
Warzones all poses show from behind, first two show parts in front.
Wedding Venue both poses behind only on E/W/H
What the Fluff Bike behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Wild Armor (parts of all poses. Some of these animate in flash spaces)
Wild Things (half of all, often only from behind. These animate in Flash spaces)
Winner's Circle (background) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp
Winter Memories frame only from the front, and: (warm cabin) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/H (snowman!) both sides only on Wisp (hanging ornaments) behind only on Emgnol/Wisp/H
Wonderful Green Wizard (Behind the Curtain) only from behind on emgnol/wisp/humanoid
Wolf of Southtown (Powerful Wave) part is missing from the front
Working Girl (Street Light)
Xmas 2K10 Event Winter Night
Yemaya's Pearl (under the sea)
Zarathustra's Contemplation (Halo)

Some items that show only from the front:

Action Hero
Anarchist's End (symbol of rebellion) Wisp only, front only all but the cans; partial both sides on Hard Shell Pack, complete front only on Dander/Coffin/Jack
Angus/Kinzie/Mackintosh the Scottie Plushie (sit)
Aria Dannata left arm c position Emgnol, HSP, D/C/J ONLY
Artemis Divinity not on Hard Shell Pack
Ashen Marionette only one string shows
Babe the Welsh Corgi
Baby Grand (+seat)
Bar of SOPA
Biancamella and Azuramella (slowing, floating, carmelize, growing, materialize, crystalized halo)
Bizarre Oddities
Black/Pink Spill (birds)
Black Throne, not at all on Emgnol or Hard Shell Pack
Button's Tea Party (tea cup) front half of cup
Case of Pietro (Queen's Warning)
Celebrity Snare Snoop Dogg's Dobermans and the left half of (Duo)
Chaos Groove (Splash) front only, Wisp and D/C/J only
Clandestine/Furtive/Stealthy Shooter front only, not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Crimson Marionette only a sliver of the title pose
Danse des Etoiles (halo of stars)
Dappy Dandy (Banquet)
Double Complete Rainbow
Dumplin McGibblet (The Cookening)
Easter 2k11 Robotic Bunny Ears, explosion arm position
Easter 2k14 Giant Egg partial
Ebony Sewell
Etah the Samoyed Puppy (Relaxing)
Fallout Forager/Scavenger/Vulture (Flashback) not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Furtive/Clandestine/Stealthy Shooter front only, not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Frozen Warlord (Warlord's Throne) Wisp and D/C/J only
Gogh Reed (Lightning)
Grace of Aphrodite (Allure)
Greenleaf the Naturalist (butterflies) Wisp and Dander/Coffin/Jack only
Holy $#17 (Seraph Crown and Seraph Brooch, only the background part}
Hotel for Dogs Dog Pack
Icy Marionette tiny bit of title pose
Jungle King not on emgnol or wisp
Kamera the Chimera (sleeping)
Kepler-22b (Love You Moon)
Kerberos (Heavy Chain, any position)
Little Bird's Friend (Another Place) not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Masquerade (phantasm, crack, supernova, --burn and pearls, visage)
Mega Stereo (Tall Sound)
MLP: Owlowiscious emgnol only [and HSP, D/C/J]
Monstrosity (the grisly work) Wisp and Dander/Coffin/Jack only
Mountain of Presents
Mr. Raccoon both poses
Murder La Murder (halo)
My Hunter Duo
Nightmare (They never found their way back, some of Invidia)
Nikolai's Experiment (Static Head)
most of Overseer's Tub
Owlpocolypse (Rainbowl) [not at all on HSP]
Pale Marionette only a very small part of the title pose
Paper Play partial
Peaceful Ruins (both Dancing Cygnets) EMGNOL ONLY
Pieces of You (portal to hell) not at all on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid, both sides on Hard Shell Pack
Pink Marionette only a very small part of the title pose
Pink/Black Spill (birds)
Pongo the Ferret (Thief)
Premium Cat Feast
Ravioli Thief (Life Wire)
Red Leather Scotch (Have a Seat) partial, not at all on Emgnol/Wisp
Regalia of the Flame Tongue (Flame Burst)
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Beach Babes not at all on HSP
Salad of the Day both sides on HSP
Scintillant Emperor (Royal Shirt) only part of one sleeve
Shadow Throne not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Shadowlegend (Death)
Sigbin not on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid
Space Crab (Cra...cked) Emgnol, HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack only
Spring Fling 2K14 Balloon Arch, Wisp and Dander/Coffin/Jack only
Starkeeper's Astrolabe (rete halo)
Stealthy/Furtive/Clandestine Shooter front only, not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Stored Evidence (Bloody Clothes)
Summoning Supplies (candles) ONLY ON Wisp and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Super Brawler Bash (Giant Hand)
Swan Boat
Teddy the Cuddly Bear (oh no)
The Cheers and Jeers (Thrown Tomatoes)
Thimble's Tea Party (Tea Cup) front half of cup only
Torture Chamber (Electric Chair and Rack)
Trick or Treat Tote (shy Marshmallow Ghost)
Vague Reality
Valentine 2k12 (bed)
Vermilion Muse (fabric)
Voracious Fog (Heart Consume)
Win Star (Holy Gate) shows just the halo part
Winter Rose (Thumbelina)
Xmas Y2K13 The Greatest Gift of All partial

Some items that show only from behind:
10th Anniversary Angelic/Demonic Sky the wings do not show
10th Anniversary Go Gaia Skyline; both sides on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
10th Anniversary zOMG Ring white ghost only in 3 poses: Right Hand a and b; Left Hand a
10th Anniversary Zurg UFO Catcher partial
Aamira the Wanderer and (Enchanted Rug) white ghost floor shadow only
Abundant Garden (Scarecrow, Garden)
Acidic, Electric, and Sulphuric Jellyfish Swarm. They show both sides on Hard Shell Pack & Dust Bunny.
Albus Egg (cape)
Alice's Card Tricks all poses
Antipathy (Invocation) white ghost
Apocalyptic Explosion
Apotropic Magic (Evil Eye, Hand of Fatima, Angel Banishment, and Shimenawa)
Apprentice Charm (magic circle) partial white ghost
Aquatica (Green Bubbles, Bubbles, parts of Fish are Friends!)
Arcanic Circle first 3 poses all show as white ghost
Aria Dannata (Playwrite's Desk) both sides HSP and D/C/J
Asmodeus' Wings the right one only
Aurum Pennarum
Autumn Glory and (Leafy Pile)
Autumn the Steed
Azrael's Wings the right one only
Baby Grande (Fluttering Sheets)
Back Alley (both poses) both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Barachiel's Wings, the right one only
Baseball Base
Beach Day (both)
Beard Science (Explosive Chemicals)
Benevolent Duke of Lalune,The (Dragon Wings) not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Beryl Remedy (used) partial; both sides on HSP; complete front on Dander/Coffin/Jack
Between the Devil and the Red Sea not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Biancamella and Azuramella (candied wings)
Black Throne (Throne Room) not at all on Emgnol or HSP
Brother of Virtue not on HSP
Buried Treasure and (Found Scroll, Found Potion) white ghost
Burning Pile of Summer Tops both sides on Wisp, not at all on Emgnol
Cafe Miam (plaid & bow) not at all on Hard Shell Pack, Emgnol, or Humanoid
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer (Destruction, Curse of Destruction, musket on back)
Case of Pietro (trash, tracks, the murder)
Cask of Tamarins partial on emgnol/wisp
Catastrophe (one paw of Grabby; Fino Loves You)
Centre de la Terre (Foret des Champingons)
Chain Letter (You Got Mail!)
Chariot of Blood Conquest
Charismatic Dealer
Cheerful Conjurer white ghost
Cherry Blossom (Petal Wing) just half of it; (Petal Shower and Hanami) just the bottom part.
Cherubim's Wings only the right one
Child of Eden Shooting Lights
Combat Sound (Siren Pack)
Compass of Seidh (most of Summoning the Valkyries, parts of both chariots, seidh wings)
Coocoon (all the wings)
Cook Note (Ingredients) not at all on Emgnol or HSP; both sides on Wisp and D/C/J
Count Halphas' Ambition (white devil wings) not on Hard Shell Pack
Crystal Flower (The Curse) shows a little bit
Crystal Parol and (snowflake)
Csilla the Wind Sorceress (Magical Transformation) partial. Shows complete front on Wisp and D/C/J
Cutie Confectionery both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Dancing Wench Tavern
Dander (only a small part of Tornado)
Daughter of Snows (Frozen Kingdom)
Days of the Week (Off Key--shows both sides on Dander/Coffin/Jack)
Dazzling Cheer white ghost
Dead Lord Khlul (tentacles) not at all on Hard Shell Pack; (mountains) both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Death Valley Cavalry (Greater Drakon Mount)
Death Whisper (upper charge, Hellfire, Darkfire Dark Wraith Wings)
Deen's Potion (Ster Academy ID Card) background part only
Definitive Daeva (wings)
Delicate Death (wings)
Deluxe Witch's Cauldron all poses white ghost
Derelict Cityscapes all poses except (Pop Star Stage)
Devoted Spica (Stardust Chemise) partial white ghost; both sides on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Divine Deity (Collard Wig) partial
Doki Doki Deito (Sky)
Doki Doki Milk Chocolate (heart)
Dream Town (Winged Thunder, only if you use arm pose {bb})
Dreamer's Dust (Dreamland, one of the Wings)
Edo Ukiyoe and (Pattern, Golden Flowers) both sides on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Eerie Goods white ghost of all poses but (Mass of Jars)
Enchanted Book (some of: Dematerialize, Enchanted Swirl, FairySwirl; all of both Palaces)
Enchanting Orchestra (Golden Score)
Enchantress of the East (Staff)
Epic Journey (all poses)
Erteszek's Sleep (Neck Piece) white ghost
Evertree Embrace (fall) behind only
Execution Tools
Fading Ember (Glowing Gold Bolero) partial white ghost only
Fairy Ellette (wings)
Fairy Grave (more fairies)
Fairy Grove (glowing mushrooms)
Fall of the Black Star (Wing of Blood) not on Hard Shell Pack
Fallen Wish (Flyer)
Faustine's Bottle and Yearning, Release, Descent, Wings of Clash
Fausto's Bottle Stage 8, 7, just the bottle of 7 (2), ditto 6 (2), ditto 5/5 (1)/(2)/(3), Release, --Yearning, Innocence
Fiametta the Phoenix (Glowing and Glowing Anklets) white ghost
Film Strewn (Canisters)
Final March, partial front on Dander/Coffin/Jack
Firebreather (Fire Stick [right hand up only, white ghost], Fire Dancer [white ghost])
Flam (wings)
Flight of the [Honey/Sugar] Bee not at all on HSP
Flightful Dreams not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Flora's Gift (Flower Screen)
Flutterby the Kindly Pegasus (soft wings) not on HSP
Fluttering Moth (wings)
FMAB Seven Sins (Pride's Shadows) partial
Foodmatic (all poses except title pose)
Forteanagoria (Wings of the Ropen) (Wings of the Mothman)
Fragrant Heartbeat (doki doki)
Fremere's Guard (part of Field of the Insatiable, Wings Schema, -- -Flow, Wings of Wrath, -- Left and --Right)
Frosty Fae of the South
Fortuna (Raining Gold)
Frivolous Blush (swing)
Frozen Warlord both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Fungi Village (Gill Wings) only the right one
Gabriel's Wings only the right one
Gaia Anniversary Flashback (Kiki and Coco Love)
Galactic Cadet (Wings)
Galactic Soldier (explosions everywhere)
Galileo's Observatory
Garnet Cordial (used) partial; both sides partial on HSP; front complete, back partial on Dander/Coffin/Jack
part of Gavle Goat
Ghostly Candles white ghost
Giant Spoon and Fork [sit for pie]
Gift of the Gods (half of Scale of Anubis)
Gift of the Goddess (one each of the Wings)
Gift of the Stars (Falling Star Coins)
Gogh Reed (Leafy, Lightning Cape, some of Cyclone, some of Smog, Sprinkles, some of Sandstorm, __Crystal Wings, Leafy Wings, some of Aqua Liquid, Aqua Burst, Zero Wings)
Golden Aurela (background)
Golden Sparkles
Gothic Veil
Grace of Aphrodite (Scent of Love)
Great Old One (wings)
Griefstache (flat, rooftop)
Grunny (shoulder)
Gunter the Penguin (kitten?) white ghost
Gwee (On my Back and Behind my Head)
Halftone Hero (all poses)
Hall of Heroes both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
HARMony (take me home)
Health Down (LEET Damage) white ghost
Heart Power Transform (Effect) white ghost
Heavenly Wings right wing only
Hellenistic Imperialism (Byzantine Painting) white ghost
Hellish Envoy (segments of the beast) right wing only
Herme's/Mercury's (both Times)
Heroes Eclipse
Hidden Ace (trump, you lose!, back design, magibani)
High Priestess of Night (all but title pose as white blanks)
HoC: Cataclysmic Landscape
Holiday Bunker
Holography (Glowing Screens) as white ghost
Holy $#17 (Wings)
Homeroom and (Classroom, Library)
Hunted Ones (Guardian Wings)
I Herd U Liek Diedrichs (Whoa)
Icicle Wings right wing only
Ilmacchiato (wings)
Inari's Beads (parts of tsuchibi and mukaebi)
Indigo/Ivory/Lavender/whatever Dribbly Candles
Infernal Spirit (part of Flaming tendrils, Boiling pit, some of Flame)
Imaginary Friend (Wings, both Police Boxes)
Irrawaddy Dolphin Bubble Ring half of it.
Ivory Flourish Wings not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Jegudiel's Wings both show, not on HSP.
Jinxi (Forgiven Wing)
July Dark/Light Mythrill Wings, not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Jumbo Easter Basket both sides on HSP & D/C/J
Juno's Lace (Feather Fascinator) white ghost
K.O. Star (za warudo) white ghost, (steel wind, spirals) partial
Kamera the Chimera (wing) not on Hard Shell Pack
Kamila's Blood Magic partial
Karaoke Party (Groovy Disco Ball) white ghost
Kelp o'the Loch (Loch at Night and Something in the Loch)
Key-tastic Typer
Koi (Serene Pond)
Kottan Bell (wings)
L'alchemiste de Flamme (Flame Capelet)
Large [&x] Grave
Latter-Day Augustus/Caesar (all 4 wings)
Lazuline Elixir (used) partial; both sides on HSP; complete in front on Dander/Coffin/Jack
Le Carousel (wings)
Levirei (Wizard Junk)
Lexxon's Garden both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Lightning Lash (Charged and Rigid Blade Charged) partial white ghost; both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Little Hatsya (wings)
Little Submarine
Loathing Style
Lounging Around both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Love Drunk and (Bubbles)
(The) Love Song (some of waves, some of seaweed, one of mermaids)
Loveliest Petshop (Perching Parrot)
Lovely Diction (Music)
Lucifer's Wings, all poses, right half only
Luck o'the Gairish (Cloverfield)
Lucky Raindrops; both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Lumpy Space Princess (can of beans) white ghost
Lyndexer's Journal (Trench, part of Aircraft, War Site)
Madoka Magica: Madoka Ultimate (Background) behind only, no wings
Malicious Vizier (Cave of Forgotten Wonders BG)
Mammon's Wings only the right one
Mana Seed (Flowering, Summer Fruit)
Marceline the Vampire Queen (strawberries) overhead part only
Mark of the Unsound (abandoned asylum) both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Masquerade (transcend spark, transcend crown)
Megalodon Monster (Deep Seas) white ghost, both sides HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Mender of Cruer (Mended Cherubs)
Meracle Swimmer (Pond Splash)
Merely Breathing
Mewpit all poses
Michael's Wings left one only all poses
Mighty Hoarfrost
Mister Moneybags
Mizuki's Glaive
Mobius Magician (Infinity Smoke)
Modern Mage
Modus Operandi (Blood messages)
Moe-ra (KYUUUUN)
Mooch LaDrakgon the XIII (wings)
Mournful Wail
Mortality Memory (Magic)
MPP [any] Cosplay (homemade wings)
MSXXX-01W Gunguy (Wing Thrusters)
Murder from the Heart (Floorboards) not at all on Emgnol or HSP; both sides Wisp and D/C/J
Nano-C (Static Field [helical])
Nartian Rock (star base)
Night Queen Lilith (both wings poses)
Nightmare (some of Webbing, Malphas Flight)
Niji (Rainbow Running) partial white ghost; both sides on HSP; complete behind on Dander/Coffin/Jack
Nikolai's Experiment (Static Head)
Noel's Gift (Gallus Wings, Golden Leaves, Pear Tree, Mini Golden Wings)
Norseman's Expedition (Icy Ambiance)
Nouveau Autumn
Nouveau Winter
Novae the Quasar Dragon (wings)
Nurse Reakiro
O-Tea-P white ghost
Oculus Magica (Electrica, Fira, parts of Ponies and Rainbows and Pwetty Birdies)
Oh Dear Brother (wings) not on Hard Shell Pack
Oh My Gumball (barbed tendrils)
One-Winged Soldier wing shows from behind
Ophidian Harmony (black cobra) partial
Ordinary Elevator both sides on HSP and D/C/J
Orinkage Hurricane (Orinkage-sama)
Owlpocalypse (Snowling, Owldrops, Owleaves, Flowler petals, Grassy spring knowl; you are owl? shows as grey form with little detail)
Padmavati's Lotus (Lotus Seat, Hairpiece with Aura, all the Petals, Heavenly Light, the wing part of all 4 garuda bottoms)
Penman's Steel (Drawn) [right arm up only, white ghost of the arc]
Petal Professor Hana (wings)
Pies! Pies! Pies!
Pimp King of Pentacles (Black Chaise)
Pixie Queen (Ray of Light Wings) not at all on Hard Shell Pack/Wisp
Polar Tear (Polar Twilight, Polar Dawn)
Pop Music Cat (Rainbow Paint)
Popular Flirt (Shy crush)
Possessive Captain white ghost
Prancing Succubus (Wings) right one only
Pride of Hera (Shoulder Perch)
Prince of the Sea (deck)
Princess Estelle (Dream Hair) partial
Princess of Swords title pose
Professor Noarishi
Project Fatal (Searching Hands) white ghost
Pure Intention (wings) not on Hard Shell Pack
RabuRabu Purikura all poses
Rainbow Jubilee (wings)
Ranunculus (Seat)
Raphael's Wings only the right one
Ravenwood Manor: part of, as white ghost, (Mama's threadbare over-dress) and (Long scary hallway)
Red Riding Hood (Forest Path)
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Chilltimes Cabana
Ring Around the Rosie (To Ashes)
Risky Crusade without the horse, and some of (Toy Soldiers)
Rolling Referee (Derby Rink) both sides on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Rosabelle's Rapture (both wings)
Rosamund's Revenge (Peaceful Kingdom)
Rose Guardian (petals)
Roseus' Secret
Rousing Lounge (Singer's Stage)
Royal Wizard (Magic Chamber)
Rudeboy (Graffiti) both sides on HSP and D/C/J
Rusalki Maiden (Dress) white ghost
Russian Butcher, The (Meat Locker) both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Sainte Ciel: Agape (Ciel's Tomb)
Sainte Ciel: Eros (Mephiste's Altar)
Sainte Ciel: Storge (Royal Wedding Chapel)
Sanzuwu and (Right shoulder perch)
Scott Pilgrim: Knives Chou (Sigh of Love) both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Seas Conquer (Arm Bands) just the ribbon
Secret Mangaka (Lovely Screentones) both sides on HSP and D/C/J
Seelie Order (wings)
Selaphiel's Wings all poses only the right one
Selection Fairy (wings)
Seraphim Wings only the right one
Serendipity The Kindly Pegasus (soft wings) not Hard Shell Pack
Serotina's Prayer partial
Service Station
Shadow Spirit (Shadow Flame, Flame Ring, Flame Aura)
Shadow Walker (Halo) white ghost
Shadowlegend (Tenkaze Village, Burial)
Ship Interiors (all poses) both sides on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Ship's Last Stand (Ship's sinking...) white ghost
Silent Night (Starry Night)
Silicon Pirate (flag)
Silver Laurels (tree)
Sims Walker
Sinister Souru (Bonfire) not at all on Emgnol, Humanoids
Small [&x] Grave
Snake Eyes all poses
Snow Feather (Gilded Cage)
Spring Nymph (wings, Mana Tree)
Starcrossed Heart/Wish (Falling Stars) both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Starmony (always)
Stellarscapes [all poses]
Stinger (wings)
Strangely Light Student H partial
Strike of the Giants (invasion)
Striking Thief (Shattered Glass) partial, not at all on Emgnol/Humanoid/HSP
Stygian Shuck (Black Mist Boots) white ghost
Super Nova
Suspended Traitor (Tree)
Sweet Lady (confetti)
TM (Time Piece) and both (Wing) poses
Tale of Clarion (spell resistance, healing spell)
Tame Twister partial white ghost
Tanked Tavern (Drinks)
Terre Reverie (flower backdrop) not at all on Emgnol/Wisp/Humanoid nor Hard Shell Pack.
The Butch Russian (meat locker) both sides on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
The Heaven's Gift (Star Crested Axe) white ghost partial
The House Wins (Sinful Pants) blood part only
The Manslayer Duke of Lalune (Dragon Wings)
The Twisted Juniper (Brother's Blood) both sides on Dander/Coffin/Jack and Wisp; not at all on Emgnol/Humanoid
Tiger and Bunny: Barnaby Brooks Jr. white ghost behind only
Timmy (To the top! and The Giant Holy Head) both sides on HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Titan's Legacy (Tree, Crest of Awakening)
Tourist Hat (flat)
Tropical Kodama (Bushes filled with Kodamas)
Truck Stop
Turbo Wanderlust all 3 poses; (Thin Sun Desert) shows the shading from the front
Twinkling Star Fighter (Star Ship Wings) not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Twister the Fire Phoenix (wings)
Ultra Satan (Gaze of Despair) shows as a pure black background
Underground/Vandal Heart (paint trail) both sides on Hard Shell Pack and Dander/Coffin/Jack
Unicorn (Fairytale Field)
Unorthodox Experiment (The Lab)
Uriel's Wings only the right one
Vampire Bat Swarm
Vampire Sound (wings)
Vermilion Muse and (wings)
Volant Reverie (flower backdrop) not at all on Emgnol, Humanoid, HSP
Voracious Fog (Heavy Burden--partial; Foreboding Wings)
Walking Dead Posters A, B, C
Wandering Maestro (Gilded Zither)
War Game (aftermath)
Watchmaker (Gears are Turning, Time Shifts, Watch's final form)
Water Splash only the bottom part
Wayward Son
Wealthiest Player (Raining Money)
Weapons of Math Destruction and (Raining Failures)
Weapons Stockpile (beartrap)
Where Despair/Sorrows/Weeping Ends/Conclude and (Wings to Carry) not on Emgnol, Humanoid or Hard Shell Pack
White Heat (Perfume) white ghost
Wicked Cherub (winged spite) not at all on Hard Shell Pack
Winter Rose (Petal Rain)
Wintry Snowglobe missing base
Yafehiel's Blessings (draped wings) not Hard Shell Pack
Yama no Tamago (yama)
Yemaya (wings, with green goo; all the moon-like ones show as white ghost from behind)
Yuki Otoko (Frozen Battlefield)[partial]
Zodiacal (Aquarius Wind pendants, Completed Astrolabe takes flight, Saggitarius raining fiery arrows. As white ghost: all Astrolabes in the left-hand b position; Cancer Child of the Moon, Elusive Snake of Aphiachus)
Creamy Filling's avatar

Aged Elder

Humanoid-type IAs

Some examples of humanoids: Alrunette, Diapered Egg (You Are Ash), Fondue the Chocolate Bunny, Grace of Anteros (you are Anteros), Nartian Rock (All of the 'you are' poses), Nightmare (Thank you for attending), Sundae's Sweets (you are Sundae).

Humanoid IAs generally equip most of the things that Grunny-types can, with some exceptions and differences in what side shows. In addition, Humanoids can equip almost all humanoid companion items. (like the dr's and nurses in Trick or Treat Tote, or the Alruna/Anurla companions). These usually show from both sides.
This list is getting bigger now that i'm looking for stuff that qualifies.

Archangel's Blade (Michael)
Ballad of Orpheus (don't look back)
Black Album (Puck)
Celebrity Date all poses
Easter 2k12 Flock of Diedrichs front only, and only the lavender one.
FMAB Ling Yao (Ran Fan)
Familiars of Demonic Affection (Feeling Coy) front only
Gaia Anniversary Flashback and (Gaia-Kun) front only
Gaia-Sama and Gaia-Tan
Gakuen Love: Girl's Side (class president & delinquent) front only
George's Pipe (the two Zombies)
Grace of Anteros (Anteros) side note: (you are Anteros) is a humanoid IA.
Grace of Aphrodite/Eros (Aphrodite/Eros)
Her Infernal Magesty (Sentinel)
Honorable Shaman (Companion) behind only; also shows behind only on Dander/Coffin/Jack
Janey [missing milk carton] behind only
Keiko's Cake (the cake's a guy?) front only
Killer's Call (Murderous)
L-01 Automaton buddy
Mari the Djinn (Floatin' behind you, Leanin' on you, and Captured)
My Friend Pippy behind only
Nutcracker Prince (The Prince)
Odanodan (Odanodan)
Orinkage Hurricane (both Orins)
Ordinary Elevator (The Twins, Skin Beast) front only, (Giant Bat, Babydoll, Hell Lord) both sides
Pepperpot's Cat Circus (Cashmere, Rocket, and both if you equip the title pose)
Possessed Med Intern
Prince of the Sea (adult) front only
Rosamund's Devotion/Redemption/Revenge (Heart's Desire) front only
Scott Pilgrim: Matthew Patel (Demon Cheerleaders) front only
Settlers of Gaia behind only
Sleepless Awake
The Statue of Diedrichy front only
Tiger and Bunny: both poses of all companions.
Timmy (Journey Timmy, Sloth, Shadenkind, Borrissey, Crazy Murderer Keith, Pastor Gork, Rick, Telos 5, Old Pete)
Unwritten Story (Words to Life) behind only

And here's a bunch of things that call themselves companions that show only on Humanoids:
All of the alchemized NPC Companion items
Baby Finn Companion
Demon Cat
Fat Ponay Companion
Finn Companion
Fionna Companion
Ice King Companion
Ice Queen Companion
Jake the Dog (adventure!)
Lady Rainicorn Companion
Lord Monochrome Companion
LSP Companion
Madoka Majica: Homura, Kyoko, Madoka, Mami, and Sayaka Companions, all front only
Marceline Companion
Marceline Bat Companion
Marshall Lee Companion
MLP: Applejack, Big McIntosh, Bonbon, Cheerilee, DJ Pon-3, Fluttershy, Granny Smith, Lyra, Nightmare Moon, Pinky Pie, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Queen Chrysalis, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Time Turner, Twilight Sparkle, Zecora
No Worms on the Bed (king worm)
Party Pat Companion
Prince Gumball Companion
Princess Bubblegum Companion
Scott Pilgrim: Envy Adams Companion front only
'' Gideon Graves '' both sides
'' Kim Pine '' front only
'' Knives Chau '' front only
'' Kyle & Ken Katayanagi '' both sides
'' Lucas Lee '' both sides
'' Matthew Patel '' front only
'' Ramona Flowers '' both sides
'' Roxie Richter '' front only
'' Scott Pilgrim '' front only
'' Stacy Pilgrim '' both sides
'' Steven Stills '' front only
'' Todd Ingram '' front only
'' Wallace Wells '' both sides
'' Young Neil '' both sides
Susan Strong Companion
The Earl of Lemongrab Companion


Hard Shell Pack defense poses generally equip more completely, that is, where grunny-types and humanoids show only parts of things or from one side, the turtle shows more or even all. With just a few exceptions, HSP will show things that Grunny-types do. Most wing poses, however, do not show on HSP (Spring Nymph is one exception).
Some item poses Grunny-types don't show but HSP does are listed here:

Visible from both sides:
some of Autumn Glory
Button's and Thimble's Tea Parties (Tea Cup)
Cask of Tamarins
Catastrophe (dreaming of fishies)
Clock Egg (most of Explode)
Corral de la moreria (veil)
parts of Divided Stars and (most of crescent canoe)
Fluff n' Stuff partial front, full back
Fortuna (Raining Gold)
Fremere's Guard (Falling Fury)
Furugasa (parts of ittanmomen)
Gift of the Gods (part of Cerebrus)
Gothic Veil
Jackies title pose and (A-L)
Jacoby the Roach
Lady Lunar all but (Hair) [white ghost]
Marble Bubbles
Memetically Speaking all poses (the glasses don't show)
Mister Moneybags
Model Locomotive (Train)
Modern Mage
Moon Man (Famous Words...)
My Little Garden
Omnidrink Personal Improvement Spray (Chug It!)
Picolitrosso's Urn (parts of both ethereal flames)
Pirate Prattle
part of Pixie
Potion Seller
Right in the Feels
SDPlus #016 The Sniper (Sight)
SDPlus #320 Kiki and Friends first pose, and (Whole Gang--only four of them show)
Soft Sugarlace partial
V-Day 2K14 Googly Bear
Xmas 2k12 Bah! Humbug!

Visible only from the front:
Aerial Ribbon Dancer
Apato the Longneck
Babysitter of Souls
Basic Tent Set (Set Up)
Caroling Medic partial only
Camouflage Tent Set (Set Up)
Cockatiel Cub
Credo's Swift Verdict
Dander (a bit of Dust cloud)
Demeter Nacht (Flowered Sleeves) partial
Easter 2k12 Diedrich Trap
Famestar Masquerade Ballroom
Familiars of Demonic Affection (Seduce)
Flame Sword (part of @ss on fire!)
Gaia Anniversary Flashback (Happy 10th)
Golden Laurels Sparkle just the sparkles
Golden Serpent
Guang the Golden Qilin
Jade the Unicorn and (by my side & sweet dreams)
Janey [missing milk carton] partial white ghost
Journey to Valefor Academy
K. O. Star (time stop)
Nano-C (drone Mk I, II, III)
Owyn the Barn Owl (Eat! Eat!, SCREEEEECH!, and Snuggle time)
Pet Cemetary (Undead Cat) white ghost
Petulant Enchanter (Cerebrus)
Peyo's Reading Spot
Pixie (part of Clips)
Princess Discord (Grim Tune) just the notes
Punk Raven (Eye Tattoo)
Reve Rouille (broken heart)
Scott Pilgrim: Todd Ingram (Burning Gaze)
SDPlus #144 Kaede (all of the flames)
Shadow Fencer (Eyes)
Shadowlegend (Armored Ninja Golem)
Ship's Last Stand (Going DOWN with the ship)
Tan Tent Set (Set Up)
Underland Battlefield
Unwritten Story (Words to Life)
Voracious Fog (most of Heavy Burden, Brume)
Weeping Wanderer (Shawl)
part of Western Zodiac, and (Virgo's Veil)
Yin and Yang Sprites

Visible only from the back:
Furugasa (onibi kohai, kitsunebi kohai)
Midnight Violextin (rest, stand)
MLP: Angel Bunny
MLP: Opalescence
Moana the Azure Porpoise (Hovering)
Pixie (part of Dust Cloak, part of Dust Scarf part of Dust Skirt)
Rabbot Brigade (bunny go boom, black rabbot and silver rabbot)
Sigbin (Clay Jars)
Summoning Tome (most of Dragon of Light and most of Dragon of Dark)
Sweetest Petshop (fennec fox & Cake Bunny)
Veracious Musketeer (Pointer)
Yama no Tamago (torii, furutorii)
Zealous Engineer (Otter Pet)

Dust Bunny and Vampire's Coffin and The Jack-O-Lantern:

Dander (You are dander bunny), The Jack-O-Lantern (any You Are pose), and Vampire's Coffin can equip more item poses than any other IAs. Almost anything that is not normally directly attached to the avatar base will show at least some part when equipped on one of these. Only problem with the Vampire's Coffin is that it layers in front of almost everything, so stuff used with it is mostly eclipsed. Some things that work with these show only a little portion, and some only from one side, but if you've gotten some idea of what kind of things equip on IAs, you will find little frustration in trying on various items; a list would be ridiculously longer than the ridiculously long lists above.

Animated Items and Items that Animate when Moving:
All of the Astra animated items will show on IAs, but only if enough of the avatar square has other stuff there. For example, just a Grunny isn't enough, but if you add the boughs from Autumn Glory, for example, it'll work. Also, if you are invisible by using Kanoko's Dark Reflection (in the mirror) and any IA low enough to stay under it, Astra animated poses work without anything else.
Unfortunately, you can have only three AIs on, and the flashing red nose won't work with the galactic glasses. Also, it stops the ear animations from working.

Items which have animations in flash environments can also be equipped, and even if they don't show on the avatar changing screen or in forums, their animations work in flash environments. They have to be equipped last, so their animation takes precedence. These include:
Chyaku Norisu Scarf and (Unknown Hero)
Sinister Scarf (all poses).


Disappearing using Longcat (emgnol) OR Will-o-the-Wisp (I am Wisp)
You can have nothing at all of your base or any IA showing if you combine the Longcat Scarf (emgnol) or Will-o-the-Wisp (I Am Wisp) with any of the I Am poses from Pantheracorax, Drome, Vampire's Coffin, Dander, or The Nightmare (Buer only), The Jack-O-Lantern (any of the 3 You Are poses) (and possibly some others i don't know). In order to do it, though, you must have other stuff equipped so that both sides of your avatar have something showing. This can be as little as the Trail of Ants. For best results, become emgnol or wisp first so you can see what is working. Some of the things that work for other Grunny-class items do not work on emgnol, and even fewer on wisp. Once you have picked that out, put the other part of the formula on. If you use the Pantheracorax, Drome, or Buer, their move animations will show in flash spaces. Which can be interesting, but to avoid them, use the Coffin or Dander.

Other ways to disappear:

Kanoko's Dark Reflection (in the mirror) and any I Am pose which is below it will make you go away, but there's almost nothing you can wear with it to make the avatar savable. With the notable exception that all Astra animated poses work with this.

Rolla in the shade: if you equip RIO Star (rolla rolla driva) and The Nightmare (bitten) and any of a small number of backgrounds that layer in front of the rolla, you will disappear, though the background will remain.
Backgrounds I know of that work for this:
Centre de la Terre
In the Rukh both backgrounds
Invincible Frames (both Dojos)
Lady Jayne and the Mummy (Desert Tomb, To be continued...)
Papyrus (paper) some of the rolla sticks out the sides
Mana Seed (both Mana Trees)
Rakugaki Style (Graffiti wall)
Sainte Ciel: Agape (Ciel's Tomb)
Sainte Ciel: Eros (Mephiste's Altar)
Summer Jelly (Relaxing Beachscape)


There are a few ways you can hide yourself well enough to be invisible. Getting smaller helps, and for that there is Shadowlegend (Raiden Meditation and Raika Kimono), Will o'the Wisp (Aparition) and The Nightmare (bitten). There are quite a few things you can hold which cover you.
Hard Shell Pack (defense poses) can be hidden fairly well behind a few things, most notably Beach Day (out in the water).

Body mod glitch that makes your arms and legs vanish: Snowman Suit or Dai-Kun plus Attitude Alleycat scissors. This leaves a very small part left to hide if you also remove your head with Nightmare or Agape scissors and on of many helmets that work (eg the ones in Nano-C).

Now there is also World Of [Devil/God/Slick...] which removes all but your head and a little slice of neck with blood dripping from it. If you further remove your head using the combination of Agape scissors with a small number of helmets, including Nano-C (all four poses that have Helmet in their names) then all that's left is a little wedge of neck and some blood to hide. You can also use The Nightmare (bitten) to remove your head, but then you can't put any hats or face parts on, and have a more persistent red neck that skins won't help hide.
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So far i only have one [animal] I Am item (North Kitten Star), and i don't plan on getting more, or buying much stuff to wear with it. So there may be some variation, if you have a different [animal] I Am item, or if the items i'm testing work differently than in the MP 'try it on' room.

WINGS of any type, that are just wings, all show from behind only.

ASTRA animated items work like they do on non-[animal]s

Pearl the Wild Things (ride) both sides

Blissful Forest Fawn (blooms) behind only
Bottled Faerie little bit of title pose, and (delicate wings) both behind only
Bottled Pixie little bit of the bottom of title pose and (delicate wings) both behind only
Fafnir's Spite (Extravagant Wings) behind only
Glittering Neighbor title pose behind only
Greedy Little Wyrm (wings, hoard) behind only
Holiday Housetop behind only
Holiday Wintry Landscape behind only
Metamorphic Fairy title pose behind only
Mothing to Do (Wings) behind only
Nekonomicon [or whatever recolor] (full moon) behind only
North Star Penguin (star) behind only
Purrsuasion Play (Diamond Background) behind only
Saddle Bronco (home fields) behind only
The 16 Bit Hero (Certain DEATH) behind only
The 16 Bit Knight (Go for the GOLD) behind only
The 16 Bit Legend (Certain DEATH) behind only
The Ugly Duckling (pond) behind only
Under Bright Weather (Background) behind only

Her/His Pocket Paw front only
Majikku Twinkle title pose front only
Petit Salad of the Day title pose front only
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You should probably make some things bold (titles, etc..) or colorized so it's easier to read.

I read some of it, but didn't go through everything because it didn't seem useful to me.

like this better now?
Creamy Filling
You should probably make some things bold (titles, etc..) or colorized so it's easier to read.

I read some of it, but didn't go through everything because it didn't seem useful to me.

like this better now?

Yes much better. It's easier to read now. xd
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New poses from Owlpocolypse:

showing from behind:
(Owldrops, Owleaves, Flowler petals, Grassy spring knowl) [these show from both sides on HSP and Dander/Jack/Coffin]

showing from the front:

(Rainbowl) [partially green goo; not at all on HSP]

(Owlsteroid) shows on Dander/Jack/Coffin from behind only.
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Cash shop bundle has two poses which show some stuff from behind:

Seelie Order (Wings)
Fae Adornment (Scepter) white ghost blobs where the end of the wand would be
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Thank you, this looks helpful.
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Modus Operandi "secret poses":
if you equip (Reporter Wilhelm's camera) and raise your arms, there are 4 backgrounds that appear depending on your arm position. They all show on IA's from both sides.
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Ron Bruise Mask Mother Duck's Sunday Stroll works from both sides except only from behind on emgnol and wisp.
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New stuff thanks to Diedrich event:

Flock of Diedrichs only Humanoids, and only the lavender one shows, and only from the front.

HSP and Dander/Coffin/Jack have Diedrich Trap showing from the front.
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Unorthodox Experiment (The Lab) shows from behind; the title pose shows from both sides on Dander/Coffin/Jack and from behind on humanoids.

[ETA] Timmy (Krazy Wheels Stallion GT) shows on Dander/Coffin/Jack and from behind on Humanoids.
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Le Carousel (Podium) shows from both sides mostly, just only from behind for emgnol and wisp, and the wings show from behind on everything.

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