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background: url(http://ImageUrlhere.com/mostlikelytheimagename.jpg)

This really works!!! Thank you!!!! I've been spending, what, 30 minutes trying to figure out the background by myself, but you finally helped me. Thanks ^.^
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thx thx thx nyhahaha rofl
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Is it possible to stretch the background?
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do you know how to add things to your profile? like keeping he backround but adding a little bit extra because my friends have it on thiers and i wanted one too wahmbulance
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tnks so much ^^.
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When i click "add" it doesnt do anything.. Both for when im doing it from photobucket and when im putting the URL in.. I dont know why its not lettting me but the "Add" button seems to be like its grey or something like im not able to press it for some odd reason.. Helpppp
Is there absolutely no way to edit the quote, Interest, or anything?? I can't figure out how! sweatdrop
I have a question! Let's say you want like links... like how people's profiles say comment,message,add and whatever but it just shows those words, then when you click them they go straight to like adding a new comment or typing them a new private message! How do I get just those words on my profile? I hate having those stupid blocks on my profile saying private message, trade items and add me! I just want the words. If you know what I'm talking about can you please help me? xD
To all who had problems:
Gaia changed some things, so this tutorial wasn't up to date anymore.
Sorry for not noticing earlier!
I edited everything now, so please try again if it didn't work before!

What? O.o

Okay it seems that there are a lot Gaians who don’t know how to edit their profile, so I’ll explain to you how to change your profile backgrounds. ^^

~* heart *~

Topic Rules

Please stick to these rules:
1. Please ask something in normal understandable English, or I won't answer.
2. Please explain a little, don't just say: "my profile doesn't work"
3. Please read the first post really carefully before asking something, ok?
4. I am just an everage Gaia user, Not a moderator! Please respect that I don't know all the answers to your questions.
Do not PM me. EVER! It's getting kind of annoying...

~* heart *~

Questions about BBCode?
If you have questions about BBCode, don't ask me, I'm not gonna help you with that. You can get more info on BBCode here: http://pear.php.net/pepr/pepr-bbcode-help.php That should help with just simple things. I don't know anything more then what's on that site.

~* heart *~

Before you start

Before you start you need to make sure you have the right profile settings, this is how you do that:

Go to My Gaia -> Account Settings -> Profile options
Make sure Choose Profile is set to Current
Don’t forget to click Save all changes on the botom of the page!

(If you use a different image host then photobucket you should also set Image Display to show_all_images just to be sure it shows.)

~* heart *~

How to apply your own background

First pick a picture and upload it on a picture hosting site. For example here: http://www.photobucket.com/ (You will have to register an acount.) Save the URL somewhere or copy it. Be sure to copy the line after 'Direct link'.

Go to Gaia and click on: My Gaia and then Profile.

When your on your profile you click on Edit My Profile Layout in the upper right corner. When you click that you’ll probably have to wait a second. (If the Edit My Profile Layout is not there you probably haven't confirmed your email account yet. Go to your e-mail right away and confirm your registration to Gaia.)

When the blue bar appears you click Theme. A popup will open. (You can now pick a theme that matches the background you want to add, if you want to change it.)

Then click on the tab that says URL. There you paste the URL of the background, you have saved/copied earlier.

Click on Add and exit the popup. Click save, and the click on view to see your profile.

Whoohoo you made it!
tip me? :3

It didn't work?
If it doesn't work and your profile changed back to how it was before,
then you probabbly didn't follow all the steps.
What to do now:
1. Read this post again, and see if you missed something.
2. Maybe a post in the Helpful Quotes section below might help you.
3. If It STILL didn't work, I can't help you.
Don't PM me cause I wont answer.
It's probably a problem with Gaia. Maybe it'll work again in a few days...

~* heart *~

Helpful Quotes
Some helpful quotes from other Gaians are listed here.
Don't forget to tip the person who helped you out! I'm sure they would appreciate it!

Hey! I just got it to work!
well, not really...

just put this in the CSS

background: url(http://ImageUrlhere.com/mostlikelytheimagename.jpg)

and it should work
Also, put your Images Url in it.

If you need any help I might just make a youtube video on how to do it. (might make one anyways)

~* heart *~

How to apply a profile theme from tektek in 10 easy steps.

If you don’t want to make your own profile you can also download one from tektek.org
This is how to pick one and apply it to your profile:

1. Go to tektek.org and click Gaia Profiles.
2. Find one you like and click it.
3. Copy everything beneath this sentence: Copy this CSS code into your Theme Override box
4. To make sure you don’t lose the code you can copy and paste it in Microsoft Word or something like that. Or do the other steps in a new window.

5. Go to My Gaia -> Account Settings -> Pofile options
6. Make sure Choose Profile is set to Classic (It really has to be set to Classic, or it wont work!!!)
7. Click Save all changes to make sure it's set right.
8. Paste the text you copied from tektek.org in the Theme Overridebox. Please make sure it’s all of it!
9. Don’t forget to click Save all changes!
10. Go to My Gaia -> Profile to show your profile. I hope it worked out. ^^

~* heart *~

I hope this helps some people to make their profile prettier 3nodding

heart BrokenPiece
so say i have a picture saved on my computer.how do i put it as background on my profile?
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so say i have a picture saved on my computer.how do i put it as background on my profile?

You need to upload it to a image sharing site like photobucket, get the images URL *right click, propertys, "Image Url... or something"* and use the code I mentioned earlier.
hey, i got a theme from tektek.com an its on my profile now, but ever since i uploaded the theme the 'edit profile layout' button has gone so i cant edit my profile? help! x
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hello i can't edit my about me help meeee crying
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heart THX you are my hero thx a lot heart
Um... my Add button that I'm supposed to press doesn't work. Only on the backgrounds they have. D'x

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