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Hey there GCD <3
We finally have a new RIG, and we all know what that means... new shiny items, new artwork, new characters, and a new list =P
so, help me out here, before you open your new RIG, remember to take the time to see how it works, remember what option you choose, and what item and from who you got it, remember to post all that, it doesn´t matter if if the item its new or old, i´m going to make a complete list this time =P
please post a link to the marketplace next to the item´s name, not only the name, not only the link, thank you =D

Important: all the off-topic/spam its going to be reported, go to the Hangout thread if you want to talk about anything that is not related to the LeXBox or its items

Go and check: all the art in the LeXBox can be found here, and all the back poses for wigs/skins and I am poses can be found here.

-SDPlus Dolls

User Image
SDPlus #4 Edmund
User Image
SDPlus #10 Old Man Logan
User Image
SDPlus #12 Leon
User Image
SDPlus #14 Gino Gambino
User Image
SDPlus #16 The Sniper
User Image
SDPlus #17 Becky
User Image
SDPlus #18 Lex
User Image
SDPlus #19 Russell Ace
User Image
SDPlus #20 Jinx
User Image
SDPlus #21 Meredith
User Image
SDPlus #84 The Impersonator


User Image
Beryl Remedy
User Image
Lazuline Elixir
User Image
Garnet Cordial

-World of Warcraft related items

User Image
Legion Armor
User Image
Fellowship Armor
User Image
Baby Murlop


User Image
Warm Jelloh
User Image
Cool Jelloh

-Fight game´s related items

User Image
Yellow Gi
User Image
Pink Gi
User Image
Justin's Gi
User Image
Mao's Hachimaki
User Image
Daigo's Headband (Alpha version)

-Pokemon related items

User Image
Captcha Pod
User Image

-Silent Hill related items

User Image
Possessed Med Intern
User Image
Das Cleaner

-Video games related items

User Image
Rogue Narok
User Image
User Image
Sphere Sidekick
User Image
Improvised Cover
User Image
Princess Bird
User Image
L33T Gamer
User Image
Defender Pump-action
User Image
Super Dancey Dance
User Image
Shibuya Nobody
User Image
Diplomat Magnum
User Image
T-1 Medi-kit
User Image
My Hunter Duo (Zeppelin & Ammo)

-Random Items

User Image
Elemental Spirits
User Image
Magical Mender
User Image
Home MD
User Image
Nano Egg

User Image

Sweet, new RIG. I hope theses items dont inflate so much this time.
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yes that means up dateing my quest list again xp
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Oh so you are here...
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I can't wait to see what all the items are called. heart
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So fast. xD
I was waiting for you to make this thread. lol
*pats Vivian on the back* Good lord, you get these out fast!
Wow, you're really fast at posting these huh?
I'll have to try one out after dinner.
D:< I see a murloc.
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So fast. o:
ERRO MIMI. User Image
So quick! ^^

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