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Hey, Gaians! Are you sick and tired of your old threads? Need some flashy new duds to kick up your style? Do you feel like you lack the edginess you need to accurately represent the angst you've got buried deep in your blackened heart? Well, strap yourself in, boys and girls: Moira is here to help turn you into the rock god you so clearly are on the inside. How, you might ask? With my wicked new Durem Depot Grab Bag, obviously! It's chock full of punk couture guaranteed to show off your wild side:

User Image

The Durem Depot Grab Bag is filled with lots of great items, including some fantastic recolors of some of your favorite clothes from Durem Depot! Who knows? You might even win a brand new, never before seen pet! I'm only gonna be stocking this rad new item until December 16th, so if you wanna be as cool as me you better pick up a few before I run out of inventory! Drop by the Durem Depot soon, okay? I'm gonna be super disappointed if I don't see you there!

Looks like Moira has releases a Grab Bag, much like Ian did some time ago. I'll try to keep up with all the varying recolors that emerge.

User Image Gaia Office Pet: Nomnom heart heart heart

User Image White Newsboy Cap
User Image Cream Newsboy Cap

User Image Violet Rakish Vest
User Image Acid Washed Denim Tight Jeans

User Image Amethyst Purple Baker Boy Hat
User Image Amethyst Purple Buckle Boots

User Image Pink Stockings
User Image Orange Stockings
User Image Navy Stockings

User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Alice Bow
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Headband
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Dress
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Blouse
User Image Deep Red Long Sleeve Sweet Lace Blouse
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Skirt
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Bloomers
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Knee Socks
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Rockinghorse Shoes
User Image Deep Red Sweet Lace Mary-Janes

User Image Meido Ruffled Lavender Headband
User Image Meido Lavender Purple Dress
User Image Meido Deluxe Lavender Apron
User Image Meido Simple Lavender Apron
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glad they're doing more grab bags.
when I saw the bunny I thought of a certain someone that hops around the GCD. ninja
also, yay purple!
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    I got a recolour of one of the Sweet Alice Lace Bows in maroon!
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Amethyst Purple Baker Boy Hat

i got this and the acid washed jeans, the purple items are really nice. i'm glad they're releasing more of them, it's hard to find matching shades of it sometimes.
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I'm interested in that hat...

also Moira's new avatar looks weird. User Image
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    I want to know when someone gets the little bunny that was in the announcement, I want that precious thing uw u
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I got Orange sheer stockings.

I'm so glad they're releasing more stocking colors! I'm a sucker for them.
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As a fan of the newsboy caps, I'm happy to see some recolors of them.
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Gaia's new goldsink?
Can't see it as very effective tho.
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Yeeeeeeeeees. It is becoming a tradition. heart
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YEAAAAAH! I was hoping someone would make dat item list. :3
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