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Non-Player Characters: A Non-Player Character (example: [NPC] Agatha) is an account that is used on Gaia to speak to the public about important and fun topics (like quests and newsletters). Any persons posting with these accounts are Gaia staff but will not be helping you with Terms of Service violations please contact Gaia Moderators and Administrators for assistance. NPCs with anything other than [NPC] before their name are normally sponsor NPCs and not apart of the Gaia world or storyline.

The list of NPCs will be in alphabetical order and linked to their Profile for easy navigation. There's two sections of NPCs, one is for current NPCs and the other is for previous NPCs. If you find any errors in this list, or anything to contribute, you're encouraged to please post about it!
List of Gaia's Current NPCs

( U P D A T E D 03/30/2013 )

List of Gaia's Previous NPCs

Previous NPCs

Q: What's an NPC?
A: NPC stands for Non Playable Character, it's an Account that generally doesn't interact with other Accounts.

Q: What's the difference between [NPC] and [GAIA]?
A: NPCs are Accounts that are a part of Gaia's storyline and various other things around the site itself while [GAIA] Accounts are normally for sponsors and cinemas on Gaia.

Q: Why are some of their Avatars not showing?
A: Old/inactive (And I mean old) Accounts on Gaia no longer have their Avatar showing, same for old Topics on Gaia, the content over time will be wiped from the system.

Q: Where can I get some of the clothes like they're wearing?
A: Most of the clothing on those Accounts aren't actually real things you can get on Gaia anywhere. But rather they've been drawn by the artists for Gaia and that image was placed over the [NPC] (Or [GAIA]) Avatar.

Q: Why do some of them look/dress like n00bs?!
A: When Gaia creates the NPC Account, they use the default Avatar that's given.

Q: I sent them a PM/Comment/Friend request/Gift but they didn't reply. Why???
A: Non Playable Characters (As mentioned before) don't socialize with the public so you may send something but they won't respond because there's no one on the Account.

Q: Ooo, I know some NPCs that you can add, can I PM you with them?
A: Please don't, you're more than welcome to Post here with what you have and it'll be added when I can get to it.
Special Thanks

Kathleen Starr: The one who originally got this shindig going!

Everyone who helped update the old list.

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