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Test Inventory Inspector (Gaia Account Value):

(Some prices listed may not be up-to-date yet)
*snags second post for later*
heart I'm being a ninja-adding whore, so Moira's shop should be done in less than....give me 16 hours? <3
*scuttles off*
Maybe prettify the description.

Might just be my browser but it appears fugly with its Times new Roman and bareness.

ninja I expect it was already on your 'To-Do' list, but I felt like I needed to address it. xP

Otherwise, it's gonna be very useful =D
Yay for the poptart lady~ ^___^

And thanks Mooky and you too Mr. Pudding for the suggestion. 3nodding
This is why you have to love this forum.
Hmm.. do you need just the names or all that jazz like the images, prices, etc..?
Hmm.. do you need just the names or all that jazz like the images, prices, etc..?
For now, we are adding what you see on the list itself.

Name, price, gender, location, image, and description~ 3nodding
Wowza. Well, do you mind if I help a bit for Liams shop? I've started to find Gaia seriously /boring/ and I need something to keep my mind occupied. <3
Uh, sure I guess if you want to ^__^;;

Just IM me? 4laugh
All the casino and fishing items are added now. 3nodding
maharito's avatar

Aged Browser

Excellent work, my man! Much work indeed to categorize all this!

Just to note: You have a Halloween Grab Bag 2 in there twice, I believe. Also, the Silver Wrist Watch is known as an Engraved Silver Wrist Watch. Rarely noticed thing.

Your work is truly a godsend!!
Oh, that's good. Real good. 3nodding
Ooh. This is REAL helpful. whee

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