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that sucks... could be worse, i could visit you twisted
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Requirements; must have/buy gaia cash

1.Buy a good set of items for gaia cash.
2. Wait till off sale for a while
3. ????
4. Profit
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ty smile
also, zOMG is a fun way to get gold, i personally love going to the saw mill for gold.
Get a minimum wage job in real life. Work for 7 hours and make about 50$+. Then buy 5000 gaia cash. Then use that gaia cash to buy inverse marionette from gaia cash shop and sell it for 30-60mill. YOU WILL MAKE MORE money by just working 7 hours in real life (1000x FASTER) than you will EVER make in 7 in-game hours using whatever money making method gaia has for you!!!!

you will also gain experience in the real world and help contribute to providing a service in your community. Basically everyone benefits. You get what you want (virtual items), Gaia gets what they want (your money), the community benefits (from your service).

If you are honestly here to make gaia money to spoil your avatar, getting gaia cash is well worth it as it will save your more precious time than trying to earn it on gaia. In truth, that's basically what Gaia wants you to do. This website is set up so that real money can solve all the imaginary problems and desires you will face on this website so that eventually, you spend real money. Amazing how this was done.

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