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POSTING 1 - Synopsis


I White Eclipse
II Flower of the Night
III Flight or Fight

New Life for the Undead.

The once-peaceful world of GAIA is on the brink of unavoidable chaos. An age-old prophecy has begun to materialize, filling all who know of it with a sense of impending doom. Louie Von Helson - the heir to GAIA's most powerful vampire coven - is sent on a murder mission by his father, Vladimir Von Helson. The target .. His brother. Louie sets out into the night but the darkness holds unexpected distractions. At war with his birthright and the world, Louie must determine the lives of millions. As the prophecy descends upon GAIA, some take to the shadows, and some to the light.
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  • Idealogue Agency
  • Gaia Online

Presented in order of appearance.

  • Von Helson Manor
  • Forest of Durem (what appears to be)
  • G CORP facility
  • Amusement Park
  • Fun House
  • Streets of Durem (what appears to be)

Characters present

  • Vladimir Von Helson
  • Zhivago
  • Louie Von Helson
  • Moira
  • Johnny K. Gambino
  • Edmund
  • Ian

Creatures present

  • White wolf
  • Vampires as bats
  • Vampires

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MMVII trailer

aprx: 01:16

Idealogue presents

A Gaia Online film

A flower blooms then disintegrate
Louie Von Helson and Moira hold one another and look into each others eyes
Zhivago is seen standing
Vladimir Von Helson is seen standing

Mysterious Voice: "The white eclipse will descend at twilight; Beware the flower of the night; the time is now flight or fight."

MMVII is slashed to become VII

Music by Drazen Bosnjak

directed & animated
by tronic

New Life for the Undead

a Trilogy coming to GaiaOnline Cinemas

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POSTING 4 - White Eclipse

appx: 04:16

Idealogue presents
A Gaia Online film

part 1

White Eclipse

Setting: Vladimir Manor

(A wolf howls / Inside the manor, a room with fireplace / Vladimir and Zhivago sit in chairs)

Vladimir Von Helson: Zhivago, have you discovered the whereabouts of my traitorous son?
Zhivago: He's with Edmund and Gambino sir, hold-up in a secret G-Corp facility.
Vladimir Von Helson: It's as I thought. Those dogs are using Ian's blood- my blood! To concoct a cure!

(Vladimir abruptly stands / Causing his chair fall to the floor)

Vladimir Von Helson: Zhivago, put an end to this foolishness, destroy them all. I need not remind you that this is your last chance.
Zhivago: It will be done.

(Louie Von Helson enters the room)

Louie Von Helson: Father, let me go instead.
Louie Von Helson: This worthless creature has failed twice already, this is family business.

(Vladimir with his back to Louie)

Vladimir Von Helson: Then go now... and finish this.

Setting: In a forest

(Louie chases a white wolf / He pounces but misses it)

Louie Von Helson: Ah... ugh...

(Flash of lightening)

Mysterious Voice: A white eclipse will descend at twilight...
Louie Von Helson: Snow...?
Mysterious Voice: Beware the flower of the night...
Mysterious Voice: The time is now for flight or fight...
Louie Von Helson: *holds his head and growls*

Setting: Open area of the forest

(Louie sees Moira / Moira turns only to find nothing / Louie hides behind a tree)

Moira: Who's there?
Moira: I know you're there... I can hear you breathing.
Moira: *sighs*

(Louie pounces on Moira / They stare at one another, off in the distances a wolf howls / Louie stands up and heads in the direction of the howl)

Moira: Wait... I
Moria: Where are you going?!

(Moira heads in Louie's direction / A blood trail goes up a hill / Moira reaches him to see that he is feeding on the white wolf)

Louie Von Helson: If it wasn't him... it would have been you.
Moira: Who are you?
Louie Von Helson: I am-
Louie Von Helson: Look, it stopped snowing.
Moira: Ohh...

(Louie has vanished / Moira stands alone)

Coming September 30th

part 2

Flower of the Night

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POSTING 5 - Flower of the Night

aprx: 03:16

Idealogue presents
A Gaia Online film

part 2

Flower of the Night

Setting: Inside of G-Corp facility

(Johnny K. Gambino watches Edmund as he concocts a liquid)

Edmund: Eureka! We've done it Johnny, a cure.
Johnny K. Gambino: It's beautiful, we'll be heroes... extremely rich heroes.
Johnny K. Gambino: Picture the slogan: "New Life for the Undead"

(Both Johnny and Edmund laugh / Both men leave the laboratory)

Setting: Outside of G CORP facility

(A snow covered ground, strong winds / On the roof of the facility is Ian / Louie climbs up to Ian)

Louie Von Helson: Ian, we have to get inside!
Ian: *gasp*

(Zhivago with binoculars, spies on them)

Louie Von Helson: I've been followed I can't explain now, I think we're being watched.
Ian: By who?
Louie Von Helson: The Sniper... Zhivago.
Zhivago: Traitors!

(Zhivago aim and fires a grappling gun at the facility / The line separates Louie and Ian / Zhivago slides down the line and kicks Louie in the chest / The force of the kick sends them both through a facility window)

Setting: Inside of G-Corp facility

(Zhivago on top of Louie, takes out a knife and attempts to stab him / Louie holds on to Zhivago's arm / Both struggle)

Ian: Louie!

(Ian angers grows / Ian gives into his vampire side to help Louie / He swings Zhivago over the balcony and kicks him over another)

(Ian and Louie go to see if Zhivago has truly fallen / Zhivago springs up and knifes Ian in the right hand)

Ian: Ahh!

(Ian grabs Zhivago's hand and bits into it / Zhivago falls / Ian pulls the knife from his hand)

Ian: Argh...

(Both Ian and Louie laugh)

Setting: Outside local amusement park / Noticeably a large Ferris wheel turns

(Outside the park Vladimir stares / Behind him are glowing eyes and shrieks of bats)

Vladimir Von Helson: The prophecy is upon us.

Setting: Inside local amusement park grounds

(Moira steps into a Ferris wheel seat)

Vladimir Von Helson: Show no mercy

(Vladimir motions for the bats to fly toward the park)

(Moira sits in the seat and Louie joins her)

Louie Von Helson: Care for a joyride?
Moira: Hmm
Moira: So, is stalking girls your M.O.?
Louie Von Helson: ...

(Bats shriek as they fly toward the park)

Moira: I'm kidding, I actually kind of liked it.

(The two lean into kiss)

(Bats shriek / And loud scream is heard)

Coming October 31st

part 3

Fight or Flight

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POSTING 6 - Fight or Flight

aprx: 04:39

Idealogue presents
A Gaia Online film

part 3

Fight or Flight

Setting: Amusement park

(Fireworks shoot off and interrupt Moira and Louie's kiss / Both look up and then laugh)

(A loud scream is heard / Both turn in the direction / A Vampire stalks the park grounds / The Farris Wheel abruptly stops due a vampire gripping the middle section strongly, it chuckles / And detaches the wheel sending it falling toward the Fun House)

(Louie grabs Moira and jumps toward the Fun House roof / They both crash through the ceiling / Moira is badly injured)

(Louie wakes up to see Moira injured and bites neck)

Louie Von Helson: I'm sorry.

Setting: Streets of Durem

(Ian fights a vampire / Louie and Moira appear)

Ian: Louie!
Ian: Louie, Dads gone too far this time. Louie, we have to get to the castle and put a stop to this.

Setting: Von Helson Manor

(Inside the entrance of the manor, the three fight vampires / Vladimir stands at the top of the stairs / Louie jumps up to confront his father)

Vladimir Von Helson: So you've come to kill your father then?

(Louie kicks Vladimir, sending him crashing into a hanging mirror)

Vladimir Von Helson: *laughs*

(Vladimir's hand glows bright red / A force sends Louie back, Vladmiri jumps after him)

(Outside the manor Edmund opens a sniper rifle barrel / inside on a banister Zhivago loads a sniper rifle)

(Vladimir picks up Louie by his neck / Edmund loads the chamber with a glowing bullet / Both fire, Vladimir is hit and falls to the ground)

(Vladimir begins to disintegrate)

Vladimir Von Helson: Louie, do not deny me my last wish.
Vladimir Von Helson: Keep the Von Helson name alive, take what is rightfully yours.
Louie Von Helson: I will father... but only on my terms.

(Vladimir disintegrates)

(Moira and Ian are on the floor knocked out but come to / The last bits of Vladimir continues upward)

Ian: Do you really want to start this all over again?
Ian: Didn't we come here to end this? Once and for all!

(Moira holds a red filled vial)

Moira: Ian's right Louie, we have the cure.
Moira: Don't you see? We can be human again.
Louie Von Helson: Human; but Moira, this is what I am, a vampire.

(Moira lets the vial fall toward the floor / The vial shatters)

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good grief, it needs more story, less drama, and better graphics rendering. flat would have been fine, it would probably have looked better too. xp xp xp xp xp xp xp

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