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Take one.

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Thank you! It would probably take me like... 3 months wondering where to put the colors and all! @w@
whee I really appreciate you making a thread like this helping others out with the colours for fonts...! Thankies so much! xd
eek OMG you made a link here in your profile! I feel so loved x3
Yeah...I needed the link...and Lots of other users might find this thread useful...So I decided to put a link to it..But I might change meh siggeh soon so ya. 3nodding
oh wells.... x3 *glomp*
I sent you a friendsrequest
Hahaha!! This is pretty cool!

Thanks for the codes! biggrin
-Lurks- ninja
I've just uncovered some wonderful ways to make colours in the new fishing chat rooms. (thx to Mankville and others in the Anime North room for experimenting with me.)

by typing: <font color="(hex code)"> (text)

you'll have coloured text in the chat room for that line you just typed after the code.

<font color="#FF3399">hello!

although I'm not sure if this'll work for everybody, because there was one out of the 6 people that tried this that seems to type everything right, but does not get any color effects. sweatdrop
I'm still seeing what else you can do in there, so go ahead and experiment urself. 3nodding
Hmm... I just feel like trying what you suggested.

Only, I might attempt it with text codes instead, to see how that will result.

Thank you for the note. ^__^
cool i wanaa use one!
Feel free to!

Just follow the code on which one you'd like to use!

*does a cheesy smile like she always does*
<center>*takes forever to decide where all the colors go*
The rollback and everything is going to make me die!
Urk! @.@;
Nice I love this!
<center>Thank you Poison!
I luff your name

eek whee

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