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How do you add music to it?
^-^ thank you ~! verry muuch
When I go to type in the little boxes like "About Me" it says "Don't forget you can use BBCode to make it look pretty!"
How do I use a BBCode?
Is the BBCode for color and font?

Thanks! heart
OMG! thanks soo much!
i'm trying to do that for like almost an year!
my friends said it was magic..... =.=
anyway, you're so nice and all.....
thanks for helping me! heart

YB_Young_Blood rolled 6 8-sided dice: 3, 8, 6, 7, 3, 6 Total: 33 (6-48)

um i new im voting fo money
my avatar n my stuff on my profile wont show crying helpp
not what I meant. how do you EDIT THE CONTENT????!!!!????!!!!????!!!!????!!!! crying crying crying stare stare mad mad mad surprised surprised
omg tnx so much
How do you do this on classic ? ;OO
Like a default...
? I thought tektek.org didn't work
Wow. Who DOESNT know how to edit profiles. xD Lmao.

thank you very much.....
Oh my God thank you so much! You've helped me so much! I was about to kickbox my computer in anger. Im a nerd, but not a computer nerd. sweatdrop
OMG TY So Much dramallama lol cool eek surprised wink
heart Thanx for the very helpful info!

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