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biggrin to make gold just play a bunch of games thats pretty much it biggrin
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My way of making gold is...fishing!When you fish*I choose bass ken lake*sell all the fish and junk you get to the recommended price on the Marketplace!
post in the forums you get gold fast .

m3ns0 rolled 10 6-sided dice: 6, 3, 3, 4, 3, 1, 5, 5, 5, 6 Total: 41 (10-60)

smile hey people i really need cloud and fragrant heartbeat for my dream avi can some1 tel how to get gold fast or help me out
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Hey people, I"m guessing alot of you want to know how to make gold fast. This easy guild'll help you rake in the gold~this guide is divided into 2 parts, how to make it yourself, and with other gaians/other gaians you made.

Some info: You have to have a trading pass, and know how to work the Market

First, I'll tell ya the easy and fastest way: When a collectible item/evolving item comes out, buy like 10 of them, then wait for half a month-2 months or longer, then cash them in for a lot of gold~

Although for those of you that don't have cash to spend on (like me) then follow this guide to earn some gold!~
hey people, I''m guessing alot of you whant to know how to make gold fast this easy guild''ll help you rake in the gold~this guide is divided in to 2 parts, how to make it yourself,and with other gaians/other gaians you made some info: you have to have a trading pass, and know how to work the market
thx for the advice
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games biggrin
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Zomg is the easiest and fastest way of earning gold. And what do you consider poor? I hear a lot of people say I'm poor and stuff. In my opinion I think 500k or less is poor surprised
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Earn gold by doing anything in a spammingly alarming rate :c So far....5.5k ._.
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you can get money buy buying things when they are at a good discounted price then sell it back you could play zomg or booty grab and/or buy gcash whee
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i m poor 2 T^T
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wahmbulance cheese_whine
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yeah i need the money to
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1. Get the Daily Chances. This may seem obvious, but you never know what you might get here. Many things that are rare items here include: fish (cuttlefish, aquarium bubble, hermitcat) certain amounts of gold, (I once got 1000 gold) and others!

2. Make your Aquarium happy to get good items from your Overseer. The happier your aquarium is, the better prizes there'll be! They'll put anything for Overseer prizes. For more info on how to make your Aquarium happier, check out this forum: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-guides-and-resources/making-happy-fish/t.43811459/

3. Get items and gold from Trailers. You should hold onto these, and sell them to people on rallies who forgot about these. After a while, they can became expensive$$$

4. Do puzzle on hard/insane. You can earn a lot by doing the puzzle on hard.

5. Do Booty Grabs in Forums and Profiles. Go to Forums and type in Booty Grab, you'll see a lot of topics with excellent Booty Grabs!

Actually, a friend of mine got 1 mil gold from the daily chance, just to let you know ^_^
Though it's really rare, she didn't get it again.

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