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    The Body Mod Guide

        Thread Updates & Item Updates
        Hand Mods & Arm Mods
        Upper Body Mods
        Single Leg Mods & Legs/Lower Body Mods
        Foot Mods
        Nonhuman Mods

    Thread Updates

        Hi everyone! As of now, the thread is officially CLOSED.

        A new thread, under a new owner, has been opened in this thread's place. Please visit and support!

        Thank you to everyone who's supported this thread by giving it a <3, bumping, or simply visiting! emotion_bigheart

        10/2/11 - Added a new section for Eye Mods.
        4/8/11 - Currently linking images for the item collections since current links may be incorrect due to fluctuating marketplace prices. Done.
        4/6/11 - New body mod lists: ear, hair, and head mods.
        2/22/11 - Behold the (unfinished) nonhuman guide!

    Item Updates

        8/15/12 - Added Underland CI items, Radiant Galaxy CI items, Revolution Dusk items, Dec 2011 and Jan 2012 Monthly Collectibles, Breezy Love bundle, Lunar Dragon bundle, Steampunk Royalty bundle, Sparkling Reveler, Glittering Carouser.
        12/11/11 - Hair Mods [Clinohumite Diamond Dog, Gift of Hathor, Runcible Spoon, Topaz Diamond Dog], Arm Mods [Equestrianism Fashion, Half Eaten], Upper Body Mods [Ankh of Aset, Hex's Web], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Equestrianism Fashion, Gatorskin, Hex's Web, Runcible Spoon, Rural Sheriff, Sheriff Rick’s Look, Trilune's Covenant, Vulturine Gentleman], Foot Mods [Ankh of Aset, Anok Akori, The Blue Rabbit, Datamancer, Jawesome, The Gravedigger's Exorcism, Lady Jane's Lace, Pangolin Armor, Shepherdess Pastorale]
        12/9/11 - Arm Mods [Chill DJ, Cy-Goth, Lightened Flute, Prince of the Sea, Smooth DJ, Spicy DJ], Upper Body Mods [Ace Bass, Black Widow, Cool Bass, Midnight Rainbow, Passionate Vocalist, Sassy Bass, Spellbound Mademoiselle, Sublime Mademoiselle, Zodiacal], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Custom Cut, E-VO, Flower Power, Forlorn Opera Singer, GLAM Entertainer, Ravenwood Manor], Foot Mods [Ace Bass, Blackjaxs, Bumbo Bubba, Cool Bass, GLAM Entertainer, Hallowed Gentleman, Haunted Gentleman, Ode to the Studeo Killer, Pepper Party, Prince of the Sea, Sassy Bass, Spellbound Mademoiselle, Sublime Mademoiselle]
        Nonhuman Mods – Zodiacal (Hooved), Black Widow (Monster)
        10/2/11 - Hair Mods [Sainte Ciel: Agape], Eye Mods [Little Lucie, Lovely Lucie], Hand Mods [Lovely Lucie], Arm Mods [Sainte Ciel: Agape], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Lovely Lucie], Foot Mods [Decora Dress Shoes collection, Queen of Death, Sunset Harvest]
        Nonhuman Mods - The Drill (Robot/Mecha)
        9/10/11 - Upper Body Mods [Sainte Ciel: Agape, Sainte Ciel: Eros, Snowy White Lass], Hand Mods [Master Alchemist], Arm Mods [Prince Dashing, Princess Discord], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Hook’s Cruelty, Resolute Steel Trooper, Sainte Ciel: Agape, Sainte Ciel: Eros], Foot Mods [Blushing Dancing Princesses, Good Witch, Peter’s Youth, Shadowed Dancing Princesses, Master Alchemist, Tink’s Jealousy, Vasil’s Guiding Fire]
        Nonhuman Mods - The Brave Octopus (Underwater), The Little Octopus (Underwater), Resolute Steel Trooper (Robot/Mecha), The Shy Octopus (Underwater)
        9/5/11 - Legs/Lower Body Mods [Pistolera's Revenge, Skylar the Awesome], Foot Mods [Antique Keymaster, Nightwalker's Reprisal, Royal Keymaster, Triste's Rapture]
        8/11/11 - Ear Mods [Goblin Hipster], Hand Mods [Wizard’s Grand Gala], Upper Body Mods [Lady Alzbeta, Petal Professor Hana, Witch’s Grand Gala], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Arcane Gem-stone Broom, Demonic Detention, Evergreen Bound Broom, Firebird Feather Broom, Lady Alzbeta], Foot Mods [Wizard’s Grand Gala]
        Nonhuman Mods - Murder’s Flock (Bird), Wendigo (Hoofed Animals), Caretaker Tia (Reptiles)
        7/28/11 - Arm Mods [Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires], Upper Body Mods [Crimson Valor, Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Lumiere Noire Reborn, Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires], Foot Mods [Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires]
        7/19/11 - Updated things I missed.
        Arm Mods [Hell Prison Guard, The Knightmare], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Hell Prison Guard, The Knightmare, Legend of the Astro Logger, Pavonine Boots by Dernier*Cri, The Rightful Heir, Yang Tech]
        And for nonhuman body mods: Bakeneko collection (Pawed Animals), Bronze Spring Peeper (Underwater), Green Spring Peeper (Underwater), Interstellar Astronaut (Mecha), The Knightmare (Monster), Legend of the Astro Logger (Mecha), Maneki Nekomata (Pawed Animals), Mecha Form (Mecha), The Nightmare (Bird), Playful Succubus (Monster)
        7/10/11 – Hand Mods [Red Peppermint Bark], Arm Mods [The Dark Ringmaster], Upper Body Mods [Cloud Iridescence, Rosa Romance, Ugly Step Sister, Verde Vixen], Leg Mods [Blue Force A Nature, Dangerous Denim, Fancy Man’s Fez, Golden Gumshoe, Lady Longshot, Quetzal, SBX, Zorya Polunochnaya], Foot Mods [Alp Albtraum,Cloud Iridescence, The Red Rabbit, Rock Angel, Violet Starling]
        6/10/11 - Head Mods [Sharkzilla vs Crocodactyl], Hand Mods [The Cheers and Jeers], Arm Mods [Princess Harmony], Upper Body Mods [Hollywood Dream, Hollywood Starlet, Hollywood Vixen, My Sweet Murder, Scandalous Starlet's Lingerie, Very Protective Fantasy Armor], Single Leg Mods [Ghostly Buccaneer], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Classic Comedian, My Sweet Murder, Sci-Fighter], Foot Mods [Cutie Cowgirl]
        5/26/11 - Arm Mods [Chicky Hoodie, Brown Bunny Hoodie, Bunny Hoodie, White Bunny Hoodie]
        5/21/11 - Arm Mods [Zodiacal], Foot Mods [The Watchmaker]
        5/17/11 - Finally updated the Nonhuman Body Mods. Check out "Legs/Lower Body Mods" under the Underwater heading.
        5/14/11 - Hand Mods [Vespers' Core], Arm Mods [Big Bad Bossu, Evil Ki, Stella Leporidae], Upper Body Mods [Big Bad Bossu], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Big Bad Bossu, Dominika, Mikan's Slap, Ultimate Rival, Vespers' Core, VFM-01F Stryker-F, Violet Trigger, Wolf of Southtown]
        5/8/11 - Head Mods [Dullahan's Edge]
        5/6/11 - Hair Mods [Amethyst Diamond Dog, Roseus Diamond Dog], Hand Mods [Little Lucie], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Little Lucie]
        4/22/11 - Arm Mods [Vivacenote], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Vivacenote, Zodiacal]
        4/16/11 - Upper Body Mods [Spring Rose]
        4/10/11 - Head Mods [Nano-C]
        4/9/11 - Ear Mods [Erlking Ears collection], Foot Mods [Count's Vengeance]
        3/11/11 - Arm Mods [Antique Shop], Upper Body Mods [Sugarsuite]
        3/10/11 - Hand Mods [Lawful Master], Arm Mods [Facepalm, Handsome Lech, Super Unnatural, The Troll], Leg Mods [Force A Nature, Handsome Lech, NeoGaia Hero, Yakisoba Shift], Foot Mods [Blue Rubble Stockings, Sour Tsundere]
        2/27/11 - Food Mods [Tales of Adventure]
        2/18/11 - Food Mods [Zodiacal]
        2/11/11 - Legs/Lower Body Mods [Love's Warrior], Food Mods [Heartless One]
        2/10/11 - Arm Mods [Bass Hero], Foot Mods [Apple Rendezvous, Chocaholic Cherry Fondue, Chocaholic Cream Fondue, Chocaholic Fondue, The Days of the Weak, Doki Doki Deito, White Russian], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Gun-Eye Gatling, Viking Love]
        2/8/11 - Arm Mods [Dream Town], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Dream Town]
        2/6/11 - Arm Mods [Anurla's Amulet], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Anurla's Amulet]
        2/5/11 - Upper Body Mods [Cat Burglaress, Night's Knight], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Cat Burglaress], Foot Mods [Blue Slate Rivet Heels, Cool Blue Thigh-High Boots]
        2/2/11 - Foot Mods [Angelic Lace, Kottan Bell, Kottan Bell Reunion]
        2/1/11 - Hand Mods [Metal's Last Hope], Arm Mods [Charlemagne's Heart], Upper Body Mods [Celaeno, Infernal Spirit, Persephone, Reve Rouille], Single Leg Mods [Voracious Fog], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Apprentice Charm, Sun Wukong], Foot Mods [Antique Shop, Blade of Night Sky, Fall Groom, Reve Rouille]
        1/31/11 - Arm Mods [Apep Cobra Armor, The Magician], Upper Body Mods [Azuramella, Biancamella, Tomorgenne Maid], Legs/Lower Body Mods [Deific Templar, Earnest Minstrel, Ireful Marksman, Plague Revenant], Foot Mods [Keen Bandit, Resolute Hero]


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