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Welcome to Free Item Archive!
As you should know, there was a recent Free Item Archive here.
Well, some Gaians have noticed that the owner of the thread has not logged on in awhile and hasn't been able to change the front page.
So, the Gaians who have noticed this and have decided to help have all gotten together and made a new thread called Free Item Archive !
The thread will be organized and updated whenever there's a new offer.


These items are one-grant only unless otherwise specified.

Grant Items/Gold
Or items/gold you have to visit the link to get

Meowbook Wing Sticker
Visit link, get Wing Sticker (Grants: 1)

Mocha Lounge Jacket
(Grants: 3)

Register with myYearbook, get 6,000 gold (Grants: 1)

Rhinestone Flip Flops
(Grants: 3)

Men's Wearhouse Prom Rep
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants: 6)

Star Kitten Pin
Show your support for Hatsya and his brother or their siblings by following this link, getting free item, and wearing it. (Grants: 1)

We're not allowed to give out the direct link. You'll have to search reapersun's profile for the super amazing free item. (Grants: 1)

Kung Fu Panda: Play the new PVP Kung Fu Game!
(Kung Fu Panda [White Belt]) (Grants: 3)

Macy's style
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants:4)

Street Fighter 4 auto grant
Follow the link and get item. (Grants: 3)
Note: Even if you've already gotten the pants from the trailer, you'll get another three from this link.

Mmas 2k10 Event Santa's Bag of Toys
Visit link, get item (Grants: 1)

Trinity Universe
Visit link, get 100 gold. (Grants: 1)

Visit link, get 100 gold. (Grants: 1)

The Necromancer
Visit link, get 100 gold. (Grants: 1)

Visit link to get Black Bakeneko Ears and Tsunami KO Classic Coat (Grants: 1)

Free Gender Bender Potion
Gender Bender potion ( Grants: 2 )

Playtex Profile page
Visit Flash Space and repeat yoga instructor to get yoga mat
(Grants: 3)

Fanta Page
Talk to Tristen to get Fanta Orange Peel Bracelet (Grants: 3)

Visit link to get Star seed (Grants: 1)

Macy's Profile page
Talk to Valentine to get Macy's American Rag dress (Grants: 3)
Go to the back of the store, enter back room. Talk to Lily to accept quest to find her shoes, hat, and bag.
Reward is Macy's Material Girl Blazer (Grants:3)

Discussion link for Dog Warz
Visit link, get Dog Warz (Grants: 1)

Passion Book Trailer 1
Visit link, get 100 gold ( Grants: 3)

Passion Book Trailer 2
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants: 3)

Passion Book Trailer 3
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants: 3)

Playtex Sport
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants: 4)

Playtex Sport 2
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants: 4)

Playtex Sport 3
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants: 4)

Playtex Sport 4
Visit link, get 100 gold (Grants: 4)


Video Items

Or, items gained for watching a video.

Super Street Fighter IV
Watch the trailer and get a free item. (Grants: 3)

Monster Lab Profile
Watch the trailer and talk to Senor Brazo. You get a Monster Lab Coat! (Grants: 3)

Kung Fu Panda
Follow the link to accept the quest. Then watch the trailer and talk to Shifu to receive the Blue Kung Fu Panda belt. (Grants: 3)
Note: Only the second link that states "Watch the Trailer" works! This is the link that leads to the video that grants the item.

Kung Fu Panda: Watch a New Trailer!
Watch the video, earn an item. (Grants: 3)

Kung Fu Panda: Watch the Trailer, earn an item
Watch the video, earn an item. (Grants: 1)
Note: Only the third link that states "Watch the Trailer" works! This is the link that leads to the video that grants the item.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is coming to theaters November 7
Watch the video, earn an item. (Grants: 3)

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Special Message
Watch the video, earn an item. (Grants: 3)

PopStar Guitar: Be a Pop Star. Watch the Trailer!
Watch the video, earn an item. (Grants: 3)

Coraline: Watch the Trailer, Get the Key
(Grants: 3)

Sonic and the Black Knight: Watch the Trailer, Get an Item
(Sonic Black Knight Buddy) (Grants: 3)

Alice in Wonderland - Watch Trailer and get an item
Note: For some reason the Alice in Wonderland trailer is granting Super Street Fighter Pants. - Check back for updates

Watch a Video, Earn Gold! Visit the Six Flags Profile

PopStar Guitar: Catch the Trailer, Get a Guitar
(100g) (Grants: 3)

Watch Now: Check out the Featured Veoh Video, Get Gold
(100g) (Grants: 1)

Hotel for Dogs: Watch the New Video, Get 500 Gold
(Grants: 1)

The Sorceress: Watch the Trailer, Get Some Gold
Watch the video, earn 100 gold. (Grants: 1)

Toy Story 3: The Video Game
Watch trailer, get item.
Note: granting 100 gold, not item. Rumored you'll get item on June 15th

Six Flags
Watch trailer, get 100 gold. (Grants: 1)

Watch trailer, get 100 gold. (Grants: 1)
Note: sorry, but this only works for those in US and Canada

The Sorceress
Watch trailer, get 100 gold. (Grants: 1)

Watch video, get 100 gold. (Grants: 1)

Playtex Profile page
Watch Unstoppable Moves trailer get a Playtex surfboard
(Grants: 3)

Fanta profile page
Watch trailer, get Fanta citrus sunglasses (Grants: 3)

Sims 3 Generations
Watch video, get 100 gold (Grants: 3)


Other ways to get free stuff!

There are a number of other ways to get free stuff on Gaia Online daily. Some of these are:

Daily Chance

User Image
This will appear everyday on each landing page (Home, My Gaia, Shops, Forums, Worlds, Game)
Sometimes when you click this User Image will come up.
Click the button that reads "Claim your reward!". The Daily Chance can grant you free items including tokens, and trade-in items.

zOMG Daily Freebies
Every day you can speak to certain NPCs in every area for daily freebies. This includes money and the occasional item. You can see them marked on the maps as a pair of dice.

Get your Freebies from these NPCs
Barton Town : Daily Chance Wheel : South Gate
Village Greens : Dina : South Gate, South East corner of the map
Bill's Ranch : Rubella : Northwest Corner
Zen Gardens : Burton : West near the "Road Closed" sign
Bass'ken Lake : Rocko : East above the South Gate to Barton near the "Road Closed" sign
Old Aqueduct : Spirit : North west corner outside the Null Crystal
Buccaneer Boardwalk : Bob : Near the Bass'ken entrance to Buccaneer Boardwalk (South East area)
Gold Beach : Marcy : South East corner near the bonfire
Otami Ruins : Jerry : South East Corner near the entrance from Gold Beach

Check out the Charities
Some Charities will give you new items merely if you're new, if you have a birthday, or if you do a few things for the thread.

Holiday Events
Gaia regularly hosts Holiday events. During these times it is very easy to grab free or really cheap event-related items. Sometimes this can include going around the sites landing pages and finding clicking small images that appear in random places.

Check the Announcements
Announcements on Gaia often have free items attached, if they're sponsored. Check them here.

Booty Grab
Booty Grab is a small mini-game you play with fish tanks where you catch coins.
The Aquarium forum has hundreds and hundreds of tanks.
You can also go to Dolphin Mania for an easier way to grab if you have a slower computer.
Very rarely playing booty grab can also grant you an item.

Booty Grab can drop:
Hermit Cat
Blue Giftbox
Pink Giftbox

Aquarium Overseer/Jaws
If you have one fish in your aquarium you can get a present daily by clicking the glowing statue of Jaws (the merman).
You must have at least one fish in your tank to be able to receive something from the aquarium daily chance.

Your tanks health can affect the prize, but you'll still receive one if your tanks health is poor. The better your tanks health is, the better the prize may be.

In some mini-games you need tokens to play. You can find these in the daily chance or on the marketplace. Mini-games can be fishing, catching bugs, collecting trash and flowers in the Towns, and playing small games on the games tab.



You can exchange bugs, trash, and other certain items in order to make items! Although some are free, others may not be. Here's a list of the things you can exchange:

Bugs User Image
For ink, which can be used for tattoos, and flowers.

Trash User Image
Tin cans, paper, boots, and more found in Towns and Daily Chance can be traded in for items.

Ink User Image
You can use ink for making tattoos, skins, and color ties on bouquets.
Some may only need one bottle of ink, some need more, and some may even need multiple colors.

Recipes User Image
Items found in zOMG! can be exchanged to make items. Some might include a small amount of gold, some might not.

Flowers User Image
Make bouquets from collected flowers in the Towns. The ribbons can be dyed with ink.

FishUser Image
Trade fish from Fishing for items. You can also find trash and tin cans while fishing.

You can also find fish in the Daily Chance.

Bachelor Credits User Image
You can earn Bachelor Credits in the mini-game Word. Once you've collected enough, you can exchange them for these:
User Image Bachelors Gown
User Image Bachelors Cap
User Image Masters Gown
User ImageMasters Cap

User Image Doctorate Gown
User Image Doctorate Cap

Prize and Joy User Image
Playing card/mini-games can grant you tickets. These can be traded in at the Prize and Joy for items. Some mini-games/slots/card games need tokens to play, which you can find in the Daily Chance. You don't need gold for any of these.


Free Offers for Gaia Cash here.
Take these at your own risk!
You also get a free item for every offer completed, although this can vary.
The item changes often, sometimes you have to do an offer for a certain amount of Gaia cash, sometimes you are only granted one item once for using Gaia offers. Therefore, the reward can vary from time to time.
FAQ's about Sponsored Offers and Earning Gaia Cash


We recently got this PM from Sharkworld, a moderator of Gaia.
She explains that a link we've listed was exploiting a freebie that Gaia gives to those who haven't been logging into Gaia. A lot of you are familiar with the grant that gives 5,000 gold. Please do not share this link.
If you see someone listing this grant, report the post or thread, DO NOT CLICK IT.
Sharing this link is considered exploiting and can result in banning.

Her PM is below.

Can you please remove the wake email link from your guide. The one that is set to grant 5k.
The intention was never for it to be freely distributed and should only be used by those who have recieved the email.
Can you please let me know once this has been removed & if you have it, the link to where it was first recommended to you so I can speak the user in question.
Site Moderator
Special thanks:
I'd just like to thank these people especially.

Purtie Thank you very much for keeping up with the active quests. I haven't been able to keep track of them recently due to life issues. You're help on page 24 has been greatly appreciated.

The original Free Item Archive
Before he left he had a great thin going, which was the complete inspiration for this archive.

The original Free Item Archive crew.
Although it didn't last long, it would have never have begun without them.

Those who keep posting my quote saying I'll try to update whenever possible
Thanks for reminding others, I really will try to keep up

And most of all..
The regulars
Without the regulars you wouldn't know the current active quests, what works and what doesn't, what grants more than one, and whats available.

Check out these threads:

A Guide to Gaia
I made this thread to help out any new users. It has information on earning gold, the definitions of internet jabber (lol, rolf, afk, ftw, fail, etc), and a list of all the topics available in the forums. I also frequent there if anyone has any questions about Gaia, gold earning, etc.
Keep in mind that it's my main account, not my Free Item Archive account.

If you wish to be added to this list, please PM me or leave a comment on this accounts profile. Please do not contact my other account to ask about being put on this list or asking me to update the thread.

Done, you can start posting now!

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Please Note: The Free Item Archive is no longer associated with the guild.

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yay, new thread!
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Haha , yupp !
Thanks so much. I'll subscribe to this one too. ^ ^
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I love freebies!
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Sweet. I shall subscribe to this thread now. 3nodding

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