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                    You can get 1 million gold from DC. In every section.
                    1OOK too!

                                                        Pikachu! I choose you!
definitely going to update by tomorrow night at the latest
25 gold from Home Page
10 gold from My Gaia
5 gold from Shop
Sunflower from Forums
Sunflower from World
50 Tokens from Game

That was all for today .
ok updated

if anything has been missed just let me know
it's entirely possible there are errors due the faulty updating last time
I'm not sure where I left off at so I guessed

anyway thank you everyone for your continued help on this project 3nodding
I got a gold aquarium goldfish from My Gaia:

Then a brown ink from World:
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I got an aquarium goldfish from world.
and 1ooog on My Gaia.

...Didn't think to screen cap though...>.>;;
Aquarium Earth -- Home
20g -- My Gaia
10g -- Shops
Sunflower -- Forums
House Fly -- World
Aquarium Christmas Gift -- Games
15 gold for shops confirmed!

not that it really needed announcing but I thought a little bump might help this place out a little bit
On Games I got a Sunflower.
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Lonely Genius

o-o I am totally underwhelmed
I've been collecting data for a while now, and here's what I've got:

From "Home": Aquarium Cuttlefish, Aquarium Goldfish, 15 Gold, 20 Gold, 25 Gold, 50 Gold, 75 Gold, Green Scale, Blue Ink, Lidless Demon Armor (Leggings), Neutral STarter Polo, Ocean Summer Top, 25 Tokens, Turkey Dinner.

From "My Gaia": Aquarium Big Gem, Aquarium Space Robot, Birthwood Floor Tile, Cherrywood Floor Tile, 10 Gold, 15 Gold, 20 Gold, 50 Gold, 75 Gold, Grade F Fish Bait, Green Scale, Honorable Brown Cushion, House Fly, Blue Ink, Yellow Ink, Lidless Demon Armor (Leggings), Neutral Starter Polo, Pancakes, Single Unit Table, Sunflower, 10 Tokens, 25 Tokens, 50 Tokens, Turkey Dinner, Yellow Guppy.

From "Shops": 10 Gold, 15 Gold, 5 Gold.

From "Forums": Aquarium Background (Fun Machine), Aquarium Earth, 10 Gold, 15 Gold, 5 Gold, House Fly, Sunflower.

From "World": Aquarium Background (Fun Machine), Aquarium Christmas Gift, Aquarium Goldfish, Crumpled Zerox Paper Goldenrod, Green Scale, House Fly, Black Ink, Blue Ink, Brown Ink, Green Ink, Red Ink, White Ink, Yellow Ink, Pancakes, Sunflower.

From "Games": 2 x Grade F Fish Bait, Aquarium Goldfish, Aquarium Space Robot, Crumpled Zerox Paper Goldenrod, House Fly, Black Ink, Green Ink, Red Ink, Sunflower, 10 Tokens, 25 Tokens, 50 Tokens, Yellow Guppy.

Let me know if you want more information.
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Soprano Mochi Kitty
I got Moira's underwear from the Home tab.

fourm assistants have all the luck >.> <.<
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Home: Neutral starter polo
My Gaia: Neutral starter polo
Forums: Sunflower
World: Sunflower
Games: 25 tokens
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Zomg: Village Greens- 15 gold

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