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Just keep clicking until you find a profile you can see and click Applications on their profile.
I am so confused on how to get there after u create a profile. maybe ill use the search icon......
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Thanks but this is too long to read.
i cant understand........ sweatdrop
" i want free stuff"

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this takes a loooooooong timeee.
can u guys get me assasin's guise plz!? i dont wanna whine and beg like a noob kid but i really want it!!!!
ok i did what you said but i didnt get anything stressed scream dramallama

crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
hi i'm still new and can you help me with my dream avi....! just look in my profile so you could see...!! heart pls help me i really need your help
I've got finger cramp from clicking it too many times. And i'm not even 1/5th of the way there crying
hope you could help me with my dream avi! pls heart
help me with my dream avi heart

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