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Find the print screen button!
User Image

Good. Next you open paint and click on the *select button* this button.
User Image

Ok now right click your mouse and press PASTE!!
User Image

Ok when you have pressed paste it should look something like this;
User Image

Ok now you click on the select button again!
User Image

When you have pressed select click on your pasted screen shot and make a square around the part of the screen shot that you would like to make a picture of. Right click it like so and press "CUT"
User Image

Open a new Mspaint and press paste ^^
You may need to move it up by the corners so that can't see the whiteness of the paint background.
Then just SAVE ^^;
Done by ZombieTrain Fei biggrin

some computer have different kind of taking screenies
so if anyone knows about other way of taking screen shot with using different type of computers, please post here biggrin
koji suzuki
On Mac computers you press Apple,shift, and 4 to screencap

thank you koji for your info biggrin

well im going to try this and i thank you for your hard work.

Dear your wonderful! i was able to find out what was wrong. it seems my laptop keyboard is special. see because it has limited keys on it some of the keys share three functions. and the print screen was like that. and that option can only be used by a special key that lets you use the third option.
so yeah i was able to do it then. now. i need to know how i get that image that i saved here. do i hook it via photo bucket? or is there a special way to do it.

well there is another way if you're too lazy to upload in photobucket if there's a specific image you like from internet.

here's an example: go here

for photobucket tutorial: photobucket tutorial
User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image
User Image
Click on "File" then click "New", "Don't save yet!!!!!"
then click on paste again the one you just cut

User Image
Paste biggrin
User Image
Then click "save as" this will save it in your computer biggrin

Done by me biggrin
Updated: 11 September 2008
To use a Photobucket for your Image
1) go to photobucket.com
2)register if you don't have it.
3)sign in
4)upload the image from your computer.

User Image

Click on the upload file biggrin

choose the image you want to put in your photobucket.
once it 100% download, it will lead you to make a title of your image biggrin
User Image
click on save and continue

User Image
then you will see the image being upload like this.

enjoy ^__^

By The Red Butterfly Nora
Other way to get image without using photobucket

This is an example:
if you were surfing around in the internet and came across the image you like

User Image

you can click on "copy image location

then you have to do a manual to input the img code biggrin

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

another example image from internet

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Don't forget to change the account settings in your my Gaia>Account Settings>Preferences>change the view images from whitelist images to all images to view this biggrin

Done by The Red Butterfly Nora
Your avi image/ your friend's avi image etc
right click mouse on your avi
User Image
scroll down and click on properties
User Image
copy the location url biggrin

[img]"put your avi image loaction here"[/img]

User Image

Do follow the Tos
Don't use images for evil
Don't fall for scam images that said "free gold" or "free item"

Done by me biggrin

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