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Beat out the addon competition. 0.2678936605317 26.8% [ 786 ]
Work together with other addons. 0.35276073619632 35.3% [ 1035 ]
+1 (idc) 0.37934560327198 37.9% [ 1113 ]
Total Votes:[ 2934 ]
You stand before the Nothing Man
But don't use that name

Is there still no chance of a BetterGaia addon for Opera?

He is still gone that Nothing Man
I am not the same
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Is there a plan in the works to allow us to change the color of the part that shows our username and how much gold we've got, etc.? :3
Love this addon, especially since it works with Chrome. It just hit me because of the event going on and the number of giveaway threads I've seen, but would it be possible to incorporate setting defaults for the Post Style and Post Action options on the right? It's just getting obnoxious having to manually set dice rolls for every post, especially given how many bumps we need to get all the event stuff (in the interest of killing as many birds as possible).
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What is with the long spacing on all the forum posts? There's always a long space for each post in a thread...
Is there a way to fix that problem?

Edit: Also, I can't seems to see the avatar on every second post on the forum...
Is there a problem with it or I had a wrong setup??
again, is there a way to fix it?
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Is there any chance we can get the pretty Christmas banner added to the Firefox version of BG? I know the FF version's been getting shafted for years, but I figure adding a banner wouldn't be too much trouble.
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Is it possible for BetterGaia to implement the new text post style from the Apocalypsmas event?
The death and stars style. It would really be a good update.
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Id really appreciate if someone could send me the information about the BG Cbox. or if someone could pm me about it, someone who well.. works with BG not a random gaian.
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just a suggestion and idk how hard this would be so......
but it'd be nice if there could be an option to like...color code subscribed threads? like the background of it or w/e with a few simple colors to tell them apart

it'd be nice :3c
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won"t let me download; using google chrome

Make sure your chrome is updated to the right version, also try restarting chrome to see if it added it. Sometimes it makes you restart chrome before addons take effect.

I'm having the same problem but I just checked and chrome is up to date and I've restarted it multiple times.
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I'm a first time user of BetterGaia on FireFox, and so far I've found it to be... alright.
I'll be honest, I thought Gaia was just fine without it, though I must say that I like that I can add more than one posting style.

On the topic of posting styles, though, I've noticed that when I go to make a post, a posting style is automatically chosen for me.
I'd much rather have a blank slate and then be able to choose which style I'd like to use.
Also, I found it difficult to switch between styles while posting.

One final note, I think it'd be a nice feature to be able to choose one of BetterGaia's posting style's from the quick-reply; even if it means having to right-click and choose.
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If I don't like it can I remove it? I would read to see if it has been asked, but with over 400 pages, I'd rather not.

I'm using chrome by the way.
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I'm using BetterGaia on Chrome and it's
absolutely fantastic. However, I work
with graphics and post layouts, so when I
do coding, despite the fact that the posts
working for me, coding-wise, for users
without BetterGaia, it has capabilities of
looking extremely different than what I've
intended; I use BetterGaia with the constant
width option, so that might also be an add on
to this issue.

I think it'd be nice if there were an option
that let you view the whole post as it would
be without BetterGaia, but still in the constant
width format. So for example, you know how
there are horizontal scroll bars at the end of
posts? Perhaps they'd just be stretched longer
to show the whole post while still keeping the
constant width. Sorry if that made no sense.
I can picture it but describing it... /frown

Well, just a suggestion anyway.
Great work so far guys, keep it up! c:
Do you have the link for the exact file download url instead of the add-on page and could you pm it to me?
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What's the latest/newest version for Firefox? I updated Firefox, but I'm not sure if it updated BG too. I know I had been using an older version of BG before

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