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I am the Fire Lucario, forever cursed by his flames

Replication (Makeup) and Vintage Yellow Silk Scarf will not load onto avis and if saved, the avi will turn invisible

I am loved by my trainer. She is the only one that can touch me

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Ah, will go edit the message -- broken items are far from being all fixed yet; just the thumbnails sweatdrop
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Lavinia Nox
funny thing that. she has been giving updated information. but what more can she give you when she's not the one working on it? you want better info? try PMing Tekton. he's the one who is trying to get the site up and running for everyone. he has only himself to rely on to get everything loaded back to the site. and he can only do it when he has free time.

also, there are updates on tektek itself. right now the newest bit of info is from the 12th, but again, all of this stuff is being done by people when they have the time. plus, not much has really changed since it's all still the same thing being done.

when Gaia takes its sweet time to fix something, yeah, get mad. they are getting paid to run this site and some users are paying to use the site. but when a site like tektek is seemingly taking its sweet time to fix something, you just have to have patience. one person with a life can only do so much at a time.
Funny thing your attitude and treating people like s**t for wanting a bit more information than "be patient" is going to make people angry.

Also, no, I didn't see any updates on TekTek despite going there myself a few times this past week, so obviously not everyone is getting those! Might wanna rethink that retort.

If this is the official thread for it, it should remain updated, and the fact of the matter is that it's not is actually not a very good thing, because then you get people who are sick of being told to just be patient when there's virtually no information as to what is actually ******** happening. We finally got some details.

Also, you assume that even the workers of Gaia don't have lives. People sure seem to b***h when there's understandable delays, but hey. I guess it's okay because they're getting paid and thus are being an evil corporation when things take time.
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Anakha the Silver

If there was no further informations, it's because there wasn't much new to say than what was already written.

If it's not posted here in the most recent few pages, check the dream avatar simulator "Recent Updates" link in the upper right corner.

That said, update wise, we are currently fixing all the broken thumbnails -- I say we because there's someone else helping going through them. As for broken items in the dream avatar simulator, Tekton have several which needs to be uploaded; until he do have time to do so, fixing them is stalled since we don't have a definitive list of items which really needs files to be redone. Once it's done and compiled, a few other helpers will be able to help redoing them if they want to; it's done on their free time and no obligation is asked of them on this matter. Now, the site won't be necessary stalled for good in the meantime since there's actually a few items ready to be added -- nothing keep us for adding them now even if the others aren't fixed yet so some will be eventually added soon. For the database, items are still added; there should be mostly stuff from the past week still missing -- but the rest should be searchable in the database page and calculated when one use the inventory inspector.

Now, do not expect this kind of update everyday or everyweek; but keep in mind that it's not because nothing is written that there's nothing at all which is being done.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience.
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Just wanted to say thanks for all of the hard work.

Wish there was someway I could help. I know you guys have a lot on your plate with the amount of updates Gaia is doing on a daily basis.

Thanks again!

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