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I keep doing this over and over but it doesn't work.
It shows up at first then when I click save, the theme I had last just goes over it. :/
Is there any way to fix this or completely remove a theme? Because...bleh. ;-;
Hi...uhm i want to make my own gaia profile thing...but i dunno how to change the color's of the things...help?
hai, before your post came out, i knew how to do all this but all of a sudden i can't edit anything on my profile. ok this is what i do:
i click on 'my gaia' then i click on 'profile', although there is nothing in the top right corner anymore that says 'edit my profile layout' anymore. could you help? or if anyone else that has this problem knows how to fix it please pm me.
Thank-you heart
Good tutorial, but for some reason the theme doesn't show up when I put in the URL.
thank you!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much! Big Help!
Your amazing. ;D
thanx so much ok i cud not figure it out but i didnt know i had to put it to classic so thats it!! thanx again!! biggrin
hey i get your point an all
but on my profile in the coner it dosnt have the edit your profile layout thing. btw good job
i under stand you but i dont have what you talking about i downloaded the photobucket thing and stuff but just dont have what your on about sad please help
Umm. I have a different question.
You know the profile that you start of with when you make your gaia account?
Well I used a Tektek layout and I cannot change it back to the profile I have started with when I made my account! Help me!
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It didnt WORK!!!!!!!
this stuff dont work
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i have a tektek theme now and i dont have ''edit profile'' button :S
so i cant edit.
not cool !
I don't get it, it works just until I click edit my profile Layout. I tried several times but there is no
blue bar that pop's up so that I can pick a theme that matches the background I want to add. Please help me I'm stuck! What do I do?

P.S And my profile is set to current.

Thank you so much ^_^

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