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Common questions found in gaia online help:

    How do I buy a house in Towns 2?

    To purchase a house, you'll need to do the following:
    a) Go to the Gambino Town dock and find the water taxi. You can get to the dock by heading to the lower right hand part of the Main Page map and finding the arrow pointing to Gambino. Click the arrow to head to the water taxi.
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    b) Once you find the water taxi, if you don't own a home, you'll see there is a house shaped icon above the water taxi driver's head. Click this "house" icon to launch the house buying feature! You'll then see a screen that says "Go to housing?" - click the "Go!" button.
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    c) At this point, you should see a screen that says "About Housing". Read the info, and then click the "Continue to Housing!" button.
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    d) You should now be at the "My Friends" screen. Click the "Create Neighborhood" button.
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    f) Finally, you should be at the "Create Neighborhood" screen where you can build your house! Choose your neighborhood from the drop-down menu and then choose a house style. Once you have made your decision, click the "Go and Place Home" button and your house will be created!
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      What is that "house" thing on the right?
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      If you drag an item into the house, the item can be used in the home editor. You may see a few items with grey locks on them - these are temporarily soulbound because they are equipped in your home. Take them out of your house to remove the lock. Click here for more info on how to decorate your home.

      *** Must be mentioned that this inventory is not generally longer needed to place items inside your home.

        How do I get from my house, or a friend's house, back to the main Gambino Town?
        Great question! If you want to get from your home, or a friend's home, back to Gambino Town, you just have to find the local transportation service!

        Each Town (Gambino, Aekea, Barton, Durem) has it's own transportation service: Gambino has a water taxi, Aekea has a cab, Barton Town has a bus stop, and Durem has a Pedicab.

        Look i the area for the transportation pickup/drop-off zone. It'll be easy to spot - look for a sign that says something like "Water Taxi" or "Pedicab" and the transportation icon. Click on the transportation icon (the little blue and white icon) and it'll get you a ride back to the mainland!
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

        Note: If you want to avoid the transport system, you can bookmark your favorite locations using the "Bookmark Locations" feature in your Smartphone and then the location will be added to your "Favorites" list in the Smartphone. You then have to open the Smartphone, click on the "Favorites" icon, select the name of the spot you want to visit, then click the "Transport" button and off you'll go!

          What does it mean to upgrade my home and how do I do it?
          If you're looking for a larger house that allows you more guests and/or furniture, then upgrading is the way to go! It costs 5,000 Gaia gold to upgrade your home.

          In order to upgrade, visit the Housing Commission and click Upgrade My Home (Figure 3, Letter D) and your home will instantaneously be larger the next time you visit. Given the new upgrade, it would be a good time to go shopping and redecorate!

          *** You might experience the floor bug for while though it suppose to be fixed also can be only upgraded 2 times 1 for 5K and the another 10k (bit unsure if this has changed)

            How do I change the way my home looks outside?
            You only need to open your smart phone and select the appearance found in housing options.

            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

              How do I relocate my home?

              You only need to open your smart phone, select the last tab in housing options and be agreed with the condition provided
              NOTE: this can be only done once.

              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                Can I lock my home?
                Go to My Gaia ? Account Settings

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                Under Feature Options ? Lock Home:

                Select Yes so that anyone can view your home.
                Select No to keep everyone out of your home.
                Select Friends Only so that only your friends can view and enter your home.

                Click Save All Changes to update your account.

                For more information regarding Homes see Homes.
                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                ***This also can be done since your smart phone, just click on housing options and select settings.

                  How do I turn the lights on/off in my home?
                  When you're in the home editor mode,click the Lights icon to toggle on/off the overall global lighting in your home. If you have any lamps equipped, you can click each one to turn them on or off. Again, remember to click SAVE before you move on.

                  *** This option not longer works, now the lights inside a house works according to Gaia daylight time.

                    How do I submit a Gaia Avatar or Home?
                    Before submitting, read through the

                    The name of your entry.

                    Give a brief description of your entry in this section, your inspiration or other information you would like to share.

                    Enter in some descriptive keywords separated by commas. For example, if you submit an entry of a warrior girl, you can type “warrior, girl, sword, fighter.” These keywords will be used to find your artwork based on the keywords you have entered when using the search feature. This is optional.

                    Reference Image URL
                    If your idea is based off of something that already exists (example: avatar art, fan art, theme-based avatars and homes, a story about a specific character), you can show a reference by first hosting it on an image hosting site such as Photobucket, and then copy/pasting that URL. This is optional.

                    Allow Comments?
                    You have the option of allowing users to comment on your entry or not.

                    Additional and Completing submission
                    Once you have filled in all the necessary fields, make sure you have read the rules and Terms of Service, then check the box and click Continue. This is required.

                    On the next screen you will be able to preview your entry submission. Once you are satisfied with your submission, you can then save the entry or go back and make changes.

                      What is the Smart phone tool?
                      The Smart phone is a one-stop tool to help you navigate around Towns 2! It's features include Hot spots, Favorites, Friends, Bookmark Location, Settings, Challenges, and Housing Options!

                      To use the Smart phone navigation tool, simply click the "Smart phone" icon at the bottom of the Towns 2 screen!
                      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        What are the Smart phone features?
                        The Smart phone features have a variety of uses to help make your Towns 2 experience more fabulous!

                        Hot spots: This feature allows you to easily move from one areas of the world to another. Say you are in Rally and want to go to Virtual Hollywood instantly - all you'd need to do is open your Hot spots and click on the area you want to travel to, and you'll be transported there!

                        Bookmark Location: This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite places in Towns 2 so you can easily get back there in the future! Once you are in a spot you want to remember for the future, open your Smart phone and click on the "Bookmark Location" icon. You'll be asked to name the spot, so pick something memorable then click "Go". This location will then show up in your "Favorites" list, which can be accessed by using the "Favorites" feature in the Smart phone!

                        Favorites: This is a list of all the favorite places you've bookmarked! You can use this feature to open up your list of saved locations and then instantly teleport from one location to another! You can also remove a location fro your Favorites list by clicking on its name in the list, then clicking the "Delete Bookmark" button.

                        Friends: This feature allows you to easily see which of your friends are online in Towns 2, and transport to them! Here are a few useful tips to remember about the Friends feature:

                        * You can tell if your friend is online by whether or not the emoticon by their name is smiling and awake or sleepy!

                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        * The Transport feature to be teleported right to where your friend is in Towns! To use this feature, do the following:
                        a) Click on the Friends icon in the Smart phone tool to see which friends are online in Towns 2.
                        b) Click on the name of the friend online that you wish to be transported to and you'll open a list of options.

                        c) Click on the Transport option and you'll be whisked away to go be with your friend!
                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        Settings: The settings feature is where you can change the speed of your movement in Towns 2, or you can enable or disable the ability to see chat balloons in Towns 2!

                        Housing Options: Housing Options are where you'll eventually be able to name your Town, and choose who can enter your home! This is also the place where you can change your home's location and design.

                        NOTE: While it is currently free to change your house's style and location, this may likely change in the future and there will be a fee. You know, gotta pay to have things renovated. How like the real world! XD

                        Landlord Options: This allows you to invite people to your neighborhood to live near you, see who invited you to their neighborhood, or evict any people you previously added but now no longer want to have living near you.

                        Please be aware: We will not moderate issues of eviction from a neighborhood. We understand that such an action may be upsetting for some, but if someone doesn't want you in their neighborhood, then they do have the right to evict you. The same goes for you - if someone in your neighborhood is causing trouble, you can evict them.

                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        Challenges: This feature allows you to see if you have any challenges for races in Rallys! In the future, this feature may evolve to incorporate more abilities, but for now, it's all about the Rallys! Vroooom!
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                        OTHER QUESTIONS NOT MENTIONED

                          How can I invite others to my home?

                          One of the way is copy and paste the url shown on the house arranger (Factory Shop).

                          Though, rarely it will redirect to others users' home, but as said before is rare if this is set to open to everyone.
                          Now, another way is to tell them, to visit your neighborhood they can search for you in one of taxi's option or click on your name if you do appear in the list.

                          ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you as a landlord want to invite someone to live in your neighborhood they must be in your friend list, otherwise the option to invite in your smart phone won't show up.

                            I'm searching for a friend but they do not appear neither in the list nor in the searching, why does that happens?

                            In mostly of the cases, that does mean that they haven't placed a home or do not have any at all.
                            But don't be in despair, there is also another way...Just use this link


                            *The USERID can be found at the end of the profile url
                            *This url will lead you to the shop and from there you will have a pop up loading the house you like to find.

                            User ImageSpecial thanks to Horntastic [Guide] How To Find Your Contact Links

                              What is the difference between the old housing to the new one?

                              A.-The ways to enter it, are now quite separated therefore the loading suppose to be less troublesome and quick in mostly of the browsers.


                              Once clicked on "design my home" in the shop you use to land in the "very, very, very, very old inventory arranger and from there you had to click in design my home by opening the "home vault."


                              You may visit the shop and click over "design my home" but this time and if you have all your items inside the home vault you will go directly to "home's editor"

                              B.- Bottoms are more viable and understandable in the screen.
                              C.- You do not need to have installed Adobe Shockwave and by that you will not have any permission pop ups,

                              Is used the Flash software.
                              D.-Some items are interactive. (TV, Toasters) (look hosing item list)
                              E.-You do not longer have limitations about item positions by this I mean:

                              Everything was settle in a squarer perimeter leaving some objects oddly positioned.

                              You can place it correctly and also you will have message bubbles telling you what you are about to do.

                              A.- There is not a notification that your home has been saved, though it is, once you make another change the bottom will be available again.

                              B.- More expansion is available. Cost: 10K if you are in middle home.

                              C.- Now,technically speaking, they did rewrite all the feature because the last code was done in 2006, keeping the graphics and some of the save and load data for the house, but everything else was from scratch so It wouldn't stop working.New, code allows to introduce video and interactive items, therefore the demand of the users.

                              D.- In the past you didn't have control over your neighborhood, now you do receive petition to be your neighbor or have to make one also you can invite your friends in a very easy way. (not links required just a invitation from your smart phone on landlord options) User Image

                              E.- You can now enter your home from town 2 (look for the taxi at the southeast of it)User Image

                                Some of the equipable items were able to be placed in the house, now why not?
                                As mentioned before there is new coding running, meaning that these items and others, will be introduced slowly according to the tune speed.

                                  Can I have more than 100 items for house?
                                  Yes, you can and you do not need to put them in the arranger so far.

                                    Out of curiosity how many items does housing has?
                                    Over 1000 and these might include not exclusives

                                      Is there a way to create walls?
                                      By the moment there isn't, but you can use replacements, yes replacements as rugs (loft idea and different textures in the floor) and Bookshelves.(Though they do cover to much space, imo)

                                        What about the versions?
                                        Versions helps to install "patch" in the system so users can experiment less glitches and bugs. i.e
                                        Currently we are running into
                                        Housing 3.0.6
                                        Arranger 3.0.3
                                        You can see them in the loading and landing page
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                                        INTRODUCTION TO NEW HOMES FEATURE

                                        WHAT ARE THEY?

                                        Gaia Homes is another method of customization presented by Gaia. Like the Avatar, Gaia Homes is more of a form of expression or identity than a game.

                                        HOW TO GET THERE?

                                        1.-One way is by going through "my gaia" tab.- This short cut will redirect you, to the Housing commission managed by Bludeau.

                                        2.-By shops tab, select "factory shop" and then select "go to my home"

                                        3.-Visiting towns 2, but I warn you that is going to be a large trip... smile Just kidding.
                                        Go to the southeast area (or any specified in the common questions above) by the pier restaurant and look for the taxi, then click over the home image or you can open your smart phone and click over "go home" option.

                                        THE SHOP
                                        How to decorate your home?

                                        Fist of all lets go shopping! (If you are not satisfied with the starter items and you have enough gold to spend.)
                                        In the shop, you will find everything you need to give certain personality to your empty and lame home. Most be mentioned that you can also find housing items
                                        on gift boxes, daily chance,marketplace and events (avatar items available for home placing).

                                        Some items like the bathtub (event 2011) can be seen really tiny and probably you will experiment the same with many others, you can place gift boxes, trunks and some aquarium items, ZOMG recipes and some or mostly of ingredients too.

                                        NOTE 2
                                        In past times you were in need to move your items to the housing vault, found in the inventory arranger, but that is not need now-a-days, though sometimes you will experiment some bugs/glitches forcing you to use it.

                                        User Image

                                        In the shop you will find the options to upgrade, that means turning your home a bit larger,it can be done 3 times with a cost of 5,000-10,000 and the option to design your home as you can see above.

                                        User Image

                                        Here, are the closer sizes, you will get if the home is upgraded.

                                        User Image

                                        Once you have click over decorate home, open the tabs shown and drag the items into your place and use the item control shown above, you can place items over other items (if they are designed to do so) move towards with the mouse, meanwhile they are green, once they are red then it can't be placed and will return to the inventory.
                                        Some items after you save and enter by towns will be able to interact with some animated item: TV, toasters,taps etc...to mention some.

                                        Some tweaks to decorate more effectively

                                        1.-Turn off stacking-if you want to place something behind a table or other object and it keeps trying to stack on top of an item instead, hold down the shift key while dragging.

                                        2.-Move floor items with the arrow keys-If you click an item that sits on the floor, and then close the pop-up menu (i.e. press cancel) you can then slide that piece of furniture along the floor

                                        3.-Adjusting items on tables-If an item is stacked on top of a table, shelf, dresser, etc you can nudge that piece into place by selecting it and using the arrow keys. If you slide it too far it may fall to the floor!

                                        4.- Another way to turn your lights off is Ctrl+N (This function is temporarily disable)
                                        Notes: In some Pcs/ laptop might cause to open another browser window too.

                                        STYLES AND PLACES

                                        The styles and places can be arranged in the moment when you create your neighbourhood or start living inside other user neighbourhood.
                                        Once you have locate your home, you can use your smart phone to select the way you like others to see your home from town 2. Also you can re-locate your home, though this can be be done once only.

                                        Every style is specific of each area, meaning that you can't have a Barton style in a Aekea area.

                                        User Image

                                        User Image

                                        User ImageImages are brought to you, thanks to the lovely contribution of badtzmaru
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                                        TEH LEAKS

                                        PET SYSTEM IN TOWNS 2: it lasted for a week or so but as soon people discovered it got removed.

                                        User Image
                                        Tantoo Haiden's avatar

                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        Possible/ Known issues and solutions with homes

                                        *Link in movil to upgrade or buy new furniture leads to no data received page* (sept,11,2014)
                                        This has been added recently, you can try to refresh or do the process traditionally.

                                        *Traveling through world map in movil get stuck in 100%* (Sept,11,2014)
                                        Check your internet connection, clean cache and try again.

                                        *Candles and Christmas trees issues*
                                        You can't see the tree, some items in the tree appear to be missing

                                        The candles appear in other colour when are placed inside homes.
                                        User Image

                                        Solution: emotion_8c Sorry there isn't one so far...

                                        *Shrinking Houses*
                                        If you had an issue with your house shrinking today, your house size has been reset to the correct dimensions.

                                        If you had an issue with your house shrinking before today, you will should find a pm with a refund notice.

                                        You can upgrade your house from the homes page
                                        Gaia homes

                                        If the panel is disabled, just choose a style, and click "place my home for me", and then upgrade your house to the desired size.

                                        *Lag with the entire house feature*
                                        Fixed with scrolling code
                                        * When entry throw towns the loading process doesn't ends but I can see my avatar

                                        This happens because there is a mix between the old code and the new, so if you enter the house throw My gaia> house you will see the new code and if you enter by towns you will see the old code
                                        devs are working on it.

                                        *Checkerboards tiles are not working.


                                        *Some items appears to be missing: Receiving a message
                                        Try to do this:
                                        Clear your cache. (Just a good idea anyway.)
                                        Refresh your page with the House Arranger. (If you're get the error message, ex it out.)
                                        Click to Clear your house.
                                        Try putting items back into your house. (Yes, unfortunately, you''ll have to completely redecorate your house.)
                                        By Dlen Isolde

                                        *Fireplace is causing more lag than other items.

                                        Yes, it does, but they will work in the next week so they can do a performance (7/12/2011)
                                        *Some items still have a separation between (position issue)

                                        *Unable to walk over rugs


                                        *Fairy Lights traspass your avatar being
                                        *Christmas lag when entering throw towns
                                        *Load stops in sweeping floors 100%
                                        fixed though like to appear randomly

                                        (Appears to be that is appearing again, but in my own experience everything get resolved when you refresh the page though it takes a few secs) [Browser. Chrome]
                                        Is considered a launching glitch and has been fixed in the first hours of the unofficial launch.


                                        Update 10/22/2013

                                        Nothing to do with Housing but with towns and think that you will like it...by the by do not forget to bring your weather tools wink

                                        It's raining bugs, flowers, and trash! No, really! Weather effects have just been added to Towns 2 along with a fix that should allow you to actually keep the bugs, flowers, and trash that you pick up! Crazy right? We'll be watching to make sure it's actually fixed this time for sure but everything appears to be working correctly so far. Sorry it's taken so long to get it straightened out.

                                        Now, for your weekend weather report...

                                        Barton and Durem will be cloudy with a 100% chance of rain. Aekea will have intermittent periods of fog and clouds. Gambino will be sunny and warm so it's a good time to head to the beach!

                                        Update 07/2013

                                        Travelling between neighbourhoods have been activated, now you only need run to the teleport arrows to be in another district.

                                        *Barton's can be found To the East
                                        *Durem can found West and East
                                        *Aekea both West and East
                                        *Gambino Southwest and NorthEast

                                        Update 05/07/2013
                                        Narumishu dev
                                        My Gaia - House page update

                                        Hey guys, wanted to give you a heads up that over the next few days the house page under My Gaia will be modified to bring it in line with the housing update in Towns 2.

                                        The items that will be changed are as follows:

                                        Removing home creation from page. (you can do this in Towns 2)
                                        Removing Change Style, and Relocate options. (these options available in Towns 2 housing options)
                                        Removing Lock Home setting in Account Preferences. (option available in Towns 2 housing options)
                                        Remove Chat Permission on homes page. (option available in Towns 2 housing options)

                                        Update 5/1/2013

                                        User Image

                                        After a long wait, we finally have them in towns 2! Yay!

                                        Update 10/23/2012

                                        User Image

                                        Obviously more themed item for your lovely houses. wink

                                        Update 02/22/12

                                        When Towns 2.0 are finally finish there will be the possibility to custom the outside of the house and have owned area, with the main objective to be a social area.

                                        Update 02/09/12
                                        Housing Update

                                        They have made a few updates to the houses and the housing editor. The biggest change, and by far the most requested is that you can now place equipable items in the house. You can place up to 100 non-housing items in your house by dragging them to the house icon in the inventory arranger. Other updates include kitchen cabinets that align, and the television has been fixed so that it can be turned off.

                                        Update 12/06/11
                                        New items for Christmas in the Factory Shop.

                                        User Image
                                        Update 10/16/11

                                        Housing has been updated
                                        Note that if you had previously edited your house with the old data, then you should clear out your house the first time you go in with the new editor.

                                        now based on the latest Flash technology -- should work much better in most browsers
                                        changed the interface to be more modern
                                        a number of items are now interactive

                                        At the same time some fixed to the current bug are beeing pushed.

                                        Update 10/04/11

                                        Missing Housing Items
                                        We ran into some old code and Gaia Houses currently appears to have "lost" some items. Don't worry - these items are still in your housing inventory. These items are not lost... just currently not visible.

                                        We are working to get this resolved, but it might be a while -- this is some old code!

                                        Update 07/11/11
                                        There have been reports about conversation bubbles go in vertically way in town and ZOMG but it doesn't affect the homes features (if you go inside the home, to be more exactly). This has nothing to do with Gaia, is a glitch coming from using the latest version of Adobe Flash. So is recommended to change it to the previous version to do so:
                                        Dev Edy

                                        1.- Uninstall the flash
                                        2.- Install the flash 10.2 or earlier

                                        You can get the uninstaller, as well as the installer from:


                                        The download link is a zip file, and inside of it are debugger and release versions of Flash for all operating systems.

                                        There is also an additional issue with Chrome, where the arrow keys don't work. Google has provided a workaround in the following thread:

                                        They also mention that it'll be fixed in the next week, or two for everyone.

                                        UPDATE FROM LAST ATA 07/19/11

                                        Barton Hollow
                                        Any news on House updates? Honestly, telling me "we're done with houses, abandoning them, and moving on" would even make me happy. I've just not heard anything about them in SO long! Anything at all? I love, love the houses feature.

                                        There had been a lot of issues with housing, though we love the feature ourselves and we don't want to close the feature. Right now it's waiting for resource to come along so we can fix the bugs and release more items that are on hold.

                                        This is not an update but thought that could be amazing to make you heard the scary music on Halloween time:

                                        01.19.11...Possible Issues with homes section has been added.
                                        04.28.11 Possible issues with homes section has been updated a bit.
                                        Tantoo Haiden's avatar

                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        Complete Item list
                                        2014' items

                                        User Image Tree house bundle User Image999.00

                                        Average Gold Spend User Image 300,000-3,890,460

                                        User ImageFern green carpet floor
                                        User ImageHazelnut brown carpet floor
                                        User ImageLight brown carpet floor
                                        User ImageLight blue carpet floor
                                        User ImagePastel pink carpet floor
                                        User ImagePastel green carpet floor
                                        User ImageGreen grass floor
                                        User ImageDark green floor
                                        User ImageDark green leafy floor
                                        User ImageGreen leafy floor
                                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Fern green wall tile
                                        User ImageHazelnut brown wall tile
                                        User Imagelight brown wall tile
                                        User ImageLight blue white tile
                                        User ImagePastel pink wall tile
                                        User ImagePastel green wall tile
                                        User ImageWooden wild wall tile
                                        User ImageLight wooden wall tile
                                        User ImageDark wooden wall tile
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageLight & Pastel stripes wall tiles (light brown, light green,light blue, pastel pink, pastel stripes)
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageLight & pastel Polka dots walls (Light brown, light blue, pastel green, pastel pink)


                                        User ImageGolden mushroom forest
                                        User Imagered mushroom forest
                                        User Imagelily pad habitat with yellow frog
                                        User ImageSmall red toadstool
                                        User ImageLarge red toadstool
                                        User ImageRound lily pad pond
                                        User ImageGrassy Patch
                                        User ImageLily pad with blue frog
                                        User ImageLily pad habitat
                                        User ImageGolden lotus flower
                                        User ImageLight tee green lotus flower
                                        User ImageWhite lotus flower
                                        User ImageTiny long stemmed red toadstool
                                        User ImageLonger stemmed red toadstool
                                        User ImageLong stemmed red toadstool
                                        User ImageWild flower grass
                                        User ImageDark pink lotus blossom
                                        User ImageLittle stump chair


                                        User ImageWooden grass shelf
                                        User ImageGrass shelf
                                        User ImagePatch of grass shelf
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                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        Complete Item list

                                        2013 Valentine's event FREE but not available after the event, now available in MP.
                                        User Image 10th Anniversary Kiki & Friends and Grunny Invasion Game

                                        2012 Christmas new items and recolours

                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageGolden,purple, blue,pink,black,green,white giant bow (recolour) User Image25 each
                                        User ImageUser ImageCluster of presents one and two User Image25 each
                                        User ImageSilver bethe star treetopper (recolour) User Image49 each
                                        User ImageSilver frosty star tree (recolour) topper User Image99 each
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageBlack, white, yellow, red,blue, purple,green winter window (recolour) User Image149 each
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image red, golden,silver, white,silver white, black Holiday Trees (recolour) User Image199 each

                                        2012 HALLOWEEN ITEMS

                                        CASH SHOP

                                        User ImageCrimson Thornhall Collection. User Image749.00 Special Item:User Image Portrait of Von Helson
                                        User ImageEbony Thornhall Collection. User Image749.00 Special Item:User ImagePortrait of Don Kuro
                                        User ImageRoyal Thornhall Collection. User Image749.00 Special Item:User ImagePortrait of Late Johnny Gambino

                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image Crimson, Ebony and Royal Chairs.User Image49.00

                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image Crimson, Ebony and Royal RugUser Image99.00

                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image Crimson, Ebony and Royal Dinning table.User Image199.00

                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageCrimson, Ebony and Royal bedUser Image299.00

                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageCrimson, Ebony and Royal chaise lounge User Image299.00

                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageCrimson, Ebony and Royal Fountain *Animated* User Image399.00

                                        GOLD SHOP
                                        Total Average Spend in Gold:User Image30,000-50,000


                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageRoyal Blue, Red, Black vintage wall
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageDark Wood,Koka Oak, Walnut ,Expresson Taun Harwood floors.
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageExpresso, Brown, Obsidian,Dark Red carpet floor tiles.
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageGothic, Brown,Royal,Navy vintage wall tiles.
                                        User ImageUser ImageBlack & red Elegant tiles.
                                        User ImageDarkwood Wall tile
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image black, orange & black,black & white,yellow & red,brown,red & black,orange stripes wall tiles
                                        User ImageDark board wall tiles
                                        User ImageDark panels wall tiles
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image
                                        User ImageTangerine orange,brown,rose red, Byzantine purple, wall tiles.


                                        User ImageHuman Skull
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageOrange, Black, Red,Cream, Bloody black, Bloody cream, woven rug.
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image Creepy, Mysterious,Elegant Tombstone


                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image Small, Medium, Large bat wall decal.


                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageSmall, Medium, Large white pumpkin
                                        User ImageUser Image
                                        User ImageSmall, Medium, large light pumpkin
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageSmall,Medium,large pumpkin
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageSmall, Medium,Large dark pumpkin

                                        STAFF ADORNMENTS

                                        if you click the Diedrich on a present on their profiles! smile
                                        List of artists with ornaments!

                                        Zimmay ~ User Image

                                        Shavostars ~ User Image

                                        Fayren Pickpocket ~ User Image

                                        finni ~ User Image

                                        gem2niki ~ User Image

                                        Reirei ~ User Image

                                        Bandis77 ~ User Image

                                        Gunmetalrose ~ User Image

                                        PRlSM ~ User Image

                                        Eldritch Zetallis ~ User Image

                                        Warrior_of_boognish ~ User Image

                                        L0cke ~ User Image

                                        Kichigai M ~ User Image

                                        Ethe ~ User Image

                                        Buki ~ User Image

                                        lowkei ~ User Image

                                        Pepper-tea ~ User Image

                                        Reapersun ~ User Image

                                        Milkbun ~ User Image

                                        Pyawakit ~ User Image

                                        codemonkey37179 ~ User Image

                                        Cashmere Cactus ~ User Image

                                        CP ~ User Image

                                        ania1899 ~ User Image

                                        Derlaine ~ User Image

                                        Mishiri ~ User Image

                                        nemitan ~ User Image

                                        Narumi misuhara ~ User Image

                                        biglanky14 ~ User Image

                                        Panagrammic ~ User Image

                                        Lanzer ~ User Image

                                        Solve Lanzer Grant Key ~ User Image <|-----animated inside house. ^ v ^

                                        New set of items


                                        User Image ----|> Alchemy item for Silver sable coat & peppermint stripped apron.
                                        User Image-----|> Alchemy item for Silver sable coat & peppermint stripped apron. <---animated?
                                        Average Spend in gold: User Image10,000-50,000
                                        *Does not include GC items
                                        User Image Green Holiday tree User Image 199
                                        User ImageMulticolor fading string of lightsUser Image 25
                                        User Image Golden Bethe star tree topper User Image 49
                                        User Image Silver Frosty star tree topperUser Image 99
                                        User ImageGiant red bowUser Image25
                                        User Image Winter woodframe windowUser Image 149 <------animated
                                        User ImageGinger HouseUser Image25
                                        User ImageRoaring fireplace User Image399 <--------animated

                                        User ImageMedium holiday tree Variety of colours (Black,pink, silver white, gold, white, silver, red and green)
                                        User Image Small holiday tree Variety of colours (Pink,black, gold, silver, silver white, white, green, red)
                                        User Image Bundle of Fairy lights, Variety of types (multicolour, purple, blue, cool white, warm white, pink, yellow, orange, red, green and teal)
                                        User ImageStar tree topper Variety of types (Silver and Golden)
                                        User ImageWhreat Variety of colours (black, pink, gold, frosty,white,silver,green and red)
                                        User ImageStar tree Topper (Silver and Golden)
                                        User ImageUser Imagestars ornaments (silver and gold)
                                        User ImageFaberge Ornament Variety of colours (pink, white, blue, purple, red, gold, green, black)
                                        User Image Top Ornament Variety of colours (Green, black,blue, white, red,pink, purple)
                                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image Presents of every shape.
                                        User ImageCandy cane variety of flavours (red, black, red and green, purple, blue, gold, pink)
                                        User ImageUser Image User ImageRibbons variety of colours & sizes (red, blue, black, green, white, orange,purple,yellow, pink)(Large, medium,small)
                                        User ImageRibbon Ornament Variety of colours (red, purple, green, black,pinksolver, yellow, blue)
                                        User ImageFancy start Ornament (Gold and Silver)
                                        User ImageFancy star snoflake Ornament (Gold and silver)
                                        User ImageHoliday Stocking variety of of colours (orange, white, festive, purple, red, pink, black)
                                        User ImageGlitter Ornament variety of colours (black, pink, green blue, purple, red, white, gold)
                                        User Image mug of Cocoa variety of colours (purple, red, black, green, pink,white, orange, blue, festive)
                                        User ImageCandles, Variety of colours (red, orange, purple, pink, black, white, green, blue)
                                        User ImageTea light candle variety of colours (purple,blue,orange,black,green,white, red,pink
                                        User ImageUser Image User Imagetree ornament, variety of colours (blue, gold, white, green, purple, black, red)
                                        User ImageFlashing String of lights, Variety of colours (warm white, cool white, multicolour, teal, blue, purple, red, orange yellow) <----animated
                                        User ImageString of lights, variety of colours (blue, pink, warm white, cool white, multicolour,purple, yellow,red, orange, green, teal.<------animated
                                        User ImageSpiral ornament,variety of colours (blue, purple, red, orange, green, gold,black,white)
                                        User Image User ImageUser ImageBurst Ornament variety of colours & sizes (golden and silver)
                                        User ImageFairy light
                                        User ImagePlate of Ginger men
                                        User Imagepoinsettias (Red and white)

                                        Total Spend in gold : User Image 13,740
                                        *Does not include the GC Items value

                                        User Image Mermaid cay reef door

                                        User Image Mermaid cay seashell lamp

                                        User ImageMermaid cay fan coral
                                        User ImageMermaid cay coral pouf
                                        User ImageMermaid cay pink coral
                                        User ImageMermaid cay rainbow coral
                                        User Imagemermaid cay conch shell
                                        User ImageMermaid cay green Coral
                                        User Image Mermaid cay red coral
                                        User ImageMermaid cay orange coral
                                        User ImageMermaid cay blue coral

                                        User Image Mermaid cay coral table User Image 49 *Removed*
                                        User ImageMermaid cay coral chair User Image 99 *Removed*
                                        User ImageMermaid cay clamshell bed. User Image 299 *Removed*

                                        Wall and floors
                                        User Image Mermaid cay grotto wall tile
                                        User Image Mermaid cay sandy floor
                                        User ImageMermaid cay window <-----animated
                                        User Image 399

                                        Classic items set

                                        Basic Style
                                        Total minimum Spend in gold : User Image5,020
                                        User ImageBasic dark concrete dark tile
                                        User ImageBasic concrete wall tile
                                        User ImageBasic Concret floor tile

                                        User ImageBasic bed (woodframe, yellow, green, white, black,purple,blue, red)
                                        User ImageBasic desk (black, white, yellow, blue, purple, green, wooden,red)
                                        User ImageBasic Bookshelf (white, red,black, yellow, purple,green, wooden, blue)
                                        User ImageBasic table (wooden,green, white, black yellow, purple, white, red)
                                        User ImageBasic dresser (blue, black, white, yellow, purple,red, green wooden)
                                        User ImageBasic Chair ( black, white,wooden, green, black, wooden, purple, yellow, red, blue)
                                        User Image Basic Standing lamp (black, green, wood, yellow, white, red,purple, blue)

                                        Themed item sets

                                        Egypcian themed
                                        Total max spend in gold : User Image42,385

                                        User Image Egyptian Floor Tile
                                        User Image Egyptian Wallpaper

                                        User ImageEgyptian Bed (Golden,olive, red, purple)
                                        User ImageEgyptian Pharaoh Statue (silver, golden)
                                        User ImageEgyptian Sphinx (golden,dark, stone, wood)
                                        User ImageEgyptian Chariot
                                        User ImageEgyptian Table (Golden, Silver)
                                        User ImageEgyptian Chair (golden, silver)
                                        User ImageEgyptian bastet statue

                                        User ImageEgyptian secret passage (Golden, wooden)
                                        User ImageEgyptian hieroglyphic wall stone
                                        User ImageEgyptian tomb entrance (light)
                                        User ImageEgyptian papyrus Scroll (four different kinds)



                                        User ImageEgyptian Cup
                                        User ImageEgyptian decorative vase
                                        User ImageEgyptian midpalm
                                        User ImageEgyptian minipalm

                                        Modern Style
                                        Total Spend in gold : User Image8,000-12,000
                                        User Image Side wood table (dark, light , normal)
                                        User ImageLeather Ottoman (white, pink, dark, purple, black,blue)
                                        User ImageLeather Chair (white, pink,dark,purple,black,blue
                                        User Image User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image Rugs
                                        User ImageSubwoofer (black, wood)
                                        User ImageLeather loveseat (Pink,black, blue, purple, white,dark)
                                        User ImageSlim speaker (Aqua, salmon, silver, black, white
                                        User ImageTower Speaker (Wood, black)
                                        User ImageSlim Subwoofer (silver,aqua, white, black, pink)
                                        User ImageSpeaker (Wood, black)
                                        User ImageLeather Sofa (Dark, purple, white,pink, blue,black
                                        User Image Entertainment center table (light, wood, dark)
                                        User ImageCoffee table (Wood, light, dark)
                                        User Imagemodern refrigerator (metal, blue, green, beige, white)
                                        User ImageKitchen stove (green, red, blue, yellow) <---Animated
                                        User Imagesingle unit sink (blue, red,yellow, black, single, light, dark)

                                        User ImagePlasma wall TV <----animated
                                        User ImageSlim Center wall speaker
                                        User ImageWood center wall speaker
                                        User ImageBlack wall speaker
                                        User ImageBlack center wall speaker
                                        User ImageWood wall speaker
                                        User ImageDart Board
                                        User ImageKitchen Clocks (purple, yellow, white, red, green,blue)
                                        User ImageLCD TV <---animated
                                        User ImageAudio Receiver (Silver, salmon, black, white,aqua)
                                        User ImageDVD player (aqua, salmon. black, white, silver)
                                        User ImageMicrowave <---animated
                                        User ImageToaster (Green, white, blue, metal, yellow, red) <-----animated
                                        User ImageKnife Set (standar, set 2, set3)
                                        User ImageCutting board (Chestnut, aokwood, Cedar wood)

                                        User Imageunit three drawers (blue,red, dark, yellow, black, light, white, light brown,green)
                                        User Imagesingle unit double drawers (blue,red, dark, yellow, black, light, white, light brown,green)
                                        User Imagesingle unit end
                                        (blue,red, dark, yellow, black, light, white, light brown,green)
                                        User Imagekitchen bar table (blue,red, dark, yellow, black, light, white, light brown,green)
                                        User Imagebar chair (blue,oak bar,red, green,redwood,steal)
                                        User Imagetea pot (white and green)
                                        User ImageMortar and pestle
                                        User Imagescale (pink, yellow, sky blue, blue, purple, green)
                                        User Imagecomposit pot (steel)

                                        Sport style
                                        Average Spend in gold (buying one each item ) : User Image13,696
                                        Tiles: N/A
                                        User Image Treadmill <---animated
                                        User Image Balance beam
                                        User ImageHigh bar (blue, red,green, yellow)
                                        User Image Free weights
                                        User Image Jumping vault
                                        User Image Vault
                                        User Image Cycling Machine
                                        User Image Small weights holder
                                        User Image Punching bag <---animated
                                        User Image Free weights holder
                                        User Image Indoor Basket
                                        User Image Trampoline <----animated
                                        User Image Work out ball (blue, green, red, yellow)
                                        User Image Punching bag (yellow, blue, green, red) <----animated

                                        User Image sword fish (bleu, green,white,aqua)

                                        User ImageAerobic Step (blue, yellow, green, red)

                                        Shop style
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image28,500-50,000
                                        User ImageRetro gas station
                                        User Image Retro gumball machine
                                        User Image Retro Bar stool
                                        User Image Jukebox
                                        User Image Vending Machine <---animated
                                        User ImageSnack Vending Machine
                                        User ImageIce cream Stand
                                        User Image Popcorn stand
                                        User Image Desert Shop table (dark)
                                        User Image Dessert Shop chair (dark)
                                        User Image Cash Register<----animated
                                        User ImageAntique cash register
                                        User Image Table jukebox
                                        Wall: N/A
                                        Lighting: N/A

                                        Medieval Antigue style
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image12,000-60,000
                                        User Image Medieval antique table (oak and redwood)
                                        User ImageMedieval bed (darkwood,dark,oak wood, oak white)
                                        User ImageDeluxe armor (gold,steel,antique)
                                        User ImageNavi compass
                                        User ImageTelescope (gold,silver)
                                        User ImageMedieval Chair (Oak,redwood,antique)
                                        User ImageMedieval dinning chair (oak,redwood,antique)
                                        User ImageMedieval bookshelf (oak,redwood, antique)
                                        User ImageBarrel (redwood,antique,oak)
                                        User ImageAntique clock
                                        User Image Antique bath tub
                                        User ImageAntique Endtable (cabinet textured)
                                        User ImageAntique sink
                                        User ImageAntique Toilet

                                        User Imagemeritime window
                                        User ImageMedieval window
                                        User ImageMedieval door
                                        User Imagebanner (red, blue lion, checker,checker lion,red lion)
                                        User ImageMedieval Shelving (oak, redwood,antique)

                                        User ImageLamp light (gold, silver
                                        User ImageLight fixture (wooden, metal)
                                        User Image Statue light

                                        Tantoo Haiden's avatar

                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        Gothic Style
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image15,000-30,000
                                        Tiles N/a
                                        User Image Piano (fancy, dark and celtic)
                                        User ImagePiano Chair (Green, brown)
                                        User Image Vases (Black,blue, red, purple, green)
                                        User ImageGothic bed with silk (Aqua, purple, blue, brown,red)
                                        User ImageBook shelf (light,dark)
                                        User ImageGothic chair (light,dark)
                                        User ImageGothic dinning table (red, purple, green, purple, brown)

                                        User ImageGothic Door
                                        User ImageGothic window
                                        User ImageGothic wall table (light, dark)

                                        User Image Gothic candle stand
                                        User ImageGothic Candle

                                        Tiki Style
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image10,000-15,000
                                        Tiles: N/A
                                        User Image Tiki totem (gold,wood,metal, light, stone)
                                        User ImagePainted tiki table (redwood, wood, lightwood,metal, stone and gold)
                                        User ImageGold tiki hammock(dark,white,red,black,wood, green blue)
                                        User ImageMetal tiki stool (gold, stone, wood,light wood, redwood, painted)
                                        User ImageBlack tiki shelf (red, blue, white, green, light wood, gold and dark)

                                        User Image Tiki wooden door (gold, white, orange,redwood, green,blue, black,
                                        User ImageBlack tiki window (gold, light wood, blue,orange, redwood, green, white)

                                        User Image white tiki light (blue, green, black, dark,tiki or light wood, golden, red)

                                        Japanice Style
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image20,000-40,000
                                        Tiles: n/a
                                        User ImageHonorable gold tea pot (silver,iron,cooper
                                        User ImageHonorable black bed (green, purple, redwood,white, blue, beachwood,red)
                                        User ImageHonorable black desk (gren, ´purple, blue, white, red,beechwood and wooden)
                                        User ImageHonorable black table (green, purple, blue, red, white, beechwood,wooden)
                                        User ImageHonorable Bonsai tree
                                        User ImageHonorable black chair (red, beechwood, wooden, blue, green, white, purple)
                                        User ImageHonorable purple cushion (red, blue, green, yellow, black,brown, white)

                                        User Image Noh mask wall decor
                                        User ImageHonorable white door (blue, black, beechwood, red, green, purple, wooden)
                                        User ImageHonorable wall scroll
                                        User ImageHonorable wooden window (Blue, red, beechwood, green, white, black, purple)
                                        User ImageHonorable tatami mat

                                        User ImageHonorable shoji beechwood lap (black,wooden)
                                        User ImageNatso honorable shoji beechwood lamp (black, wooden)

                                        Makeshift Style
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image400-600
                                        User Image Makeshift bed
                                        User ImageMakeshift chair (yes is chair not a box)
                                        User ImageMakeshift table

                                        User ImageMakeshift door
                                        User ImageMakeshift window
                                        User ImageMakeshift shelving (4 options)

                                        User Image Garage sale lamp

                                        Steel Style
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image27,000- 40,000
                                        User Image Steel frame bed (yellow, blue, violet, green, charcoal, pink, metallic and white)
                                        User Image Steel Desk (white, green, violet, yellow, blue, pink, metallic)
                                        User ImageSteel Table (Charcoal,yellow, blue, green, violet, green, metallic, white and pink)
                                        User Image Steel dresser (Charcoal,yellow, blue, green, violet, green, metallic, white and pink)
                                        User ImageSteel chair (Charcoal,yellow, blue, green, violet, green, metallic, white and pink)
                                        User ImageSteel TV stand (chacoal, yellow, blue, green, metallic, violet, white and pink)

                                        User ImageSteel frame window (violet, green, blue, pink, yellow, metallic, charcoal,white)
                                        User ImageSteel frame door (violet, green, blue, pink, yellow, metallic, charcoal,white)
                                        User Image Steel Shelving (violet, green, blue, pink, yellow, metallic, charcoal,white)
                                        User Image Steel Halogen Lamp (blue, white, purple, orange, green, yellow, red)

                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image8,000-12,000
                                        User ImageSnuggle Bed (black, white, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red)
                                        User ImageSnuggle Dresser (black, white, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red)
                                        User ImageSnuggle chair (black, white, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red)
                                        User ImageSnuggle table (Red, green, blue, orange, white, black, yellow, purple)

                                        User Image Snuggle Window (black, white, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red)
                                        User Image Snuggle Door (black, white, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red)

                                        User ImageSnuggle Desk Lamp (black, white, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red)
                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image5,000-11,000

                                        User ImagePotted Captus
                                        User ImagePotted Palm
                                        User ImagePotted Rubber Tree
                                        User ImagePotted Island palm (black, purple, green, blue, stone, red, golden and metal)
                                        User Image Rose in Vase
                                        User Image Potted Sunflowers

                                        Average Spend in gold : User Image1,000-3000
                                        User ImageLoaves of bread
                                        User Image Pancake
                                        User ImageFruit Basket
                                        User ImageLobster dinner
                                        User ImageTurkey Dinner
                                        User ImageSpaguetti
                                        User ImagePizza
                                        User ImageSalad
                                        User ImageIce cream
                                        User ImageFlan
                                        User ImageGiant banana split
                                        User ImageCoke
                                        User ImageCaramel Cheesecake
                                        User ImageStrawberry Cheesecake

                                        Random of randomeness

                                        Neutral Starter set

                                        Average Spend in gold: User ImageFree/ 20,000
                                        User ImageNeutral starter light
                                        User ImageNeutral Starter chair
                                        User ImageNeutral starter table
                                        User ImageNeutral starter fridge
                                        User ImageNeutral starter rug
                                        User ImageNeutral starter door
                                        User ImageNeutral starter bed
                                        User ImageNeutral starter window
                                        User ImageNeutral starter plant

                                        Average spend in gold:User Image30,000-50,000
                                        User Image Angelic bed
                                        User ImageAngelic chair
                                        User ImageAngelic table

                                        Average Spend in Gold:User Image1,000-10,000
                                        User ImageNitemare Sarcophagus
                                        User ImageNitemare chair
                                        User ImageNitemare table
                                        User ImageBloody Footprints Floor Tile

                                        Average Spend in gold:User Image1,000-600,000

                                        User Image Panda Rug
                                        User ImageGrizzly bear rug
                                        User ImageManhole Cover [/img]
                                        User ImageChalk Outline
                                        User ImageStarfield floor tile
                                        User ImageHolo-grid floor tile
                                        User Image Grunny wall tile
                                        User ImageKiki tile Wall tile

                                        User ImageCheckerboard Floor Tile(Any)
                                        User ImageFramed gaia artwork #30 (any)
                                        User ImageFramed gaia artwork#20
                                        User ImageFramed gaia artwork #10
                                        User ImageFramed gaia artwork #26
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #14
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #29
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #12
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #13
                                        User ImageFramed artwork#31
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #19
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #11
                                        User ImageFramed artwork#17
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #04
                                        User ImageFramed artwork#08
                                        User ImageFramed artwork#15
                                        User ImageFramed artwork#21
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #02
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #01
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #23
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #09
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #06
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #28
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #03
                                        User ImageFramed artwork#24
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #16
                                        User ImageFramed artwork#22
                                        User Image Framed artwork #18
                                        User ImageFramed artwork #07
                                        User ImageGaia paintball machine (any)
                                        User ImageExplosive barrel
                                        User ImageOil Barrel
                                        User ImageToxic Barrel
                                        User Image Costruction Barricades (Any)
                                        User ImageMan eating plant
                                        User ImagePink Gator Kiddie Pool

                                        From other Shops
                                        Average Spend in Gold:User Image50,000-100,000 / 5000 tickets at Prize and Joy / 83 Gaia cash

                                        User ImageSlot Machine
                                        Tantoo Haiden's avatar

                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        PLACES YOU WOULD LIKE TO VISIT


                                        User Image


                                        Themed House Screenies
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                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        Tantoo Haiden's avatar

                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        Tantoo Haiden's avatar

                                        Sweet Glitch

                                        And is Officially open!

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