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Important Notice!: due to lack of post space, which was a mistake on my part, I will no longer be continue providing all the information about Gaia's ever-expanding world in this thread. However, I won't be stopping the project! Plans are already underway to set up a thread even larger than before, with all the space needed to list everything about the Gaia world you guys immerse yourselves in; and more areas and NPC's than before; down to the last detail!

For now, we're still setting up the new and improved guide thread in the Test Forum. We'd appreciate if if you held off from posting, for the time being, until we move the thread, but we love early subscribers and <3's!

We'll be back up and running with the new thread in Gaia Guides and Resources, soon, so don't forget to keep an eye out, and like; comment, subscribe!

Greetings, Gaialings, Lux here, and I'll be your guide around this great planet we know as "Gaia". All we ask of you is that you sit back, relax, enjoy, and keep your arms and legs inside the airship at all times, while the vehicle is in motion.

Have you ever wondered just what you were getting into when you signed up for this online experience? You see Gaia's a world in itself, and very similar in structure to an MMORPG, when you take into account its fictional side. Numerous NPC's live in this Gaia world, and inhabit different areas and towns that can be explored via the “World” tab. But seeing as how Gaia's an entire world, your options of exploring it fully are severely limited, from what is offered. It's shameful!

So if you've ever wondered what lie beyond the four main towns, or questioned who else there is to meet in this vast Gaiaverse, or what gods are determining your fate; you're in luck. You've come to the right place. You'll find answers to these inquiries in this comprehensive list that provides you with a look of Gaia's gods and regions, to the creatures, and people of all races that inhabit them. Everything listed will be categorized alphabetically, in this guide to Gaia's fictional side.

If you find any errors, or more importantly, missing areas, and people, I urge you to notify the Bureau of Investigation, which can be achieved by promptly filing a report as a post in this thread. A representative is guaranteed to be sent out to compose a thorough investigation in order to gather the information necessary. Missing people and areas, especially, are a case that we take seriously. We're sure that people and landmasses shouldn't be disappearing without explanation.

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Organization, Clans & Cults
Gods, Demi-gods, & Legends
Introduction to NPC's
The Lesser Known
Races and Species
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Aekea- The fourth city to be introduced. Like Barton, this town is surrounded by a wall that's made of metal. Aekea's city has an industrial theme to it, and is filled with machines and buildings made from scrap metal. It's home to furniture factories and car repair shops, and it also one of the most famous wholesalers of miscellaneous goods. A massive crane sits in the center of this area; and a guard is kept in charge to the only entrance- and exit of the city.

Adventure Island- Info N/A

Adoption Agency- a well-kept establishment that sits near Shabby Meadows Orphanage. where orphans can be paired up and sent to a new home with the family of their dreams.
Location: N/A

Aries Island- presumably only accessible by boat. A Moga Guru lives outside the law on this isle.
Location: N/A

Allen Fah- An unnamed hero once conquered this kingdom. The name of the city appears to be a play on words, for "fallen".
Location: N/A

Ancient Southern Island- An ancient island in the south where Pandies supposedly reside. Not much else is known about this area.

Angellus- The angelic realm

Aquatica- An undersea kingdom where friendly merfolk, and no-too-friendly sharkmen reside
Location: N/A

Ahabs Abyss- Info N/A

Barton Town- commonly shortened to Barton, this is the first town introduced to Gaia, and thus, the oldest. This city is the epicenter of art and culture on Gaia. It has high walls surrounding it, and is known for its friendly people, old-world charm, and quaint shops. Barton is protected by vigilant town guards that strive to keep it clean and orderly.

Badlands- A dry expanse of desert
Location: west of Deep Woods

Bushfall- Info N/A

Barton Coliseum- a structure with Roman-esque design. Gaians can test their strength and skill here, to participate in gladiator-like matches between man and beast.
Location: Barton

Bass'ken Lake- Once a thriving camp for lumberjacks, this wooded space is now the home of one of the finest fishing areas Gaia had to offer. "The Old Fishing Hole" that's found here is run by Logan, and doubles as a bait shop and general store.
Location: North of Barton

Buccaneer Boardwalk- also known as Port of Gambino. Complete with white sandy beaches, and a crystal clear bay make this boardwalk a popular tourist destination. Famed for its hefty hauls of trout and tuna, this area attracts anglers from all regions of Gaia.
Location: Gold Beach, North of Bass'ken Lake

Biting Coast- Info N/A

Bill's Ranch- Farmland and pastures owned by Farmer Bill and his son. Here, you'll find cows, chickens, and endless crops of garlic to ward off vampires.
Location: west of Village Greens

Boruffania- a country that Josie, of Global Imports, claims to have gotten item shipments from. Apparently, not even she knows the location of this area
Location: N/A

Corkscrew Gulch- The tall coastal mountains obscure the view of the other Zodiac Islands. A gang of Moga made their home in the Gulch.
Location: mainland (unnamed)

Cape Fang- Info N/A

Citadel of Prophecy- Info N/A

Cerulean Pond- Info N/A

Club Limbo- a seedy, macabre parlor where the souls of the recently departed come to throw the dice for one final chance at life...
Location: Limbo

Cortex- An advanced city that has found a way to stop earthquakes. The buildings here are crafted from slick metals
Location: east of Windhym

Chester M. Boruff Senior High- a school that fares poorly in their sports rivalry with Champion Halls. Their varsity football team is called the Boruff Laundromats.

Champion Halls- A school of high school superheroes. Their school's mascot is the CH Lions.

Cyndor- A crystal tree stands in this city as a symbol of hope. During its life, this mystical tree bore fruit fabled to heal wounds, but the life has long since left it.
Location: N/A

Cafe Constellira- a cafe where a Dark Elf serves as a barista
Location: N/A

Crow's Nest- a boat-shaped building that's suspected to be a weapon's shop. It never opened its doors to the public, unfortunately.
Location: west side of Gambino Isle

Cydonia Castle- Info N/A

[http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=130282413736056&set=a.130281997069431.23136.100002628941630&type=1&theater]Corkscrew Gulch- the coastal mountains in this area block the view of the Zodiac Islands

Durem- the second city introduced to Gaians. Located west of Barton, its buildings are gothic and antique in architecture. The clock tower in the center of the city gives Durem an old world feel to it, though its a city that's renowned for its spectacular night-life, hot and hip shopping destinations, and cool, high-profile residents.

Durem Mines- mines beneath Durem town that are constantly being excavated by resident moles from a nearby underground city

Deep Woods- these thick woods surround Barton Town
Location: northwest of Barton

Darkwood- Info N/A

Darkwood Vault- Info N/A

Dead Man's Pass- Dark and gloomy, this place is far from a popular tourist destination. This foreboding mountain pass is reminiscent of something from a horror film. A lone mansion awaits at the top of the hill; though it seems to have been abandoned by its vampire owner.
Location: northwest of Bill's Ranch

Demona- The demon world

Dref Dur- a dangerous, floating city that's held aloft by Casimir trees. The surface appears to house only a few, sparsely scattered trees, but all of them are actually branches that emerged out of a larger core. Residents of this town are rough and ruthless, and muggers prey off the wealthy and oblivious

Dwarven Banks- where Dwarven-folk store their gold, and make withdrawls, when they need to.
Location: Milthrylfyrun

Dungeness Dock- Info N/A

Eastern Continent Farmers, here, sport straw hats while they work in the fields.

Erebos- the land of eternal darkness. Spirits of dreams live in a cavernous home, there.

East Summer Road- Info N/A

Electrotter Sound- Info N/A

Evergreen Terraces- Info N/A

Felis Island- A distant island where large jungle cats are the only inhabitants. Possibly Gaia's version of Ellis Island, located in New York Harbor.
Location: N/A

Fingerland Point- Info N/A

Fairyland- the land of faeries. The most prestegious fae, like the Tooth Fairy and Sugarplum fairy call this area their home.
Location: N/A

Glow Stick Factory- This establishment is where Plasma Gear was discovered, after it was learned that plasma could be harnessed in various devices.
Location: Aekea

Great Bazaar- Info N/A

Greensteps- Info N/A

Green Mile- Info N/A

Gaian Woods- These woods (possibly the ones around Bass'ken lake?) are inhabited with the legendary O RLY owl.
Location: N/A

Gold Beach- A surfers paradise. This area comes complete with golden sand and gnarly surf, though you'll have to paddle past the barrier reef for the bigger waves. A lighthouse stands tall at the top of the cape, warming passing ships that could shipwreck in these shallow seas.

Glaciers- lonely ice masses in Gaia. The Frostbite Blade was forged from one of these giant glaciers by a chilly association of sorcerers.
Location: N/A

Gaia Dimensional Library (shut down)- the most complete, and dangerous, repertoire of knowledge in all of Gaia. Every book within these walls are a gateway to another dimension. Visitors who make too much noise in this silent sanctuary oft wind up lost forever within the strange fictions. The library has been shut down, since they saw stranding people in fictional universes was a form of kidnapping.
Location: N/A

Hive World- An alien world that was once home to P3's. This unexplored planet can be accessed only by going through a star portal, found in the Old Aqueduct.

Heavenly Greens Cemetery- Info N/A

Isle de Gambino- the third city to come about on Gaia. Home of late billionaire, Johnny K. Gambino, this port town is owned by the wealthy family, and only assessable by boat. The isle is a bustling casino town and recreation area with beaches, fancy restaurants and hotels.

Impassable Mountains- This high, rocky terrain makes good on its name. These mountains are truly impassable
Location: north of Mount Boom

Isla de Esquerra- a country that Josie, of Global Imports, claims to have gotten item shipments from. Apparently, not even she knows the location of this area
Location: N/A

Institute for Crystal Dolphin Knowledge- Enlightened Master Rick, as he's called by Timmy, works in this establishment; researching dolphins
Location: Barton Town

Junkyard- Legend claims that a shipment of broken mics were about to be disposed in this unnamed junkyard, before the objects were blessed by a light from above, transforming the busted mics into something truly heavenly.
Location: Near Aekea

Jade Corpse- Info N/A

King Otho's Outpost- a military base that's owned by King Otho, and where farmers are ordered to deliver their crops

Libra Island- Info N/A

Leo Island- Info N/A

Lapis Forest- Info N/A

Lazuli Grove- Info N/A

Little Durem- a district somewhere on a dangerous floating island
Location: Dref Dur

Mount Boom- a dangerous volcanic island that sits in the Western Sea. This island is presumably where Null Crystals originated
Location: Western Sea, west of the Badlands

Mythic Homeland- a pace where the ice artist, Jack frost, calls home
Name/ Location: N/A

Mole Town- an underground city beneath Durem. the town is inhabited by intelligent moles who make their living mining minerals from the Durem Mines

Mythra Mountains- where the rare metal, mythrill is painstakingly mined by dwarves.
Location: N/A

Milthrylfyrun- presumably the home of Dwarven folk. Not much else is known about this area.

Mare Frigoris- a moon that's inhabited with rare roses that grow along its shores

Northern Continent- many seafaring folk live in this area, and are known for their unsurpassed skill of fishing (could Logan have come from around there?)

North Mountains- It's unknown if this mountainous terrain is located on the Northern Continent, or elsewhere in Gaia's geographic locations. Dragons once their dens in these mountains, but they're now abandoned.
Location: N/A

Nars- A planet that exists somewhere in the Gaiaverse. It's unclear if it's a planet within Gaia's solar system, or a distant one.
Location: N/A

Ninja Meadow- The location of this serene garden is secretive, and only supposed to be known by ninja clans.
Location: northwest of Zen Gardens

Oh My Pizza- a pizza joint. You can spot a delivery man wandering around aimlessly around Barton town
Location: N/A

Old Station- Gaia's underground subway system. It's been shut down and is no longer assessable to the public
Location: Barton

Old World- an area that exists completely outside of Gaia's own planet. Presumably this world refers to "Earth", Gaia's inter-dimensional counterpart

Otis' Musical Instruments and Farm Supply
An odd store, run by Otis, that sells both musical instruments and farming supplies
Location: N/A

Plaza- an area where high-class tiger gods can enjoy being gazed upon by the town's residents.
Location: Dref Dur

Pioneer Ridge- A small farming community. People here struggle to fend off wild Mogas.
Location: mainland (unnamed)

[http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=130282393736058&set=a.130281997069431.23136.100002628941630&type=1&theater]Poet's Vale- Wild and dangerous beasts roam this area, ambushing unwary travelers
Location: mainland (unnamed)

Poughkeepsie Pass- A stretch of road feared by travelers due to the vulnerability to Moga attacks
Location: mainland (unnamed)


Raveled Core- only after descending a set of stairs that lead straight down into the bowels of a floating city, you'll come to this area. Here, massive cities stretch under the island. It's where Meili makes his home.
Location: Dref Dur

Red Wing A mysterious fortress high atop a mountain peak. These sturdy walls house an order of secretive, elite warriors and guards, who adopt the lifestyle of monks; training themselves from dusk till dawn, and preparing themselves for battle.
Location: N/A

Ravenwood Manor- A dark estate that's perched upon a small hill, far from civilization. The house lies in shambles: windows are shuttered, the paint has long ago faded and the front yard doubles as the family graveyard.
Location: N/A

Sunshire- A peaceful village on the outskirts of Windhym

Shabby Meadows Orphanage- This establishment has its reputation built on being the filthiest residential institution anywhere on Gaia. Food is scarce for the children of this facility.

Shitty Acres- a deplorable state of an apartment building where the Easter Bunny Lives in an equally shabby room
Location: N/A

Taurus Island- a prison island owned by King Otho. Taurus Island is almost completely untouched by human hands, so natural treasures lie around in the open. Enemies of the king are sent to this island to get eaten by a minotaur who roams the land

Titania- a magical kingdom where the peaceful dreams of mankind are kept

Tlauixcalpantecuhtliopolis- A floating city that can only be reached via airship, or some other means of air transportation. Not much is known about this area
Location: N/A

Upper Cascades- Hilly terrain with large rocks about for people to climb
Location: mainland (unnamed)

Village Greens- commonly called "Towns", these sprawling suburbs are walled off and contain an enclave of private housing. You'll find rolling green hills, flower gardens, and golf course greens are kept separate from the housing communities.
Location: south of Barton

Valefor Academy- One of the top magical institutions for higher learning in the world. This prestige school tutors Gaia's supernatural or mystically inclined; including vampires, werewolves, faeries, and more. While exciting, the Academy isn't known for being lenient with its student's educational courses.
Location: N/A

Windhym- A city of natural harmony

Woodland Path- An area inhabited by rascally, thieving Mogas.
Location: mainland (unnamed)



Zen Gardens- Sculptured and manicured gardens that make one feel as if they were in the Orient. In these gardens are peaceful koi ponds, towering bamboo groves, soft pink sakura trees, and lanterns that surround a sturdy shrine. Zen Gardens is is a well-loved tourist attraction to many.
Location: west of Barton
Organizations, Clans, & Cults

Ancient Gaian Order of Hair Wizards- Mystical wizards that use mysterious incantations and very sharp scissors to the finest hair

Apep's Apostles Followers of a terrible serpent god. The people in this serpent cult sported armor forged in chaos and darkness.

Burakkurangu- a samurai clan



Electric Knights- These bold knights served and protected when the era of technology and magic coexisted in harmony. Possibly in alliance with the Techno Mages, or...perhaps their opposition.


Gaioh Clan- Ninjas who were rumored to be dark angels sent to avenge mankind's deeds.

G-Corp- Founded by billionaire, Johnny Gambino, this corporation is ,without a doubt, the world's largest manufacturer of advanced technology and biomedical medicines. Many strange experiments, and even murder are conducted by G-Corps Lab Technicians, in secret, underground testing facilities. No animal- or even the Labtechs themselves are safe if G-Corp is involved.







Norisu Clan- This ninja clan is rumored to possess secret, dark arts known as Asu Kikingu. One of these arts was the ability to control links of chain and blades as an extension of their body for either attacking or for defense. These chain-commanding ninjas raged war with a samurai king from the west.

NeXuS- Created by Labtech X, this organization rivals G-Corp. Its base is an undersea compound that was constructed out of remains from the fallen tower of Gambino.

Oceanic religious civilization- A civilization with religious performers who worshiped Leviathan once lie beneath the ocean, but is now in ruins

Order of Atlantis- Chivalrous knights who formed an elite order to protect their kingdom from dragons

Order of the Iron Rhino- These knights were known for their implacable stubbornness in battle.




S-Corp- Founded by Mrs. Claus, this organization was created from her hopes of saving Xmas and resurrecting her husband, Santa. Instead of Labtechs running the joint, S-Corp has its own dedicated team of technicians known as ElfTechs. S-Corp is renowned for being the world's largest toy manufacturer, for children who have been nice. There have been shady dealings between the higher Elftechs and Mrs. Claus, on occasion.

Sumi Tribe- A clan of ninjas who skillfully practice the art of ink. The enchanted brushes they use to paint their techniques have been passed down from their ancestors.

Sacred Order of the Mountain Monks- a group of Monks who have devoted their lives to reaching spiritual contentment and enlightenment. When the Mountain Monks meditate, each choose their own mantra to chant. The monks of the Brotherhood deny themselves many worldly pleasures: alcohol, yelling, celebrity gossip magazines, social networking websites, collectible card games, skipping stones, rock-paper-scissors, sliding down stairway banisters, cola drinks and kissing with tongue. n order to become a Mountain Monk, one must renounce these material trappings of this modern world and make a commitment to a life of deep contemplation. Then they must also make a pilgrimage to visit The Master, who lives atop the tallest mountain in the land.

Techno Mages- crafty conjurers who merged science and the supernatural, to prevent the age of magic from becoming extinct by the flourishing age of technology. There are few of these techno-mages remaining.

True Believers- a dedicated group who gather at the Old Aqueduct. They believe the Zurg will return, and 'abduct' them. This small group expresses desires to befriend the alien race.






Gods, Demigods, & Legends

According to Overseer, gods and demigods can appear is various forms; and are able to shape their own appearance to match their responsibilities. There are two classes of gods and demi's; "Designers" are known to directly manipulate the world; and thus developed more humanoid forms; such as Sentinel and Overseer, themselves.
"Nurturers", however, care for the world as it exists, such as the forest demigod, Peath, and Jelldgy. Their forms are overall less flexible, but suit their personalities and environments better.

Apep- a serpent god

Apollus- Sun God. When the day breaks, he extends his Solar Cloak across the sky, to take back his kingdom from Lunaris. And, as day regains control, the heavens reflect his visage. Despite his hatred for Lunaris, every millennium her image came into his mind, eclipsing his own dominion over the sky. When he laughs, like the suns on his Solar Sash, light dances across the skies. When he cries, his face is hidden amongst the clouds.

Athena- an "Old World" goddess who rarely descends to the world of mortals. When she does, its to distribute gifts to those who she finds worthy.

Anteros- Little brother of Eros and god of unrequited love.

Bacchus- god of wine and revelry, madness, and merriment. His followers hold grande feasts in his honor, and sometimes, Bacchus would attend the festivities, under the guise of a leopard.


Death- Also known as the Grim Reaper. He forged the Lunar Scythe for the Moon god, and dislikes it when his creations are misused. This messenger of death can be recognized by his trademark scythe, and is but a mere grinning skeleton underneath his cloak.

Durga- an "Old World" Goddess

Eirmehz- A demi-god who wore Winged Anklets as his trademark. He was betrayed by his rival brother, and was provided a way with which to shackle his sibling in the Underworld, with a pair of Demonic Anklets, for all of eternity. Eirmehz ferries those in passing to the Underworld.

Etoto- a Kachina Chief who controls the seasons. Given his abilities, it's presumed that he's a god who's a Designer

Fortuna- a goddess of prosperity and wealth. When she smiles upon mortals, her gifts are numerous.

Four Horsemen- ghastly specters who ride upon apocalyptic horses, and bring about the end times. It's assumed they're gods, given their role

Gunslinger- This man ruled the west, with his trusty six-shooter, during Gaia's lawless frontier days. People told tales of this steady-handed shooter, and feared his name.

Harbinger of Pestilence- when he arrives, it's far from a pleasant visit. He brings disease, insect plagues, and general unwholesomeness with him, during apocalyptic times.

Hero (unnamed)- a General who used a staff descended from the heavens to lead his army into the light, in their hour of need

Houyi?- A moon god. This Gaian deity entered a covenant with death, and obtained a scythe that would allow him to overtake the skies from the sky god.

Isis- an "Old World" goddess

Jakoblade- A legendary swordsmith who forged a katana for a samurai king

Kaze (and son)- Kaze is the Gaian wind god. His son has yet to be named

Lunar Ward (unnamed)- a watchful protector who is possibly the ward to the Moon god (Houyi?)

Lunaris- Moon Goddess. When night falls, she extends her Lunar Scarf across the sky, to take back her kingdom from Apollus. And, as night regains control, the heavens reflect her visage. Despite her hatred for Apollus, every millennium his image came into her mind, eclipsing her own dominion over the sky.

Mage (unnamed)- A mysterious legend from Gaia's past; what remains of this powerful sorceress are her artifacts that have been passed down through time.

Meili- a god, and shapeshifter who is the son of Gaia

Morpheus- God of dreams. He sends dreams to slumbering mortals and sometimes appears in those same dreams as a shadow or winged being.

Night Weaver- an ancient deity in charge of weaving stars into the night sky. He wears a mask with the image of a crescent moon obscures his face

Nyx- a god exiled to the void by Gaia, as punishment for defying the unjust laws of lesser gods

Overseer- a demigod, and creator. As punishment for fighting with his equal, the Sentinel, he was locked in a clam shell; with limited movement, and awareness of his surroundings. When he overheard news of Sentinel returning, and attempting to wreak havoc on the Gaian world, he knew he was needed to put an end to her plans; escaped from his aquarium tank, and possessed Gino in order to amass his own army to stop her.

Perusi- a swordsman of legend who killed a Gorgonus

Phrigustus- god of Winter. His weapons were an Ice Gauntlet and a Whip of Ice. However, as he fell in love with a woman, he sacrificed his power, status, and weapons, for her.

Princess Kaguya- a celestial being, and "Old World" goddess from the moon who was cast down to our world. She found a bamboo cutter, who kindly took her in, and told of her beauty, until eventually, news of Kaguya reached the Emperor's court.



Sentinel- a demigod, and creator. For feuding with her equal, the Overseer, and misusing her powers, she was imprisoned in a dark box that contained monsters and various forms of madness. After a thousand years, she was released from the darkness, upon agreeing to a mysterious voice (which presumably was that of Jack, the king of Halloween) that reached her, commanding Sentinel to lead its dark armies into the world of light, so that chaos would engulf the world of Gaia.

Sky God (unnamed)- Possibly had a rivalry with the Moon god, and saw the skies as his own rightful domain.



Vol Trahn- A legendary ruler of the eastern province

Vulcagni- god of Summer. His weapons were an Fire Gauntlet and a Whip of Fire. However, as he fell in love with a woman, he sacrificed his power, status, and weapons, for her, as Phrigustus did. It's likely that he fell for the same woman.




Introduction to NPC's
A - M

Abelard XII- a king whose reign was cut down due to syphilis; and not a moment too soon. His madness was bankrupting the kingdom

Adelise- She's the only student teacher at her school. Her versatility comes in handy as she jumps from subject to subject. Her consistent interests lie in the hypercute and speed texting. She likes tofu.

Adriana- A gorgeous, buxom redhead who's a soap opera actress on "All My Gaians"

Agatha- owner of Barton Jewlers. She's Mirai's mother She goes to the spa for treatments in order to restore her "youthful" appearance.
Agatha's school friends called her “Birdie”, due to the fact that she would eat her lunch in small, bird-like bites and bobbed her head as she walked.
Info can be found here

Aiden- a rather moody man who's stuck on a deserted ship in the middle of the Beta sector

Alanar- a genie with an almost visibly crackling aura

Alruna- this sultry succubus has a wide variety of talents- most of which aren't suitable enough for public performances. She holds an office job.

Amartia- a one-winged bundle of chaos

Angela- A kid from the Shabby Meadows Orphanage; the only one who's missinga limb. To replace her lost leg, she walks with a crutch.

Anurla- Alruna's Incubus brother. He's the leader of the band, Megalomaniac, and a lot more focused and profession, compared to his sibling. With his guitar, he can open portals leading to demonic dimensions.

Aoife- an adventurer who fights with his friends against Zaine

Arturo Robusto- a ghost with an unrivaled obsession with being loved and admired, both in his mortal life, and the after. He lived the life of a lusty scoundrel. Now he uses his seduction skills to lure the living into his own personal hell.

Arrow- a stallion spirit

Asena- a wolf spirit

Ash- a fiery devil woman with crimson skin.

Asimov- A cigar smoking grizzly bear with a scare on his eye

Auldivin the Stonehand- Brennivin's father. He is a stern and powerful wizard who's doesn't hold back when it comes to reprimanding his son, as well as any other who gets out of line.

Aurora- A centaur warrior who revels in the thrill of the chase, and swiftly kills her enemies. She is arrogant, but is entitled to it; since her elegance and skill are unmatched among her people.

Auspice- A trickster genie who takes on the form of a cat

Azrael- an evil and charismatic fallen angel of death

Baalim- puppet master of the travelling circus, Cirque du Gothique. His favorite puppet is Eve

Barrett- a Tank Technician who once worked at The Hot Dog Hut. Barrett studied for years in an unaccredited university, to get a degree in Marine Biology. He looks after aquariums, is passionate about fish, and has done risky things to satisfy his customers; which include picking Watermeat from the sewers, and losing blood trying to gather Piranhas for people's aquariums. He enjoys scuba diving, and takes an interest in going to Science Camp.

Barph- A lowly orphan from Shabby Meadows Orphanage.

Bear- An orphan at the Shabby Meadows Orphanage

Becky- proprietor of Prize & Joy on Gambino isle, this strawberry blonde has a serious gambling addiction; often spending her paycheck to play slot machines.

Big Doug- the brains behind the classic hair metal bands Devil's Bathtub and Love Rat. He's served jail-time for an unknown crime, and apparently, Ivan is one of his fans

Bigfoot- Finding the legendary creature is thrilling enough, but to discover that he is now a ghost is paranormal paydirt. His lifelong struggle with drinking and depression left him susceptible to otherworldly influence, and his spirit longs for revenge.

Bildeau- a C-class construction Bot. This six-armed robot runs The Faktori, along with Ribateau. His area of expertise lies in floor furnishings and wall tiles.

Black King- a chess champion who's main rival (and possibly love interest?) is the White Queen. He's always engaged in fierce battle with her.

Blaze- daughter of a famous deep-sea diver named Marshall, Blaze spends time outdoors, living the adventurous life, in order to get away from her younger brother, who's always in her hair.

Blender- a rude, one-eyed robot from the Alpha sector. He has a large blender for a body

Bludeau- a robot that once ran The Faktori, but has been relocated to selling real estate on the Housing Commission.Unlike the other bots, he wishes to experience the human emotion of love.

Bluefin- The muse of the color blue. He's calm and serene

Bob- An Orc who was discovered with his tribe, by a research crew, in a cave east of Aekea. He currently assists working Aekea's manufacturing plants.

Bogey Man- a spooky creature that lurks in the shadows and appears in your nightmares

Brainbox- once served a noble purpose, bridging the gap between man and machine. Then he was murdered in cold blood, and the horrors of the cemetery reprogrammed him to hate the living. He was able to move on from targeting Gaians in revenge, and found peace in the afterlife

Brennivin- shopkeeper of Dernier*Cri. Despite his appearance, he's a powerful mage, but strayed from his father and pursuit of magic and wizardry, in order to follow the career path of a fashion designer. Brennivin claims he's well experienced in many thing; the English language not being one of them. He speaks in broken English interwoven with Icelandic.

Brennivin's dad- a wizard. He was shocked by his son, Brennivin's spontaneous decision to take up a career in fashion, instead of wizardy.

Brewmaster Barley- A ginger-haired dwarf whose name is taken from the ingredient most commonly used in alcoholic beverages, such as beer and ale. He appears to have a Scottish accent, and teaches classes on Dwarven brewing at Valefor, and claims to have been introduced to drinks since he was sucking from his mother, a a baby.

Bruce Hardcastle- a sportscaster; partner to Ricky Baudlair. He got hepatitis after eating the tooth of an old man. Due to his crippling financial problems, Bruce resorted to being a tireless borrower of money. His death came from "potato inhalation", where he choked on a spud that got lodged in his throat. During his funeral, he was reanimated by the Sentinel, to take part in her evil legion of sin, but has another potato shoved down his throat by Jack, after the demigod's battle is interrupted. His ghost has moved on to the afterlife.

Bucho- head security for the Gambino family

Buttons- a small clown who works for the Cirque du Gothique

Bunnie- an adorable and energetic drummer in a group called Bremen.

Bloody Mary- a woman who appears to take you to the world of the Dark Reflection, if you face a mirror in the dark of night and chant her name three times

Callista- a young girl with a cheerful spirit. Fearing for the health of her ailing little sister, she has left home in search for a cure.

Caretaker Tia- a spunky, fire-breathing dragon woman who teaches at Valefor Academy, has extensive knowledge on Gaia's mythical creatures. She would seem like the person to turn to, if you wanted information on the many creatures yet to be mentioned in the Gaiaverse.

Carl- a wild elk that's taken up residence in an abandoned store called Junk in the Trunk. He isn't much of a conversationalist, and will show signs of aggression if cornered.

Cayo- a sweet-hearted, trouble-making Chupacabra. He has a habit of late-night snacking on livestock.

Chauncey- seems a benign force, a friendly child enjoying the benefits of his newly incorporeal form. Still, it's probably a good idea to destroy him.

Chiaroscuro- A dual muse of both black and white. He's stark and beautiful, and keeps a raven as a pet.

Ciro-An angelic warrior who fights demons. He has a dislike for fighting in general without any form of discipline especially when fighting demons.

Constance Mapleheart- demonstrates the danger of too much power. Her beekeeping career came to a violent end when she tried to upstage the queen bee

Cordis- part of the "Freak Show", Cordis' job is working at the Cirque du Gothique, to entertain as "the inside out boy". He can handle himself well in a fight, and is a film geek; having a collection of old films at his home.

Corvina- an evil sorceress who appeared in Titania, and took on the title of Nightmare Queen. She subjugates the people of Titania and casts them into the realm of darkness.

Crescento- owner and Captain of an airship called The Bifrost, he also runs an alchemy shop from the massive skycraft, with his companion, Nicolae. He's been awarded Airship Captain of the Year five times running, and apparently he enjoys Opera.

Crow- a raven spirit

Countess Ambrosia- a powerful vampire who seeks to rally the vampire clans together, and lead the rebellion against Luca "Don" Kuro

Claude- An attendee at Champion Halls. He possesses a unique gift that allows him the power of invisibility; which he uses to sneak into the girls' locker room. When it comes to manners, he's rough around the edges.

D- a confident guy who can beatbox like nobody's business

Damian "Ian" VonHelson- half-vampire spawn of Vladmir Von Helson and Rosalie. Ian is the shopkeeper of Barton Boutique, and takes treatments to suppress his vampire traits. Personality-wise he's a nice guy, mild-mannered, and average, but is described by his friends as being “spastic”, in the past. Ian is somewhat poor, but doesn't complain about the financial situation he's in. He's most often seen with his talking cat, Rufus.
Ian's shop, Barton Boutique, formerly Gambino Boutique, also uses to reside on Isle de Gambino. This shop was entrusted to Ian by his family just a month before it was taken away by island authorities. Apparently when the deed was signed over, some incongruities in the paperwork exposed that the plot of land belonged to the Island and not an individual. The shop was relocated to Baton and renamed, presumably when Ian was released from Jail.
Info can be found here
When he was in school, Ian showed up with the flu and vomited in class, earning the nickname, “Horkules”, by peers and teachers alike, for three years following.
Info can be found here
On the first day of school, Ian tripped over his shoe laces and plummeted down two flights of stairs.
Info can be found here

Deen- an Angel Imp who was saved by Rina, when he was about to be eaten by Rufus. He can change into a young man with a humanoid appearance, but with feathered wing-like ears, and bird-like claws for feet. He attends Ster Academy with his friends, Deen, and Gimpi

Delilah- a single mother who's intrigued by traditional romance. Delilah is fairly confident and stable.

Devin- the “ultra vegan” tattoo artist who works at Skin Tyte. He has a crush on Lance, but is too shy to say anything. He's got close connections with the Don of Durem's underground, Luca Kuro.
Devin recalls a time in Junior High where he accepted a challenge and tried to drink a gallon of milk in ten minutes, but wound up hurling. He earned the nickname “Sir Chunksalot”, and it was that incident that made him decide to become a vegan.
Info can be found here

Diedrich- a "Grunny" who loves facts. He's also an artist, and claims to have had over two hundred anonymous sexual encounters with other grunnies. Neither Radio Jack nor Easter Bunny seem to like him.

Duelist Baine- This rough around the edges werewolf teaches dueling lessons on Valefor Academy's grounds. He prefers hand-to-hand combat instead of magical attacks, and thinks mages are squishy.

Dice- A bunny girl who runs the craps table in Club Limbo

Doctor Isaac- The zombie Forensics teacher at Valefor.

Doctor Killshye- a man who walks a thin line between genius and insanity. His unconventional ideas and questionable experiments have labeled him a madman among those who fail to appreciate the brilliance of his work.

Dr. Singh- a naturalist who has spent plenty of time doing fieldwork and studying the habits and growth patterns of some of Gaia's rarest creatures. Singh appears to be a nice, polite person on the surface, but has had her “mad scientist” moments; which were shown when she put Timmy in a steel drum that contained toxins and hazardous chemicals.
She had a misspent youth as a mod, described as "listening to soul music until 4AM, endlessly tuning my scooter, emblazoning every outfit with RAF target logos, swarming upon small resort cities with a few thousand of my best friends and beating gangs of rockers with a bicycle chain."
Info can be found here
Singh has stated that she doesn't call her sibling, Prakash, due to the fact that his appeals for money has tried her patience one too many times.
Info can be found here
Also, she has very likely been to jail in the past, describing imprisonment as "part of being an adult" and stating, "we've all done it, and we'll probably all do it again.
Info can be found here
Apparently, she's an avid viewer of reality-tv
Info can be found here

Dr. Singh's Mother- a very old woman who once worked at a buffet. She likes to spend the holidays staying with her daughter, and she's a light sleeper; requiring 21 hours of sleep a day

Dr. Winston- Peyo's uncle. Dr. Winston is a local clinic doctor who visits the school occasionally to check on the nurses. He's smart and proper gentlemen, and takes his job seriously! He can also usually catch a lie.

Dynadin- a swashbuckling ladies man and former knight, now cursed to live as a tiny little dragon. He ventures off in search of a way to lift the curse and return to his lecherous... er, chivalrous ways.

Dyrfianna the All-Wise- renowned master of ice magic

Ecarte- known as a master of illusions in Cirque du Gothique, he always captivates his audience

Edmund- Johnny Gambino's best pal.
Edmund had an embarrassing incident in his chemistry class. After he accidentally ate pure magnesium, he vomited down his sleeve, and was nicknamed “Throwing Up Boy” for the remainder of the semester.
Info can be found here
He accidentally called his Biology teacher “mom” during class, and wound up transferring to another school, out of embarrassment.
Info can be found here

Empress Cotton- this proud queen is as brave and fearsome as they come. She rules her fluffy kingdom in style

Ethan- owner of the Men's Wearhouse Shop of Fancy

Ela- A Jackalope whose earthy appearance is alluring, but whose demeanor is demure. Her nimble grace gives a whole new meaning to the term “swift as a rabbit.”

Easter Bunny- a heavily armored holiday heavyweight who oversees Easter. He has a massive ego, a profound dislike for Diedrich and other holiday icons, like Santa, and Jack, and a love for explosives. He's seen taking up residence in Shitty Acres.

Ezo- a Hokkaido Wolf long thought to be extinct. Countless years ago, people feared his strength and so he was driven away into the remote and snowy North. He commands respect; else those who provoke him get the fangs.

Faith- a well-known singer with a rigid schedule and an overly protective manager

Fallen Star- a fallen star made from the cosmos. She fell to from the heavens and onto Gaia; her journey nearly at an end.

Fathom- A monster among monsters. As a kraken, this creature is infamous for sinking even the largest of seafaring ships and for being many a sailor’s dark escort down to Davy Jones’ locker. Subduing him is a quest that even Poseidon himself would not dare.

Fawn- Bremen's graceful and gentle guitarist. She enjoys long, relaxing walks in the forest, and soothing cups of hot, fragrant tea

Fedir- a magician from the distant future. He seems unimpressed when attending events of the past, and enjoys causing trouble to liven things up.

Fey- a telepath with a dark side. She attends Champion Halls, a high school for superheroes

Fiametta- a foxy firebreather who works for Cirque du Gothique

Flynn- previous owner of La Victoire. Flynn was forcibly expelled from her shop, by star twins, Rigel and Mintaka. Since the shop takeover, she has become a notorious space captain who cruises the galaxy, looking for treasure.

Frederika- a foreign language instructor at an unnamed school. She's known for her strict lesson plan and methods of instruction

Friday XIII- The cursed club owner of the dark parlor, Club Limbo

Franco "The Fish"- a freelancing member of the Kuro gang.

Genevieve- A daring master of the high wire act in Cirque du Gothique. She has a twin sister named Lorraine, who works with her in the circus.

Gino Gambino- son of Johnny Gambino and Rosalie, and half-brother to Ian and Louie. Gino's the sole heir to the Gambino fortune. His late father had hoped to pass down the title of “Most powerful man on Gaia” to him. His well-being was neglected by his father, through his life; even when he's been repeatedly kidnapped and nearly murdered on multiple occassions.

Gloriana- An eccentric pop idol from another world. This pink-haired pop sensation keeps the company of only the most outrageously expensive fashion designers.

Happy Day- appears to be the restless spirit of a hippy. As far as ghosts go, he seems the most harmless, aside from body odor.

Hatsya & Saiph- Two of Gaia's resident celestial beings. Hatsya is younger than her brother, Saiph, and has the appearance of a small child. She's wise beyond her years, and believes that a person's value is what they make of it. She carried around a plush toy of a goat, and like Saiph, believes their elder siblings, Rigel & Mintaka are pushy. Saiph is seemingly less insightful than his younger sister, and gets depressed when he thinks that Gaians dislike him. He's forced by their father to stay on Gaia with his siblings, instead of returning home.
One time, Saiph and Hatsya got so worked up over a meteor shower that they stayed up all night to make Animated Items
Info can be found here

HE- an elderly, bearded celestial being who's friends with Hatsya, Saiph and their siblings

Headmaster Weston- He appears to be part cyborg, or perhaps a full robot, since he's seen with mechanical appendages, face, and a hollowed out metal chest. Weston serves as the Headmaster and Engineering Instructor at Valefor, and likes tinkering with mechanical toys. He bears a slight resemblance to the Black King.

Hesperis- a captivating beauty whose been, quite literally, inspiring the arts for ages. She has been a muse for many a creative minds. She masters in time magic and charm spells

Hex- a spider spirit

Imber- a dragon spirit

Ines- A vivacious actress who sports pink highlights in her raven hair. She plays a part in the series "All My Gaians", and is also a guitarist in the all female punk band, Nervegas Crisis.

Ísa- Pétur's wife. She died from a sudden illness.

Ivan- A bespectacled man who works as a GRS (Gaia Revenue Serve Repossession) agent. Meredith is his cousin.
He confessed that when he was a little whelp, he dreamt of becoming a powerful sorcerer, and having obsessions about admittance to Valefor Academy. His mother talked sense into him, and he sought a career in his calling.
Info here
He has a friend who issued him a coupon for a discount on a painting class, to prevent from being audited. Ivan has little interest in painting, and doesn't have much artistic ability; describing his own works of art as “mad, psychedelic kaleidoscopes of fantastical realms of pure expression”. He prefers art of simple landscapes and quaint cottages. He accepts the discount coupon, because he's a sucker for a good deal, and is extremely frugal.
Info Here
Ivan admittedly has his share of enemies; underground ferret breeders, knock-off lava lamp dealers, fake charities, and traveling circuses. He also seems to think the Ringmaster of the Cirque du Gothique is a lunatic, and his troupe are troublemakers who evade their taxes.
Info here
Ivan gets his warm fuzzies knowing tax frauds and other criminals get sent to Hell's Prison
Info here
Ivan mentions that some of his hobbies are history and model trains.
Info here
Celestial beings apparently have no regard for proper accounting practices, according to Ivan
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He enjoys eating blueberry/banana swirl yogurt during his lunch break
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He keeps Fancy Cat action figures, has a commissioned velvet painting of himself riding a beam of moonlight with the word "Efficiency" airbrushed above it, and reveals that he was a pudgy child star known as "Pudgy Lil' Ivan"
Info here
In high school, he attended Chester M. Boruff Senior High
Info here
He has a sister (currently unnamed) who sends him things during gifting seasons
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Irwin- a young man born blessed with a special talent to track the most elusive of creatures, via a magical compass.

Jackie- a high-roller who runs the card table at Club Limbo. He specializes in Black Jack

Jay Brooks- a dutiful servant of Gaia Cinemas and thoroughly unhygienic teenager. In death he is no less unpleasant.

Jet- a galactic kitten star who arrived on Gaia with Rigel and Mintaka. He thinks of the Gaia as nothing more than “a backwater planet with mortals”, and believes that stars should live gloriously, instead of being grounded on foreign planets. It's unclear whether he serves as a mentor, friend, or pet to the star family

Jinjing- a Daoist magician with an insatiable appetite

Jittery Jill- Muse of all things yellow. She's a shy, nervous girl who expresses reservation and concern for others.

Joey Fuchsia- a flamboyant wizard artist formerly known as, but is now known as Joey Fuchsia

Johnny K. Gambino- a millionaire who once acknowledged Count Vladmir Von Helson as a great man, but later changed his opinions on vampires in general, going on to define them as filthy, sordid creatures; perhaps after a vampire (Louie) was sent to assassinate him, his family, and friend.

Josie- shopkeep of Global Imports; she previously ran the Housing Commission. Josie doesn't trust robots, and has always wanted to travel the world. She can throw her hoop earrings through an inch of drywall at 20ft, and expresses desire to join up with the G-Team, and be a superhero
Josie had gotten food poisoning from her school's cafeteria fish stick and vomited in science class, earning her the nickname “Barferella”. Her mother still calls her by that name.
Info can be found here

Josie's mom- a woman who still calls her daughter, Josie, a nickname bestowed upon her, in her high school years

Julie- shopkeeper of Sunset Couture

Kanoko- an exchange student who's had many jobs under her belt, due to the fact that she's had trouble keeping one for very long. In spite of her misfortune, she appears cheerful most the time. She currently works for Brennivin at Dernier*Cri, but was hired simply because of her school uniform. Kanoko has a crush on him, but is unable to make out Brennivin's broken English in the midst of his Icelandic accent and foreign phrases.

Katsumi- a shrine maiden who's father passed away, after giving her a doll. That doll came alive, recently, and began wreaking havoc with the other Animated.

Keele- A Mothman who has an eccentric and unpredictable nature

Kin- A high-ranking ninja in a secretive organization. Kin is Katsumi's uncle, and the only family she has

King Kirby- a teen titan who attends Champion Halls, and wields the power of super strength. The only think more powerful than his fists is his keen sense of justice!

Kiva- an adventurous and light-footed archaeologist with high Agility and Intelligence. Ever since the passing of her father she has been searching for his great, long-lost treasure.

Kolya- a bear spirit

Konnor- a raccoon spirit

Kricket- a high-kicking biker cutie who's part of the champion Halls student body. She posesses the power of super speed.

Lachessis- a snake spirit

Labtech Rory- doesn't know he is dead, making him all the more dangerous.

Lady Alzbeta- A vampire who's Valefor Academy's top Anthropology instructor. Her knowledge in the field is unrivaled. She once stayed with a tribe on a small island, and found that their culture included burying whale meat in the ground, only to dig it up to eat, months later.

Lady Evangeline- a legendary sorceress famous for lending her magical talents to a number of historic military victories

Lady Luck- a women who gives fortune and access to a heavenly afterlife to those who win in Club Limbo

Leon- Barton guard and former member of the G-Team.

Liam took on the nickname of “Duke of Hurl” when he claimed to be partying hard the night before a big test.
Info can be found here

Lisa- The Rainbow muse, and as such, she's bright and colorful

Logan- master fisherman and proprietor of the Ol' Fishin' Hole. Mirai's father

Louie- a vampire who is also half human; yet despite his human blood, he holds the title of “King of Vampires”. Louie's the son of Vladmir VonHelson and Rosalie. His brother is Ian, and his half sisters are Marie and Anna Corrine, while his half-brother is Gino. Louie lives in Durem and works alongside Edmund at H&R Wesley. He expresses complaint of wishing that he could spend more time with Ian, but is unable to, since his brother is all the way in Barton.

Lucille-Eve- a cute magician who loves having fun at prestigious Gala's and knows how to cut a rug

Lumen- a firefly spirit

Luna-An incense shopkeeper who sells incense to people that would put them to sleep. She has a habit of not labeling her incense, making people take a wild guess when they purchase her incense.

Lunaire- a fighter whose weapon of choice is a polearm. Other than being born from her mother's light, we know little about her.

Mantis Sr.- I'm not 100% sure he is actually a ghost, but his haunting nature and supernatural disregard for personal space makes him no less unsettling.

Mars- A man who burns with the red hot spirit of creation and destruction. The brightest of stars may dim when compared to his passion.

Mirai- daughter of Logan and Agatha, this Gaia University graduate runs an aquaruim shop in Barton called Phin Phang. Unlike her father, she prefers to take care of fish, instead of eating them. She admits that Timmy gives her the creeps, and expresses a desire to be as wise as the Overseer, some day.

Mike- Cindy Donovinh's cameraman

Moira- punk rock shopkeep of Durem Depot, and leader of the band Nervegas Crisis.

Moira had come down with the stomach flu and vomited in trigonometry class. Her nickname thereafter was “Pukahontas”
Info can be found here

In Gym class, Moira decided to try pole vaulting, and due to an incident that she doesn't want to get into, she claims that she spent the following two years walking sideways, like a crab.
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Mr Crux- a friend of Hatsya. He wears star-shaped shades, and is seemingly also friends with the Lord of Summer, Sol.

Ms. Cooper- an alcoholic and neglectful woman. She runs the Shabby Meadows Orphanage, however, the children consider Mr. Raccoon to be the true leader, since the animal has more control over Ms. Cooper.

Meredith- was recruited by Johnny Gambino right out of college, at the tender young age of 15, to handle the transaction to reclaim Ian's store. She graduation from Durem University with top honors.
Info can be found here

Momoiro- Muse of pink. She's cute, and like her images, adores cute, fluffy things, like Mimpi sheep

Murasaki- a bipolar, otaku girl who many seem to think is actually a boy in drag. "She"(?) runs Mecha Neko, a store that sells anime-inspired clothing.
Introduction to NPC's
N - Z

Natasha- a silver-haired piercing specialist who works at Skin Tyte. Admittedly, she bleaches her hair, dislikes metal detectors, and has 12 piercings in areas you can't see.

Nessie- A Loch-Ness who has been the object of desire for trackers with a discerning eye for decades

Nick- A sweet and shy little boy with brown hair. He plays an actor in the hit tv soap, "All My Gaians"

Nicolae- Known best by his friends as Nicu, he's the owner and proprietor of a traveling gypsy wagon shop, called Back Alley Bargains. He set up his business in Barton, but it's recently been moved into the cargo hold of Cresceno's airship. Nicu recently acquired a second job working in Crescento's Alchemy shop

He claims that when he was a boy, he could steal five gold and live like a king for a week.
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Nova- This adventurous redhead is a Moga Master

Nerio- a shark spirit

Nurse Hazard- Doctor Killshye's assistant who is called on to handle the numerous hazards resulted from his work.

Odele- guitarist of the Skull Pop band. Together, she works with Rayna and Taja to bring music to their fans

Old Rusty- Long-term exposure to chains caused him to die. Exposure to something far worse brought him back.

Oliver- A master of the art of slight of hand. He runs the cups game in Club Limbo.

Olivia- Leon's mother, and a baker. She's a sweet mother to Leon, but a biological hazard in the kitchen. The guards of Barton can't seem to stomach her culinary creations

O-Renji- He's the muse of the color orange. O-Renji is active and loud

Otis- a man who runs a store that sells both musical instruments and farming supplies

Pancakes- no one knows how Pancakes dies, let alone returned from the dead. They are dangerous nonetheless.

Pétur- an ice sculptor who lives in the frosty North.

Peyo- this young redhead is the son of Ruby, and shows a fondness for ducks. Peyo aspires to run a shop of his own, someday, but currently, he's taken on the task of turning trash into little paper hats. Its stated that he looks up to The Masque, and that his mother doesn't want him talking to Timmy.

Prakash- brother of Dr. Singh, and a scientist who has decided to "find ways for the sacred techniques of science to intersect with the commercial reality of our world" by capturing celebrities in order to study them, being that it is one of the only ways he can keep financially stable, since his older sister won't give him any money nor let him stay at her home. He is socially awkward, a bit naive, and has a love for milkshakes. Prakash can be a bit of a klutz, often falling into a coma due to opening doors that hit him in the face. He can also become lightheaded and prone to fainting, due to getting overly excited about his findings, which upon taking, he calls souvenirs. He is somewhat skilled at breaking and entering, and is able to pop the bones in his arms out of place to fit into small entrances.

Princess Estelle- the princess of the land of Titania

Professor Hana- A Faerie Caretaker of Valefor's grounds, and instructor of nature Magic. One of her favorite reading materials is: "The Joy of Botany".

Professor Sarris- An Elven Alchemy instructor at Valefor Academy. He seems knowledgeable and takes his work seriously. According him, Alchemy is an ancient art that was brought about centuries past, by Dark Elves.

Professor Lorraine- A ghostly woman who teaches Healing Magics at Valefor Academy. She can sense the potential in her students, and help them sense the healing spirit within themselves.

Puli- a six-winged cherub whose vocabulary is severely limited

Purvis- son of Rancher Bill. He's incredibly dense, but astoundingly strong. He expresses a desire to be a cowboy that wears a skeleton mask, and that the mask would let him wrestle real good so he can wrestle bad guys. Hobbies hobbies include carrying cows for distance (he puts them over his shoulders like a yoke) and driving fence posts for speed (he holds them still with one hand while he drives the post into the ground with his other fist).

Quentin- A third-year student at Valefor. He's reliable enough to the instructors, to be asked to step in to teach classes on Dark Magic, when the original professor is unavailable. He has a talent in shapeshifting, and can transform into a cat.

Radio Jack- a rude little Dabbit who works at Dernier*Cri, alongside Brennivin. He wears an eyepatch, and earring in his right ear.

Randy Folsom- a gentle spirit in life, now he cruises the world in search of victims to haunt and terrify.

Rayna- the lead singer in the hot new Skull Pop band; new to the music scene. that features a trio of cute and spunky girls

Ren- A mysterious young man with black hair and white highlights.He's also a celebrity on "All My Gaians"

Renard- a skilled violinist and master of magical music. He comes from a time when the arts are in the midst of being reborn.

Rick Lond- This suave and stylish blonde is a castmember from popular tv show, "All My Gaians"

Ricky the Dog-Faced Boy- enjoyed a promising career as a circus performer, until he met an untimely end. Ghost though he may be, his bite hurts all the same.

Rigel & Mintaka- Two of Gaia's resident celestial beings. Rigel is the twin brother of Mintaka, and both are elder sibling to Saiph and Hatsya. He and Mintaka (along with their Kitten Star, Jet) arrived on Gaia to take their smaller siblings back home. Their plan backfired, after the defiant younger siblings issued a challenge to have the right to remain on Gaia- and won. After orders from their father, Orion, for Rigel and Mintaka to stay on Gaia in order to learn humility, after their loss to their younger siblings; Rigel and Mintaka booted Flynn into outer space, and took over the Cash Shop.

They believe that the Animated items that their younger siblings create, are the rarest and most extraordinary of all treasures.
Info Here

Rigel and Mintaka both enjoy playing video games; specifically, RPG's. They also show consideration for their younger siblings, and buy a copy of the game for Hatsya and Saiph.
Info can be found here

Rigel and Mintaka are greatly intrigued by Gaia's beautiful change of seasons; though their tastes vary. Mintaka likes winter, while Rigel adores autumn.
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Both Rigel and Mintaka love October, and Octoberfest; drinking, and eating meats during those two weeks.
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Rigel and Mintaka's education was unconventional; consisting of mostly interstellar travel to watch galaxies die. They also find Gaian schooling boring.
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Rigel and Mintaka enjoy weddings
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Rina- a, flower-loving brunette who runs Buttercup Cafe and Flowershoppe. Rina's cheery and always full of energy, and Leon and Rufus is always ready to hide from her. She considers Leon and Kanoko do be her friends, along with an Angel Imp named Deen

Riola- a wildcat spirit

Rogue- The red muse. He's bold and strong. Rogue bears a slight resemblance to Principal Mills

Ron Bruise- Famous celebrity actor and millionaire.. or something more? Ron is a living enigma; perpetually confused, but always enthusiastic! He's a man of great wealth and volatile temperament. A man addicted to life and love. No one knows if he's friend or foe.

Ruby- Owner of Ruby's Rack, and single mother to her son, Peyo.

Ruby's shop; Ruby's Rack; formerly known as the Gambino Hat rack resides on the Isle de Gambino, and was a present to her by Johnny Gambino. Her shop exists in the heart of the marketplace in Gambino Isle, and was once the store that Ian used to run; Gambino Boutique.
Info can be found here

Ruby and Ian grew up together. Because of this, Ruby can depend on him to babysit her son, Peyo, who also gets along well with Ian.
Info can be found here

She wants to steal Rufus from Ian, because she thinks he's "the cutest kitty ever"

Rufus- Ian's pet cat who looks after the shop while Ian's out. Often imitates what Ian is doing, and likes dancing with him, as well as getting scratched behind the ears. Regardless of the fact that he's a cat, he's been known to bark like a dog, on occasion. Rufus has been shown to be extremely generous; even going so far as spending his college fund on painted eggs for Gaians, during Easter

Rufus comes from a long line of talking cats who lives with Ian's family tree. He is the last talking cat of his kind, and claims to know Ian better than his own mother.
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Ruwa- A hot-headed upstart and performer in the band, Pascal. He fights frequently with Shoubi.

Ryder- a reckless ace pilot and veteran of the great war. His daredevil tactics earned him the title, “Berserker of the Skies.” Long ago, everyone mourned the loss of his dear friend and co-pilot, but Ryder still believes that he's alive and out there somewhere.

Red- Bremen's vocalist. He's an obnoxious, prattling blowhard who enjoys spicy foods.

Sadie- the stylish bassist of Bremen. She enjoys shopping for designer goods from some of the ritziest brand name designers; Dolci, D'Oro, and Huey Bretton.

Sam- Owner of Sam's Body & Parts; this blue-haired tomboy knows her way around a wrench. Sam has a crush on Liam, and was once commissioned by him to help build a giant robot named Delugeau 8000 V.52. She has a dog.

Sam was shy in school and didn't talk to boys much. She had a rival named Jenny McPhee, who was smart and pretty, and used to date every boy that Sam had a crush on; and still does, to this day. So Sam admits that she goes out of her way to go to Jenny's place and slash her tires every month.
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Sam admitted to being absent-minded when she was in school. An embarrassing incident for her was when she always used to attend with mismatched socks and backwards shirts, and both feet through the same pant-leg. She oft played it off by pretending to be crazy so that she'd be left alone.
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Sasha- shopkeeper of Gambino Outfitters, this brunette babe isn't really all that bright. In fact, this “Valley-girl” is completely oblivious to what goes on around her, like Gino and Ian having feelings toward her. Sasha is good friends with Moira, and allergic to cats, She takes poetry classes, but isn't good at it, and claims to love world peace and baby ducks. Sasha has stated that she might have feelings for Gino if he stopped hanging out with Liam.

When in school, Sasha got stood up on prom night
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Sir Ashby Sacheverell II- a dapper elven gentleman who prefers avoiding crowds, to reflect on the natural world, alone. As a magician, he can sense auras.

Santa- father of Christmas. He had dies once, fighting his childhood friend, Jack, but was revived, thanks to the assistance of his wife, Mrs. Claus, and S-Corp. Once awakened, he proceeded to settle the score with Jack- and ultimately, rekindled their friendship. Santa later had his brain switched into the body of a cow, when a bovine abduction went awry at the fault of the Zurg. After two years of imprisonment in the body of a cow, Santa's elves saved him and brought him back to the North Pole, but only after he was nearly slaughtered and eaten by T-Bone. It was there that he and the cow had their brains successfully reversed, for Santa to be successfully set free and back into his regular body,

Santiago- his skills in tap-dance are unrivaled

Scuppers- a young orphan boy from Shabby Meadows Orphanage. He has a twisted foot that causes him to limp and at times fall over. In attempts to correct this, special shoes were created for him. Despite his physical shortcoming he seems to be a happy and curious child.

SGT Kipling- a tireless and duty-driven knight eternally devoted to the crown. After the end of the great war, he decided to use his abilities for the common good. Concerned about the increasing dangers posed against the kingdom, he's taken it upon himself to bring peace to the land.

Shoubi- the calm, collected violinist of the band, Pascal.

Stein- an undead monster who makes his living handling filed glitch reports. He was formerly employed as a lawyer, a doctor, and an accountant, and a few other odd pieces. He believes his nose belonged to a florists'. He thinks he is highly overqualified for his current position but Gaia's staff were the only people who didn't run screaming at the sight of him. His interests are Quilting, Classic Film, Psychology, Neatness, Professionalism, Gaia's firm, fair, and always hungering userbase. His disinterests are: working his job, which he refers to as a circus, Gaian's who request his skin or clothing, fanthreads, and ARTISTS

Sandman- she lulls Gaians into an eternity of sleep with her golden sand, and as they slept, she would steal their eyes

Sol- The Lord of Summer

Sprout- a young, infant-esque flower imp who enjoys planting things

Sundae- a sexy, anthropomorphic rabbit made from dark chocolate

Sunako- a lowly orphan from Shabby Meadows Orphanage

Sunukkuhkau- A fierce centaur warrior with thunderous hoofsteps and a burning passion for war. He's definitely lacking in subtlety, so just point him in the right direction, and stand back.

Swimp- a lowly orphan from Shabby Meadows Orphanage

Shika- a deer spirit

Taisho- the youngest, but most mature member of the band, Pascal

Taja- drummer of the trio that makes up the Skull Pop band.

The Amazon Crusher- Her propensity to put people in headlocks makes her one of the least pleasant specters.

Thea- a unicorn spirit

Thucydides Ambrosia- a terrible threat indeed, as he systematically targets your self-esteem, tearing you down with endless putdowns.
Unit 777- the cold, unfeeling operator of Club Limbo's slot machines

Valentine- owner of the Macy's MStyle shop

Velvetine- a newly hired fortune teller who joined Cirque du Gothique's troupe

Violetta- The muse of indigo and violet. She's dark and mature

Verde- The green muse. She's nurturing and earthy.

Verden- Being able to manipulate earth at his will has given this Champion Halls student a clear advantage on the school's soccer field.

Virgil Rosenthal- dashing and mysterious, he comes from a time when the entire world was embroiled in battle. His dark magic and mastery of shape-shifting makes him a skillful agent of war

Wakiya- a Thunderbird who, despite her delicate looks, is a model of strength. With a clap of her wings, thunder may be heard, leaving a tremendous storm in her path

White Queen

Wraak- a demon summoned by a prisoner to posses the man and take revenge on the evil king who enslaved him, as well as the king's family and court


Ylaipi- a Yeti who's a big-hearted ball of energy; a meat-eating master of snowball fights, and always ready for new adventures!

Yuki- A super-hip brunette. This actress has a role in the hit soap opera, "All My Gaians"


Yvette- a koi spirit

The Lesser Known
*Note: These are not (yet) official NPC's, but "hidden" characters throughout Gaia, some of which have yet to be named

Angelsmith (unnamed)- a famous angel who forged the Angelic Bow, to counter the destructive powers of the Demonbow

Antique Shop Owner (unnamed)- an old man who sells questionable, possibly cursed artifacts to unsuspecting customers

Baldur- A confident guard and knight who wields an ancient katana. The other guards seem to admire and look up to him. Little is known about him after he was attacked by a Buzzsaw.

Brother Swimp- a monk who has reached enlightenment. He's a member of the Sacred Order of the Mountain Monks

Chet Bleekstone- one of the greatest Dark Elf Blacksmiths who ever lived. He forged the Dark Elf's Light Armor, and possibly, the Ironcrusher Armor

Doll Maker (unnamed)- a skilled artisan who crafted beautiful dolls. His finest work was a clockwork doll who many say was prettier than a real girl.

Evil Dictator (unnamed)- a man who had a pitchfork forged in demonic flames, in order to spread "freedom" in his name



Hibi Tribespeople- These tribespeople live on an aisle where sarongs and wraps are a common fashion for them

Ice Prince (unnamed)- Yearly, this majestic noble reigns in the short, seasonal winter months. His dashing wintry presence is always appreciated.

Ice Princess (unnamed)- When her greatest love was lost, this princess melted into a puddle and washed way into the earth


Keymasters- Immortal stewards of interdimensional security, these two gate guardians prevent any catastrophic dimensional breaches from occurring.

Kong Sang- A warrior who possesses a balletic fighting style, and a wit as fast as his fists.

Ladie Georgette- A fearsome woman who slay a dreadful Wyrm, and transformed the beast into luxurious garments.

Luka LaGrand- an aspiring fashion designer straight out of fashion school. An opportunity arose for him to publicize himself his clothing line on a reality show. He makes it through to the finals but winds up in second place.

Manny the mechanic- a mechanic who has his own shop! When an alien let his spacecraft there on accident, Manny offered it for sale in a Gaian compatible Mini UFO

Marcus- An evil wizard who once imprisoned the power of the sun in his staff. When he fell from power, the staff shattered, releasing a burst of energy searing everything from Barton to Durem

Ms. Cooper- she runs the Shabby Meadows Orphanage; however, she's an alcoholic and neglects the many orphans kept in her care

Mephiste- An enigmatic, dark man(?) who presumably specializes in curses and is unable to tolerate the purity of the light. He kidnapped princess Rosamund

Mathilde- Found wandering the streets as a young girl, Mathilde had no memories other than her name. Given the traumatic state she was in, everyone assumed her parents died a tragic death. She spent the next 10 years of her life in an orphanage, until she awoke one day to find a letter under her door. The parchemt was an invitation to Ravenwood Manor, signed by Mr Jackdaw, and spoke of how her family was alive and well, living in the manor.

Mister Jackdaw- A mysterious man who sends a letter to inform and invite Mathilde to a manor to learn about the family she forgot about


Officer Boothe- a law enforcement officer who tried to arrest adult Timmy, for Loitering, Vagrancy, and child concealment. Booth also accused him of doing drugs


Queen Dorado- A seductive and ruthless ancient ruler of a mysterious, golden empire located deep within the jungle


Serpentine Priestess (unnamed)- A priestess from another snake-based cult who once held a part of the populace in her grip of slithering terror. It's unknown whether this priestess and her cult had any relationship to Apep, the serpent god.

Snow Maiden (unnamed)- the offspring of Winter and Spring. This powder snow priestess fell in love with a mortal, and had her heart melted by the warmth of love.

Snow Witch (unnamed)- An elegant and icy temptress of the winter tundra. She lured suitors into her icy lair, with the promise of warmth, but locked them away forever, in a permafrost vault.

Sugarplum Fairy (unnamed)- A mystical fairy from Fairyland. Her power is epic

Tooth Fairy (unnamed)- A mystical fairy from Fairyland. Her power is epic.






Races and Species

Airshark- A creature made by Sam, that seeks to protect her. It flies over Barton town, on occasion, and drops bombs onto the people below.


Angel Imp- Angel Imps appear to be friendly and helpful, whether they can talk while in their smaller imp form is unknown, but they certainly seem to understand what is said around them. While in small imp form they are round, white fluffy blobs with faces, and have feathery white wings and curly golden tails.

Arachnids- A race of reclusive Arachnids had a queen who ruled over the Eastern armies for a century before the people discovered she wasn't human- and executed her. The Chestplate of Arachne was what those under her rule, in the army, wore before they fell after Arachne's execution.

Bonechewer- a mythical creature that's mentioned by Caretaker Tia, but not yet shown or mentioned elsewhere. Perhaps it's merely the name given to the baby Griffin she had Gaians handle, as training.

Bone Dragon- a reanimated skeleton of dragons of ages past. This unique oddity was formed when Necromancers sought to use their dark arts to bring back the dragons that were being pushed to extinction. Bone dragons have the ability to break apart and reshape at will.


Demons- Selfish, callous creatures from the land of Demona. Dark Halos are the true mark of this race.

Devil Imp- Devil Imps have a suspicious air about them, but it appears they don't want to cause harm to anyone and only have interest in finding gold. They appear as round black blobs with with faces, have black bat-like wings and thin tails with an arrow shaped tip.

Doptera- A graceful, insectoid race. Not much is known about their queen, other than that she wore a Butterfly Mantilla.

Dragons- a species that's nearly extinct in the Gaiaverse

Dwarves are first acknowledged as a fictional Gaian race included in the Mythril Armor MC text, in September '06. They are first portrayed as dutiful workers that harvest Mythrill out of mountains. Dwarves are again mentioned when GRS agent, Ivan says that he keeps tabs on infamous tax havens, such as the Dwarven banks of Milthrylfyrun. However, Gaians don't see the actual appearance of a Dwarf character (Brewmaster Barleyfist) until the arrival of the Valefor Academy CI.


Fishmen (extinct)- A highly evolved race. They appeared to be religious, and skilled artisans, however, they are extinct. Little is known about how their race perished.

Flower Imps. also are called Garden Imps- the small, distant cousins to the larger Angel and Devil Imps. They are not edible.

Gorgonus- a creature whose gaze could turn a person to stone with a single glance. It was slain by a skilled swordsman called Perusi

Goti- Sacred, horned creatures associated with dark magic and the occult

Grunny- These mutant rabbits were created by Labtech X in a secret G-Corp experiment. These furry zombified fiends enjoy eating brains instead of leafy greens. After escaping from the lab and into the wild, they bred like bunnies, and some of the wild that have spawned, were captured and sold in only the most exotic (and illegal) pet stores.

Gwee- A baby dragon's egg was all that remained after the dragons abandoned their nests in the Northern mountains. The egg was discovered and taken by an explored, and from the egg hatched a species of dragon called Gwee. These dragons sleep best in beds of gold coins, and are extremely loyal to their owners.





Landshark- Presumably, the cousin of the airshark. This creature lurks the sands of Gold Beach, and attacks tourists without warning.

Leocorn- A unique creature from a far away land. This creature enjoys tea, crumpets, and being pampered, so it's a perfect pet for royalty; however, it also is a determined fighter.

Mwee- A dragon, and cousin of Gwee. This dragon species lives along rocky coastlines, where their primary diet consists of fish. This dragon species, like its cousin, nests in caves, and are friendly toward humans.

Moga- Strange, powerful beasts that appeared after earthquakes shook the land. These curious creatures originated from falling stars.

Nogitsune- A mischievous fox race who serve as the devilish, mischievous counterparts to mild-mannered fox spirits, Inari.

Orc- Large builds, dark green skin, small tusks, and pointed ears are trademark characteristics of this race. A tribe of these creatures were found near Aekea.

ORLY Owl- a nocturnal species that dwell within the Gaian Woods. They pester lumberjacks with their mocking hoots, and tend to overstay their welcome, after landing on the heads of unsuspecting humans.


Phoenix- This majestic creature fell in battle, once- or so it appeared. She was able to cast off the shell that restrained her true power, and rise to glory.

Pixies- these creatures are mischievous, and have a penchant for fashion. Due to their miniature stature, they're far too tiny to wear clothes.

Pyre Elves- A race of deep forest dwellers believed to be long extinct. There was a hero amongst them, who possessed a Briar's Shot.


Rock Puppy- a petrified pooch who loves to play. His origins are unknown, and his purpose is unclear.

Sapphire Squawker- a majestic species of foul (possibly?) that's considered to be sacred amongst warrior tribes of the inner jungles. Capturing its feathers is a rite of passage.

Sno Yeti- Hairy behemoths of the arctic regions. Many of these beasts were experimented on by S Corp

Spring Nymph- This nymph is born from the beauty of nature, and is elusive as it is beautiful. During the Spring, it brings bursts of blossoming life wherever it goes.

Sprite- the most beloved of Gaia's faerie-folk. This impish creature is known for bringing romantic luck


Unicorns- Few mythic creatures are as revered as this majestic beast; a unique creature that combines a steed with the stabbing prowess of a narwhal.

Valkyr- a race that wears bright red battle armor in combat. Not much is known about them

Vylons- an alien race that fears and despises music, and sought to permanently ban it from Gaia's civilization.Their spacecrafts resemble records, complete with tonearm and needle

Winter Fox- one of Gaia's sliest foxes. It uses its coat to camouflage itself in its snowy terrain

Woodland Druid- This seldom seen guardian is only seen in the furthest reaches of Gaia's untamed forests. He always seeks to protect the balance of nature, and punishes those who pouch Gaia's wildlife or trample the flora.


Yokai- these supernatural beings come in a wide variety of forms; ranging from ghostly apparition, or menacing ogre-demons, to mischievous nine-tailed foxes.

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Moga A-M
*Note: From this post on, everything should be considered non-canon to Gaia, as confirmed by Panagrammic.

1. Will all facebook games come to gaia at one point?

Not all of them, but definitely the ones that we think might appeal to the Gaia community.
If they come to gaia, does that mean the areas in them will be canon to Gaia-land? emotion_kirakira
*crosses fingers*
Unfortunately, probably you'll just have to squint and ignore the fact that they're non-canon. It would be really hard to reconcile some of our upcoming games with the Gaia storyline.

(It's hard enough keeping the Gaia storyline consistent -- trying to manage a storyline across nn different properties, different development and writing teams, so on and so forth, would be really challenging.)

Alyx- thanks to its big ears, it has acute hearing and incredible balance

A.C.- a lynx-like species of Moga with mystical powers of foresight and telepathy

Alejandro- brightly colored unilamas that love to shake their hump on the dance floor

Anee- Mogas that used to be a loose confederation of single-celled organisms, but they're bigger and stronger when together

Azurel- a dangerous creature, but capturing one is a sign of good things to come

Axeberry- they're a small, red fruit good for making jam: but also a murderous, big-eared rodent

Argos- …but I've already seen everything!

Anboo- this Moga is a swift and sly species. Anboo are known for their ability to run atop fresh snow without leaving a single footprint behind

Ant- Hard to see but impossible to ignore, this Moga packs a big wallop for its weight

Azure- This muscular dragon is slow, but powerful, reticent to befriend humans but loath to leave it tamer.

Ariadne- an arachnid with jagged legs, pincers, and a nasty stinger. The women's visage on its head is actually a trick to draw in unsuspecting victims

Alleaux- The evolved form of Alyx bares its teeth and lets its hair run wild.

Anini- As Anee evolves and turns into Anini, extending its head tentacles into long whips for better stinging its enemies.

Allegro- Allegro is known for its spectacular fur pattern and fanatical obsession with professional wrestling. The small wings appear vestigal but allow him to safely Elbowdrop from any height.

Barnetta- they don't talk a lot, but they don't really need to.They're amazing at everything, and that's all there is to say about it.

Blanch- these forest squirrels spend a lot of time gossiping, and keeping their tails nicely styled

Blaze- though small, the Blaze can take down much larger enemies with their firepower and tmwork

Beefee- though they may look similar to cute little calves, they aren't afraid stomp their foes into a world of hurt, using their darling little hooves

Birdrodent- when a rat and a pigeon are crossed, a beautiful surprise is born: a Birdrodent!

Bloody Mary- cold-blooded lizards that spring into action once the sun's been up for a couple of hours

Blyx- they gain their electric powers from lightning strikes. Unfortunately, lightning also fries the part of their brain that regulates drooling

Boogaleaf- little is known about this creature except that it has a taste for caramel and leaves behind a slimy trail in its wake

Booly- these creatures are as headstrong as they come, mostly because that's the largest part of their bodies

Brineep- smug little creatures who love to hover over the battlefield, while offering criticism and complaint

Brolo- they're saddest when they spill jager on their frolf jorts

Bulsha- obedient, logical and kind, but extremely clumsy around fine china and glasses

Buffant- kind, generous Moga who enjoy ferrying smaller Mogas across rivers

Barong- inhabited by the spirit of a boy prince who leads good warriors to battle in the afterlife

Boxer- The feelings of this Moga might be fragile, but in a fight, it'll sent the other Mogas home express

Burger- Prophecies tell us that one day, the Burgers' endless mouths will yawn open to consume us all

Blackfang- descended from wolves, but millenia in the company of humans have made these Moga less wild than their ancestors

Bamf- this dragon-like Moga isn't the biggest around, but with its stealth, claws, and speed, it ha no problem bringing down its prey

Black Gold- one of the most ancient Mogas. Only the chosen few can tame this majestic, epic beast

Bristol- these Mogas adore attention and dream of being a celebrity.

Bandito- People often try to smash Bandito as a pinata, giving it chronic anxiety and a fear of children's laughter.

Beaster- This Robo-bunny is all stick and no carrot.

Basont- Basont is the adult form of Knives. These Mogas use their sturdy frames to absorb blows before finishing opponents with a swipe of their powerful claws.

Bladewing- Most birds collect twigs to make nests. Bladewing collects scrap metal to make into weapons and armor.

Bhino- This compact little guy is build like a fortress. You may not be able to move it, but it can move you.

Chanho- these young and playful Moga cats have lightning fast reflexes, which they use to pounce upon larger foes

Coanon- these angry, log-riding koalas are the scourge of the eucalyptus grove

Corgito- many dogs with they had a vine belt and leafy wings, but only Corgito lives the dream

Crabao- due to the fact that they have a rich, nutty flavor, many people eat Crabao's; however, these creatures have proven themselves to be strong fighters

Crabone- they prefer to dine on rotting carrion and mollusks, which can easily be cracked with their claws

Cactoo- they love hugs but are covered in spines, which makes for a bad situation

Colbri- These hummingbirds are polite and soft-spoken, but secretly seethe with an unspeakable rage

Chuuchilla- tiny gold-furred Mogas that like to spend their time sleeping on piles of cedar so that they smell nice

Cathulu- rising from the stygian depths beyond the veil of time and space, these Mogas are pure evil personified

Coyotl- foxes who work in pairs in order to get the drop on their desert prey

Chamepo- one of the most human-friendly Moga; sometimes even pulling wrecked sailors to shore

Cherlampeter- ugly

Chell- a Moga that's forever laughing, but at what- no one knows

Claude- a mopey Moga that's always ready to tell a disheartening story of its personal loss

Chezvice- this Moga is a jellyfish p that's been possessed by a tiny demon and dragged onto land. Its stench is unbearable

Crescent Fish- it lets no Moga step on its steez

Capriccino- theese Mogas may look like they're all fluff...and they are...except for the horns. Many unfortunate Tamers have learned this the hard way

Coldbear- Coldbear sleeps during the warmer months, then rises in late December to enjoy comfortably freezing temperatures.

Creamaranian- Like many little dogs, Creamaranians have delusions of grandeur and would like to be addressed as "mayor."

Clovey- Cloveys embody the saying that "you make your own luck"--this four-leafed gold-pot-wearing Moga does just that!

Cloyd- Affectionately nicknamed “the dragon pig”, this half reptilian half-swine loves to graze the skies and eat fluffy clouds. In spite of their spiny backsides, they can be quite cuddly

Crystagon- this beast shies brilliantly with is purple diamond scales and wings. This Moga draws its energy from the crystals that grow all over its body, making it a dangerous foe when fully charged

Chuuzilla- Chuuchilla's energetic scampering causes it to catch fire when it evolves into the flaming Chuuzilla.

Devgorilla- extremely smart at what they do, which is banging rocks together

Dinho- has an amazing ability to deliver precise kicks, which help it in sports and battles

Diabao- a rare hybrid, Diabao combines the splendor of a light imp with the devilish attitude of a dark imp

Dirge- the battle screams of a million wold boars couldn't drown out this Mogas horrible screech

Darcy- this proud Moga is very class conscious and won't abide an inferior Moga that puts on airs above its rank

Devibun- Despite its devilish appearance, the Devibun is very kind and loyal--though it might occasionally try to bargain for your eternal soul.

Dead Heat- Evolving from Flam, Dead Heat is the mature form of these fire dragons. They eat the equivalent of two cows every day, flame-broiled of course.

Deelish - This creature may look like an edible two-toned tasty treat, but it actually is a ravenous monster. It grabs victims with its sticky tongue and pulls them into its cavernous mouth.

Edgehog- this beast enjoys a high-risk lifestyle digging long, dangerous tunnels

Electrotter- this cunning creature combines the best elements of the otter together with the fierce and fearsome power of electricity

Eefree- red-hot salamanders who love swimming through molten lava and chewing on tiny pebbles

Elque- these Mogas can only be seen when a forest god is walking closeby. The Elque is there to distract you from it

Edgar- Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he.

Eon- A renegade from Steel Peaks experimental Moga laboratory, Eon trusts no one and sees only a world filled with foes.

Faust- they fly around catching up on the latest Moga gossip, which they love to share with friends

Forevalone- it's as lonely as it is adorable; forever yo escape its lingering stench

Flam- these baby dragons can barely roast a marshmallow

Fassbender- a strangely irresistible Moga. Though toothy and rugged, it has a devoted fan following

Firefox- it used to be a lot faster and have really good defense, but now Firefox is slow and confused by anything swift

Fenix- these Mogas exist between two worlds, shifting between the form of a cloud and a fox

Fishhleg- Nature has a strong sense of comedy and Fishleg is its attempts at physical humor

Friedrich- This Moga's eyepatch and brain fever give it poor depth perception, which it makes up for by biting everything it can

Frostfang- The greatest tamer-kings kept these ice dragons in their palace so their beer would always be served deliciously cold.

Gogh- these tiny chameleons appear to be slow and fragile, but are speedy, and as tough as nails

Gryph- everything about this legendary beast is majestic; including its droppings; which can contain specks of precious stones

Golerph- the moss that covers this Moga is itchy and irritates them, so they tend to get sulky. Tamers can cheer them up with a vigorous scratching

Glab- this Moga uses a bright light to lure other fish within its reach. Once they're close enough, Glab swallows them whole

Glowbug- on dark nights, the lights from these Mogas can be seen blinking for miles

Groot- these Mogas spend most their time underground, feasting on roots and grubs. Finding one on the surface is no easy task

Gnarwhal- a rascal whale that surfs the sea and the sky

Goatsabee- Wasabees have a hard time sitting down, so when they evolve they get proper legs to help them out.

Grave Digger- A powerful undead dragon of untold power. Gravedigger breathes necrotic energy that drains its enemies of life and consumes their souls upon the destruction of their bodies.

Gnarknight- Whaling ships rarely suspect why this flying Moga might have beef with them, until it's far too late that is.

Hakka- Mogas that come from a noble clan of fox warriors sworn to protect the law of the forest

Huey- energetic rascals that like to bite people on the ankles if they think they can get away with it

Hammerdog- they're always smiling; perhaps because their brain is split in half to fit their long, tubular skull

Hanzo- these expert warrior Moga are skilled in an array of martial arts that they can combine on the fly

Harayama- this dancing panda can hold its liquor in a bar and hold its own in a fight

Hell Mongrel- Hell Mongrel dug a hole under the fence surrounding the underworld and ran away to find fresh bones to chew on.

Hattori- When Hanzo evolves into Hattori he takes on an icy glare and a stoic manner. He strikes so quickly it seems as if he doesn't move at all.

Ibex- angry, irascible creatures with bad attitudes. They prefer to live a solitary life in the mountains.

Ikki- these Mogas are skilled at navigation in the spirit realm; a world beyond the reach of the living

Icevia- this Moga is known as “frozen lightning” due to its combination of speed and lethal coldness

Ie- it torments its victims with an arcane way of doing things. You might be be able to beat other Mogas but Ie is just different...

Igneon- Tiano sheds its scale-like armor for a carapace of pure rock and veins that run with lava when it evolves into Igneon

Jiangshi- they hop around by the light of the moon, searching for creatures to feed upon

Jor- these terrible Moga like to eat children and gamble

Jag- when tamed, these Mogas are extremely friendly and love having their bellies rubbed

Jet- the wily branch of the Kittenstar family. Jet is much smarter than its relatives, and much more prone to getting into mischief

Jackalope- The elusive Jackalope combines the best features of the Antelope and the Jackrabbit. The fact that its name sounds like a combination of the two is just a huge coincidence.

Juggernaut- a dynamo of Moga-crushing power; this Moga lets no obstacle stand in its way for long

Kaomochi- they use exaggerated facial expressions to deter predators from feasting on them

Knightaur- these spider-legged Moga are master archers who can dispatch most foes with a single, well-placed arrow

Kebaba- they feed on nightmares of children, only growing stronger as they quiver in fear

Kurogane- Legend tells of a great inventor who built the first robot ninja. He was killed by his own creation

Kittenstar- Save a Kittenstar and put it in your pocket, save it for the rainy day.

Knine- The origins of this robotic dog are a mystery; perhaps it came form the dark side of the moon.

Knives- The youngest member of the Wild Blades, Knives doesn't let its small size slow it down in combat.

Leif- they love attention and treats, so even if they're tough to catch, they'll always return home

Lobo- these small wolves sneak among farmhouses at night to hunt for tasty snacks, like pie

Lira- dramatic creatures whose arrival is almost always preceded by strong, vortex-like winds

Lambo- they have sassy attitudes and will try to manipulate people with their big, irresistible eyes

Leviathan- watery serpents that would dominate the seas, if they weren't so few in number

Lumo- these monkey-like Mogas use their springy tails to bounce from place to place, and smack rude Mogas senseless

Leon- although these Mogas are regarded as kings of the jungle, most of them take a more democratic approach to ruling

Lepus- A magical version of the rabbit, Lepus use their flowing head-wings to raid gardens for carrots, whistlefruit and delicious cabbages.

Lainedeer- The rarely-glimpse Lainedeer is as deadly as it is beautiful, making it a prized catch among the greatest tamers.

Lungs- With the strength of a shark and the body of a bodybuilder, Lungs will easily toss most mogas on their rear. He also loves to play fetch at the beach.

Messi- these shaggy-haired Moga are skilled in the game of football. they display excellent paw-work and keen vision

Mimple- these creatures were born from a dream; one so vivid and powerful that they found themselves springing to life

Monkeyking- it was said that Monkeyking was born from the coupling of heaven and earth

Munyu- soft, lazy sheep who have slipped through the evolutionary cracks

Melodee- they conceal a nightmarish psyche of unspeakable horrors within their pink exteriors, and express these dark emotions with gentle cooing

Marcuu- this Moga is a satyr; a demigod mix of human and goat responsible for unleashing libidinal energies

Meh- fluffy green goats that can't help but get into mischief, though they continually promise not to

Muuninn- Muuninns say that the raven once stole sun; today they mostly steal shiny trinkets

Mars- these Moga abhor violence, so they pretend that their enemies are amazing presents that need to be opened

Mousemallow- known for creating enormous treasure hoards; which lead some Tamers to call it the ten-ounce dragon

Mantra- these Mogas like to run around with their head down, breaking as much stuff as they can, and laughing like crazy

Mushi- a Moga that's not to be underestimated. His bite is bigger than his....everything

Mojito- a twist here and a splash thee and Mojito will have its opponent floored

Mogan- once a humble forest mammal, heavy exposure to Starseeds warped it from an ugly dog-looking thing into the fearsome Mogan

Martini- you'll have more than a headache after having a few rounds with this Moga

Momo- these creatures have fearlessly forsaken their natural habitat in order to plumb the depths of the sea

Mona- a ruthless imp willing to act on any desire without regard for its effects on others

Metalear- A 'hard boiled' sniper with an 'over easy' heart.

Meano- this Moga takes all the fighting spirit of a raging bull and condenses it into a tiny figure. The sword speaks to the size of its real ferocity
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Moga N-Z


Nomy- Nomys have undeveloped brains that can only experience one emotion: an ecstatic combination of joy and childlike wonder

Nar- a Moga that's every bit as horrible and deadly as it looks. It has a low-tide smell, but is a powerful addition to any tamer's team

Nebugon- these Mogas were formed from the very fabric of the universe in the early days, when stars were just beginning to form

Nightmare- the dream world gives rise to many strange creatures, and Nightmares are the most feared of them all

Nox- a Moga with a real sweet tooth. A Nox's teeth are a great delicacy amongst Pueblonia's royals

Orbz- solitary predators that spin mile-long webs across their hunting territory

Owlreed- when it comes to books, these Mogas have a voracious appetite, and can eat as many as three in a week

Olerk- The evolution of the Vuvu, Olerk continues to hide behind a mask-- but what it hides is even more hideous than before.

Peachie- they use their fruit-like appearance to sneak up on real peaches, which they love to eat

Peafyx- this clever fox has adopted a peacock costume in order to trick larger predators into leaving it alone

Pigsy- they love to eat and would prefer to do little else, though they are really good at fighting

Pipsquii- these giant, once-flying rodents have been grounded due to generations of unhealthy snacks

Pwee- friendly, but have a tendency to barf fire when they get hungry, upset, or excited

Peascorp- Despite its fearsome appearance, these Mogas are actually herbivores due to their small mouths

Pengoo- Its unique body geometry maximizes heat conservation, allowing these Moga to survive in extreme cold

Pudgy- sparrow-like Mogas that have harnessed their obesity for good: their weight adds extra oomph to their attacks

Pluksop- these bull-like monsters are ultra-majestic, and it goes to their head a little. Tamers often appeal to their egos by flattering them and grooming their lustrous coats.

Peejay- it has poisoned many a Mogas' mind with its constant putdowns, slams, jibes, sneers and snubs

Piglore- the spines on its back make this Moga a tough nut to crack, but a wonderful buddy to cuddle with

Pigloo- small adorable pigs made of hard ice. Their hearts are as cold as their exteriors

Pugup- it can eat a disturbingly large amount of dog food with its two mouths

Plasmians- graceful creatures who are non-violent by nature. They're extremely long-loved and loyal

Paroot- grandiose avians that love singing elaborate songs using their robust vocabulary of over 36 words

Peepee- little is known about this Moga, other than they whistle a lot and are extremely shy

Paul- a multi-armed mollusk that can attack its foes from every angle at once

Prototype Zero- The original robo-bunny, Prototype Zero was recalled because it smelled like hot dogs

Phantar- A more intelligent and ghostly form of the Hammerdog. Phantar is capable of opening doors and not drooling on itself.

Plasmadon- When Legendary plasma filled Mogas fuse together, you something awesome is coming, and a Plasmadon is totally awesome.

Pulpo- The spiked tentacles make this moga true danger because once it grabs you, Pulpo rarely lets go. They're also great for multitasking.

Powerbear- This ghastly bear has its own internal power source. Powerbear feeds on the wishes and dreams of children. Be sure to alert the authorities if you spot one near a school or playground.


Radiojack- you'll find these naturally-born rascals scheming, stealing, or in prison

Roarstache- these handsome Mogas dedicate the majority of their time to personal grooming

Ravenous- once a relative of the adorable Edgar, Ravenous's bloodthirsty ways have made it sleek and mean

Raj- emerging from the grave when the moon is full, Raj spends the rest of the month in the cold ground

Rainburn- this Moga causes fires with its energetic tail wherever it goes; which stains its body black with ash and obscures Rainburn's colorful plumage

Ronal- Evolving from the small, playful Dinho, Ronal trades in quickness for sheer power.

Rock Lobster - This giant molten lizard got its name from having powerful claws and a vice-like grip.

Siri- an unforgettable thrashing by sharp leaves and slapping petals is what you may get, if you try to lean in for a whiff of this Moga

Skuzy- these creatures were once house cats, but years of evil behavior led to them being banished to the wild

Staryak- nobody knows who put the jingly bells around the necks of these creatures, but everyone knows better than to try to take them off

Sweetish- these creatures are what happens when melting ice cream cones come alive...and attack!

Smok- obsidian-skinned baby dragons. Smock still have a lot to learn about being dragons.

Sno- very friendly and loyal. Many aspiring Tamers seek these out these little pups

Starpops- these colorful, star-shaped birds are inseparable; joined together by singing three-part harmonies

Syrene- these Mogas were once beautiful mermaids, but aeons in the deep have changed them into something more menacing

Sandburrow- a Moga who's constantly irritated due to the sand in his crags.

Spike- these Mogas are traditionally kept by kings. The Spike's fiery individualistic spirit makes it a challenge for any Tamer

Southpaw- a n aggressive and rowdy fighter with a mean left hook

Stareaver- Mogas with an iridescent glow and an almost impenetrable shell made from meteoric metals

Shellack- its large shell lets it collect as many old newspapers as it wants

Shen- a hideous monstrosity that rarely surfaces, and when they do, it's only to drag some poor victim down into the depths

Scorpius- Many a cheese shop has gone out of business due to the stealthy, thieving cheeselust of Scorpius, and many more will surely follow.

Scud- Scud has an explosive temper, so don't get on it's bad side!

Seraph- One of the angelic breed, the Seraph enforces justice at the end of a sword.

Sheriff- This emerald fiend is quite the sight to behold, with its glowing red eyes and gaseous coat. Sheriff is actually quite toxic, so be extra cautious when you encounter one, and don't touch it!

Stego- This beautiful Moga is covered with lovely swirls and sharp spikes. It's always ready for battle with its armored hide and piercing claws

Sagithor- the fearsome champion of the Knightuar tribes, Sagithor looks with disdain upon Moga that don't have flaming heads

Swirlicorn- The dream of the Alejandro is to spread rainbows all over the world, and as a Swirlicorn they are one step closer.

Shadowstar- All the fighting spirit of an owlreed, but with the tiny balled up fists to give you a real honest punching.

Shadowstriker - Shadowstrike can provoke fear in any moga with two huge false eyes on its wings and the long, curved claws that resemble very large teeth. Not that it needs this menacing facade as it is a formidable fighter on the battlefield.

Saphirz- A flying fiend with an icy cold exterior and a chilly gaze, Saphirz can make anyone stop dead in his tracks.

Tauron- these beasts wear the symbol of sacrificial bulls, their patron beast spirit. When one dies, another is reborn

Tigon- crafty plains predators that are feared by Moga and human alike; and with good reason

Tippy- they see the world in two dimensions, and get get confused by depth and volume, which is why they tend to fall over so much

Titus- these feisty little devils overflow with enough white-hot energy to melt the hand of the one that touches them

Trufflefant- it leaves the sweet smell of cherries and cream behind wherever it goes

Turtlenie- they have taken some clues from their rabbit rivals to become swift runners, fast fighters and prolific breeders

Twister- fiery little devils with a passion for digging. These phoenix-like creatures can harness the energy of a thousand suns

Tutu- bloated cats that nearly ate themselves into oblivion, but an unlikely pair of wings let them survive

Tiano- these Mogas are most proud of their massive shoulder muscles and likes to be photographed after battles, when they're shining with sweat

Trolo- Psychologically warped creatures with a pathological hatred of trees

Tenpac- these Mogas build sprawling compounds underground; which can sometimes have domes ceilings as high as forty feet

Tama- this Mogas cuteness hides a deadly secret: beneath its outer coat of fur lies an even cuter layer of wooly under-pelt. Well, maybe not “deadly”

Teef- they're known as the limousine of the river basins, because they're a joy to ride

Tambo- these Mogas are forest dwellers with a terrible hoarding problem.

Target- born as prehistoric rock paintings, the power of the Zodiac brought them to life

Thorn- Thorn fights like a mad berserker, often rushing headlong into battle to destroy its opponents as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this attack style leaves Thorn exposed to reprisal.

Toro- Toro is the only Bull to ever win a Spanish Bull Fight and has always been a bovine rights activist, so social injustice makes it especially furious. It'd probably still make a tasty steak though.

Umbranine- they are the manifestation of shadowy demon that bathes in the moonlight

Unitaur- its stoutly shielded head allows it to ram whatever it wants without hurting itself

Unigon- Absorbing the power of the Nebugon, Unigon embodies the force of the cosmos in an even more threatening form.

Vuvu- Vuvu's have a passion for mortuary rituals and can always be found wearing some sort of death mask

Vesper- it takes just one sprinkle of this Moga's Pixie Dust for your hits to “Never Never Land”

Velvia- it spends most its time in a cloudy haze while pondering the ineffability of it all

Vangelis- these Mogas sing in a sweet, trembling voice that’s as beautiful as it is disconcerting

Valgore- These dragons are extremely rare; they are the elder form of Dead Heat and they cannot be caught in the wild.

Vampiron- Vampiron prefers to hunt by night, but it will fight at all hours if there's blood to be had.

Wasabee- they have a poison gland that's capable of delivering the equivalent of fifty gallons of jalepinos at once

Woolf- because of this creatures huge, gaping mouth, smaller Mogas can survive its attack by leaping inside and hiding themselves until the Woolf forgets about them

Willo- when night falls, Willow float ominously over the wet ground; luring the curious into trouble and danger

Weero- these Moga are magnificent Birds of Paradise, and easily the best dancers in the jungle canopy

Weeplet- squishy, gelatinous Mogas that derive most of their nutrients from the seafloor

Wastral- a bad bird. As a youth it listened to punk rock music and turned out no good because of it

Winga- they have a face-like pattern on their inner wings, which they flash in order to disorient and frighten its victims

Waidio- these cute and innocent Mogas dream of a day when Mogas will fight no more, forever

Warplet- these beach-dwelling Mogas tunnel underground to find treasure like rusty cans and lost sandals

War Lepus- The War Lepus rally their brethren to fight--usually to defend their burrows, but when the moon is right, they go on the offensive.

Weatar- Weatars are the ne'er-do-wells of the Moga world, often running with bad crowds and engaging in antisocial activity


Yara- they skitter along the beaches in search of sun-addled men, in hopes of tricking them into believing that they are beautiful women

Yoake- mystical nine-tailed canines that are fearless and bold, especially when it comes to protecting family

Yugure- Mogas who are wandering souls and prefer to dwell in the shadows; avoiding others as much as possible

Yugel- When the Colibri evolves it overcompensates for its long beak with an oversized head. Old watermelonhead, they call it.

Zeit- less an animal and more of a sentient energy; this swirling mass has a unique talent for manipulating time

Zomoo- an undead powerhouse of blue fur and charging blue horns. (Its hair is deadly because its filled with infectious insects)

Zeppelin- renowned aviators that are skilled at acrobatics and long-distance flying

Zerk- Zerk lurches between blackout fury and near-comatose lethargy. It has no memory, only an eternal present filled with destruction
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Aries Island
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Alex- a hardworking grocer looking for the finest locally-grown produce.

David- a young Wilderness Scout looking to earn his merit badge in agriculture.

Elda- A quiet but friendly little girl with a cute pet fox. Her head always seems to be up in the clouds with fantasies of floating cities and dragons.

Elden- The local carpenter. He's a little gruff, but he only picks on people in a friendly way. He claims that picking on Olga is his “favorite thing in the world”. His tool belt makes him feel like batman

Jason- A boy who dreams of becoming a pilot, or at least getting to drive a tractor. He's not yet 18.

Joanne- a local gardener who came to Summer Springs for the fantastically fertile soil.

Laine- An elderly woman who wandered into the village looking for things to yell at.

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Lena- The groundskeeper of Summer Springs. She's bright, friendly, and enthusiastic; she loves fresh fruit, cleanliness, and sunny weather.


Olga- A chef and an aspiring restauranteur. She's always on the lookout for the freshest produces and highest-quality ingredients.

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Rich- A neighbor who likes to visit often. He's from the city, but he's trying his best to adjust to country life. He thinks that Elden doesn't have any style. He also has the hots for Lena.

Rosie- A fashionable girl with a love of all things dark and gothic. She's thinking of taking up taxidermy, and wishes that she had a raven for a pet; for her love of their dark plumes. Her favorite color is black, and her voice is deep.

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Sophie- Lena's best friend. She loves flowers, butter, and dozing off under trees. She's a little eccentric, but always friendly. She thinks Wylie is neat. According to Olga, she has a natural sense for gourmet cooking.

Tom- The village manager. He's well-mannered, meticulous and very shy. He only shows his charming and humorous side to those who know him best. He thinks Elden's music is weird and sounds like guys yelling.

Uncle Buzz- The owner of Summer Springs. He's getting on in years, but he's still feisty! Loves hard work, good food, and country living. He thinks that Sophie is a good kid, but her brain is in sideways. He seems to have taken a shine to Martha

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Wylie- A long distance runner, He's restless and energetic, and loves being on the move. He loves fresh air and wide open spaces. He also believes that Elden knows more about rap than anyone else he's ever met.
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Terri T-Soul Guardian of Terra
Sobek- The Soul Guardian of Mistral
Hanzo- The Soul Guardian of Pyre (and Aqua?)
Lucy Crow- ???
Eldus- Elemental Master

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