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Omg this doesn't work at all I can't even get a background to work when I copy one from photobucket or imageshack. I copy it into the URL section.. and then it just doesn't work. OMG.
hey pixie chic go to my gaia>account>theme> then just copy the code of whatever background u want & submit it there u go.I hope this helps
Umm I tryed editing my background with photobucket and my layout that I put to save doesn't show .. Could you help me cause it seems my profile only accepts Gaia layouts instead!
wait there is no current sad
waut u can just go to http://gaiacentral.com/ pic a back ground and copy all the stuff it says go 2 my gaia>account>theme>custom paste submit and DONE it matches all perfectly thats how i got my chobits bg biggrin xp biggrin xp heart heart heart
wait there will b a big sign just click continue and ull get there i promise heart heart heart heart
Thank you very much I've looking for somebody to help with that problem for awhile lol,now it looks pretty lol.
I have problem.

I try'd to put theme to my profile. (I took the teme from tektek) But it dosnt come like it should. D;
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it wont work it just went blank crying redface
ummm so are there any cites i could visit that have different layouts to choose from?
I need help. Well i have a layout that i got for a website on my profile and it covers the edit button i think because i cant see it and if there like anyway to reset my profile?
Okay, I know it has been a long time, but I think I have figured it out. I have a really old profile. There is no way to change it or update it to a more current version other than making a new one. If I wanted to keep this account, the profile cannot be edited even nearly as easily as the newer versions, but it can be done. Some were having problems with profile "Themes" from tektek.org. Not every theme will work from there, but they do have some that do. If they do not work, there is a flaw in the code, or a flaw is created in the transfer.

If you have an older account and still want a completely custom profile, you basically have two options.

1. Learn how to create your own code of the correct language and put it all together without any major flaws.

2. Post on tektek. Find someone there who is good at what they do and try to have them make you one. If there are flaws in the profile, ask them about it, if they are good, it will eventually come through.

That is all I got for now. (I am currently learning how to program, lets hope it works)

Okay it seems that there are a lot Gaians who don’t know how to edit their profile, so I’ll explain to you how to change your profile backgrounds. ^^

~* heart *~

First pick a picture and upload it on a picture hosting site. For example here: imageshack Save the URL somewhere or copy it

Go to Gaia and click on: My Gaia and then My Profile

When your on your profile you click on Edit My Profile Layout in the upper right corner. When you click that you’ll probably have to wait a second.

When the blue bar appears you click Theme. A popup will open. (You can now pick a theme that matches the background you want to add, if you want to change it.)

Then click on the tab that says URL. There you paste the URL of the background, you have saved/copied earlier.

Click on Add and exit the popup. Click on save, and the click on view to see your profile.

~* heart *~

Here are some useful quotes from other people who heplped others out:

Good NEWS!

Everyone that said: "There's no edit my profile layout" button.

Here's the solution! I had the same problem and now I have found it!

Here's what you do...

1. Go to My Gaia, then account
2. Scroll down until you see "Choose profile"
3. Change it from Classic to Current
4. Go to your profile and start customizing!

~* heart *~

I hope this helps some people to make their profile prettier 3nodding If you still have questions you can always ask, because I’ve subscribed to this thread.

Can you tell me how to put pictures in my profile I seem to get them when I am setting it but when I click out of it the empty boxes appear with the little x but no picture what do I have to do? could you PM me please this site actually helped me alot so far thank you

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