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Okay everyone, time for a new rig!
Please post who you got and what item you received.
Repeats are welcome!
(x#) Repeated reports in the thread.
I'll try to stay as updated as possible.

Feel free to discuss:

How well you did.
The RIGs odds for you this time around.

How to play: This rig is a simple click to receive your character and prize. Victories are not sellable for this rig.

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Friendly Informer

User Image Albe
User Image

User ImageDevil's Sonata x19
User ImageDemonic Chair x17
User ImageChain Letter x18
User ImageRat King x11
User ImageForbidden Hook
Peeling Green x2
Sleepytime Wildlife Bed
Sleepytime Vitamin C bed
Sleepytime Starry Night Bed
Sparkling Heart Lantern
Staff Impersonation Kit (blue)
Sphere Sidekick
Kanoko's Frostee Sweets
Pink Gi
Green Knight
Sir Percy
Animal Cracker Buddies
Amorous Knight Isis
Wheel of Chance
Aqueous Page of Cups
Wizard's Brew x2
Wind Turbine
Pinot Noiress
Song of the Nightingale
Business Man's Tie Rack
Argyle Scoodie
Plaid Scoodie
Ivory Dribbly Candles
Painted Rose
Bright KISS
Standard Issue Chainblade
Ai the Lucky Cat
In My Closet
Orangecicle Octopus
Deluxe Blue Flame Pants
Mare of Fear
Sprinkles Scarf

User Image Inside Out Girl
User Image

User ImageBloody Heist x9
User ImagePossessive Captain x18
User ImageCross My Heart x8
User ImagePet Cemetary x11
User ImageJersey Devil x7
User ImageCursed Diamond x7
User ImageKuchisake-Onna x8
Flora's Gift
Sheriff Law
Envious Night Jewel
Kuiper Belt
Sharkzilla vs Crocodactyl
Kitten Squad Delta
Supernatural Arsenal
Techno Head
Cosmosis' Cape
Head of Night
Hunter Ranger
Tippy the Tapir
Zippy x2
Ruby Grand Drape
Slayer Champion
Lightning Bug
The Rightful Heir
Protective Nightlight
Starcrossed Lovers' Tragedy
Ladybug Crown
Psychedelic Submersible
Ugly Step Sister
Cardboard Roleplay x2
Evening Star Sister
Green Geist Black Candle
Tropical Disease
My Friend Pippy
Crowning Twister
Coral Seafolk
Starstruck Posters
Strongman's Might

User Image Jaid
User Image

User ImageChain Letter x15
User ImageRat King x21
User ImageDemonic Chair x15
User ImageDevil's Sonata x12
Ladybug Poncho
Giant Ice Cream Scoop
Indigo Dribbly Candles
Spacefleet Tech x3
Diamond Grand Drape
Amethyst Grand Drape
Signal's Cape x2
Red Plaid Luggage
Daring Diamond
The Big Top
Obsidian Seahorse Tail
Wizard's Brew
LUV-01X Cupid's Fast Response Armor
Response Armor
Ivory Dribbly Candles
The Sun (OM NOM) x2
Baby Murlop
Ebony Sewell
Dodo Bird
Wooden Clogs
Improvised Cover
Boa Constrictor
Peeling Green
Orangecicle Octopus x2
The Cheers and Jeers
Charming Bowler
Crimson Heaven Piercing Drill
Bolt Screw Ring Blade
In the Ruhk

User ImageTaylor
User Image

User ImageDevil's Sonata x20
User ImageRat King x29
User ImageDemonic Chair x13
User ImageChain Letter x30
Pink the Elephant and Friends x2
Star Suit Mascot
Zebra Sukutai
The Sun (OM NOM)
Peeling Green
Klaxon Alien Wig
Fairy Grove
Standard Issue Chainblade x2
Gaia-Con Registration Goodies x2
Diamond Grand Drape x3
I Herd U Liek Diedrichs
Princess' Banner x2
Giant Ice Cream Scoop
Egyptian Jewelry Box
Sir Percy x3
E-VO x2
Songs of the Nightingale
Business Man's Tie Rack
Suited Couture
Kindergarden Play
Anemone Couture
The Animator
Mabase's One Life
Earth Mood Bubble
Peravian Set
Ai the Lucky Cat
Animal Cracker Buddies
Lavender Dribbly Candles

User Image Azrael
User Image

User ImageForbidden Hook x8
User ImageFutakuchi Onna x6
User ImageThird Stall x4
User ImageApotropaic Magic x7
User ImageHeadless Marie x4
User ImageBio Exorcist x5
User ImageAccessorized Mauling x5
User ImageBad JuJu x4
User ImagePossessive Captain
User ImageJersey Devil
Starlit Bride
Go Goldfish
Card Captor Shinigami
Canine Warrior
MW-06S Krieger Custom
Pig Face Johnny
String Ensemble
Rosie Bridesmaid
Resolute Steel Trooper
Lava Flow Dress
Domina's Fall
La Dragonne
Twisted Love
Spectacular Buntacular
Der Sandmann
Transforming Oil
White Bunny Fleece Hat
Mister Giraffiday
Cat Noir
Cosmosis' Cape
Little Alps Girl

User Image Fredrick
User Image

User ImageCursed Diamond x3
User ImagePossessive Captain x11
User ImageBloody Heist x3
User ImageKuchisake-Onna x6
User ImageJersey Devil x14
User ImageCross My Heart x3
User ImagePet Cemetary x6
Frigid Sprite
Sleepytime Romantic Pajamas
Comic Sounds
Charming the Piglet
Risky Crusade
Big Game Trophy x2
Love Doves x2
Clock-worked Oliver
Red Giant's Might
Poison Raver
Flight of Fancy
Spacefleet Wigs: Second Generation
Hell's Welder
Mod Concentric
Dreamer's Mind
Genki the Lucky Cat
Little Lemon Lime
Penman's Steel
Timehole Professor
The Bird Bridge x2
Violet Magic Ink
Green Intentions
Violet Impact
Cosmosis' Cape
Little Alps Girl
Kuiper Belt
Starbright Sweeper

User ImageFriday
User Image

User ImageBlack Maggie x3
User ImageJiang Shi x4
User ImageProject Fatal x2
User ImageSickly Triplet x7
User ImageGhastly Triplet x2
User ImageWedding de Mortis x8
User ImageSunken Dutchman x7
User ImageWeeping Wanderer x3
Black Jack
Lucky Suits
Checkered Remorse
Hazard Shock Trooper x2
Yuki Onna
Berserker Pilot x2
Galahad Of Templar
Predominant Principal
WIN Star
Vampire's Judgement
Aviary's Song
Winterland Snowflake
Rainbow Pathway

User ImageKaeden
User Image

User ImageAccessorized Mauling x6
User ImageBad JuJu x8
User ImageFutakuchi Onna x6
User ImageThird Stall x7
User ImageForbidden Hook x6
User ImageHeadless Marie x5
User ImageApotropaic Magic x3
User ImageBio Exorcist x4
Bio Exorcist
Vespers' Core
Nutcracker Prince
Eye of Io
Charithalos Blademaster
La Jolie Dormeuse
Pepper and Mint
8 Ball Riot
Rainbow Neko Cosplay
String Ensemble
The House Wins
Unstoppable Linebacker

User Image Nightmare King
User Image

User ImageRusalki Maiden x3
User ImageLittle Sister x3
User ImageSouthtown Ghost Story x2
User ImageBloodstone Maiden x3
User ImageKanoko's Illusions x3
User ImageIchabod's Horseman
User ImageThe White Lady x2
User ImageMargravine of Autumn x2
User ImageKallida Kumiho
User ImageHuin Seulpeum x2
User ImageNihon Shoki x2
User ImageMourning Groom
User ImageSDPlus #055 Gino Bucket
User ImageThe Sandman Dreams x2
Mimpi the Sheep
Wolf of Southtown
Cartier the Dragon
Hazardous Drummer
Dark King
Jekyll's Morality

User ImageSandman
User Image

User ImageWeeping Wanderer x8
User ImagePale Triplet x9
User ImageGhastly Triplet x2
User ImageSickly Triplet
User ImageProject Fatal x5
User ImageJiang Shi x3
User ImageWedding de Mortis x6
User ImageSunken Dutchman x5
User ImageBlack Maggie x2
Vittoria's Intimates
Icy Inuit
Cloud Iridescence
Toxic Kitten
Lovely Diction
Vocal Headphones
Mint Buttercream Rose
Talisman of Evil
Mikan's Slap
Purple Tam Beret
Raven Noir
Cassiopeia's Vanity
Knotty x2
Black Neko Cosplay
Forgotten Zodiac Ophiuchus
Lady Lunar
Peyo Coded Memories

User ImageLoyale
User Image

User ImageSly the Black Fox
User ImageSDPlus #043 Mama Kuro x2
User ImageMargravine of Autumn x3
User ImageThe White Lady x3
User ImageSouthtown Ghost Story x4
User ImageBloodstone Maiden x3
User ImageMourning Groom x2
User ImageIchabod's Horseman x2
User ImageHuin Seulpeum
User ImageNihon Shoki x2
User ImageLittle Sister
User ImageRusalki Maiden
User ImageKallida Kumiho x2
User ImageMelodious Witchcraft
SDPlus Blind Box x3
SDPlus #275 Joker of Diamond
Night Stalker
Onyx Dragonslayer
Cheshire Kitten
Prince of Fennecs
À la Fondue x2
Celestial Emissary
The Dandy Time Traveler
Lucky the Cat

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Friendly Informer

Stats Guide

Third Update: All right everyone, 3rd update is finally made.
As you guys can see, the stats have changed so take a look at the new stats. 3nodding
Out of 805 plays:

Your chances of receiving this character from opening 1 single:


Inside Out Girl







Nightmare King



*note: these stats will change throughout the course of the rig.

Second Update Results:


Inside Out Girl







Nightmare King



First Update Results:


Inside Out Girl







Nightmare King



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Friendly Informer

little bunnies's avatar

Feral Girl

Friday: Project Fatal
Albe: Peeling green, Devil's Sonata

edit: OOPS am I allowed to post? sweatdrop
Opening six bundles now, I'll let you know what I got an from who blaugh blaugh
JustDanceCP's avatar

Friendly Informer

little bunnies
Friday: Project Fatal
Albe: Peeling green, Devil's Sonata

edit: OOPS am I allowed to post? sweatdrop

Thank you I'll add these as soon as I get more info on this rig. 3nodding

Yes you're allowed to post. 3nodding
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Supreme Muse

31,200 Points
  • Hunter 50
  • Survivor 150
  • Healer 50
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Yay! luv this! ^^ heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
_________________User Image
Consulting Time Lord's avatar

Brainy Hero

19,550 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Partygoer 500
Inside Out Girl
Prize: Bloody Heist
JustDanceCP's avatar

Friendly Informer

Opening six bundles now, I'll let you know what I got an from who blaugh blaugh

Sweet, thank you very much for the help. 3nodding
Opera Phantomess's avatar

Apocalyptic Streaker

17,850 Points
  • Tipsy 100
  • Cheercrusher 50
  • Streaker 200
Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

Nightmare King: Rusalki Maiden

Albe: Demonic Chair x2, Animal Cracker Buddies, Amorous Knight Isis

Friday: Wedding de Mortis

When I remember the names of the others, I will post the corresponding prizes I received. XD

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
MingSao's avatar

Namius's Wife

Playful Lunatic

26,250 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Battle: Level 10 250
  • Lavish Tipper 200
I'm seeing bloody things, this pleases me. 3nodding
TINSTAAFL's avatar

Salty Sailor

11,600 Points
  • Firestarter 200
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • Survivor 150
Third Stall
Comes with a neat hair pose and background.
The Raving Madame 's avatar

Omnipresent Sex Symbol

11,300 Points
  • Survivor 150
  • Demonic Associate 100
  • Battle: Cleric 100
what type of rig is it? shear chance or like the 2-3 option question game types?

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