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I do not have time to actively update this anymore. I'm sorry, but real life always takes the front seat and I would rather focus my time on my writing, my volunteer work, and my FA work on this site. I will leave this up, but it will not be actively updated anytime in the foreseeable future. Thank you all for your comments, it was a great run.

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Welcome to one of the most comprehensive listings of "I Am" and "You Are" poses on Gaia!

Ever seen someone wondering around Towns or Rally as a bunny, dinosaur or even a piece of sushi?

Have you always wondered how they do that?

They're using an "I Am" pose! Many items have special poses that allow you to completely change your avatar into an animal, food, or even stuff like skulls and ghosts! This guide will show you all kinds of wonderful creatures and things you can become.

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What is an "I Am" pose?

For the purposes of this guide, I'm defining "I Am" or "You Are" poses as things that completely change your avatar into something else without having to turn around or kneel. So something like You are Grunny from the Grunny item or I am Scotty from Kinzie the Scottie Plushie count, but things that just change your skin, like Tropical Disease or a Dark Elf Potion does not.

What items work with "I Am" and "You Are" poses?

Not a lot unfortunately. sweatdrop Some backgrounds or other things work with them, but the only way to be sure is through experimentation. Do not use Tektek's Dream Avatar creator for this! Tektek's layering is different from Gaia's and combinations that work on that site will often not work on Gaia. This is especially important with "I Am" poses, since so few things work with them.

Help! I keep getting a red square behind my "I Am" pose when I'm in Towns / Rally / ZOMG!

This is a known problem with many of the new "I Am" poses. Please make a Bug Report about the item or if it's an evolving item you could possibly submit it as a glitch to NPC Stein. If it's really bothering you then equip an older "I Am" pose like a Grunny or Hermes Moon. Those seem to be free of the red square.

UPDATE: Equipping the Ants item from the Fishing Shop can sometimes disable the red square glitch and make it appear normal. Also apparently Bibbles also has a glitch, but I do not have one myself to confirm this.

What are some of the cheaper "I Am" pose options?

This may change due to the nature of the marketplace, but some of the items that are generally pretty cheap (i.e. under or near 10k) are:

Meatball Fight
The Jack-O-Lantern
You Are A Cow

Why is there no "I Am Prunny" option with the Prunny item?

I don't know. I'm kind of sad that they didn't include it.

How do I get Starmony the rainbow unicorn?

Go to reapersun's Profile and click on the picture you think would grant you a magical flying unicorn. I am not sure but it may no longer be available.

How do I get Tutu the Flying Fat Cat?

Gaia's introduced a new random gift box called Flying Fat Cat Alert. Tutu is a rare drop from those. There is no set place or time to get a Flying Fat Cat Alert. It is completely random as you're browsing around the site.

Will you donate to me?

No, I will not. Begging or asking for donations through PMs, comments or posts (outside of Charity/Quests and Chatterbox) is against the Terms of Service and any I receive will be reported. Go play Booty Grab in the Gaia Aquarium forum if you want gold.

Some of the links in your guide aren't right!

In cases of active evolving items, the link may no longer be accurate because the item has evolved. I will try to update the links, but I might not always get to them in time. If the pose you want isn't there then check the other generations of the item and you'll find it there.

I found something you missed!

Then please by all means PM me about it or post in this thread. I did all the research for this myself, and while I spent a long time on it, I could have overlooked something.

Who did your banner?

The little banners were made by me. The nice big banner was made by a great artist whose name I sadly have forgotten (but fortunately already paid). redface If anyone has any idea who did it or if you are the one that did it please PM me and I'll give you credit. The pink and blue sig banner was made by the talented Blind Clarity!
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NOTE: Items marked with an * are still actively evolving, so you will lose the I Am pose when it evolves again, but gain it back when the item finishes evolving.


Bunnies and Grunnies


Dinosaurs and Reptiles

Dogs and Coyotes


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Humans / Humanoids



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Monsters / Mythological Creatures


Other Animals

Plants / Fungi





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180 Degrees - A Reverse Pose, Hair and Skin Guide - Lady Rat's excellent guide includes the back views of many of "I Am" poses posted here.

The "I Am" Item List - Tetti's list of "I Am" items. It shows the full views unlike the icons I have here.

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Food Items: The Complete List

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I Am Items Compatibility Mini-Guide (i.e. what items work with 'em)

From the ever delicious-sounding Creamy Filling:
Some Observations on Compatibility with I Am items (IA):

There seems to be a couple of "classes" of IA's and some items have their unique abilities:
Hard Shell Pack
Dust Bunny

Most IA's sort into the first category, and some things within a category may have slight differences. I experiment a lot, but i don't remember well, so there may be some things i miss, but i'm kinda sorting through them as i go. I haven't tested every item on Gaia, just things i own. Clothing poses never work, nor anything that attaches directly to the base, except wings.

CLASS LISTS (partial) What IA's are in each class, and what works with them.
Where i say, "part of..." or "some of..." that means the whole pose doesn't show. The first pose of most items just goes by the item name.

First, the Grunny class, to which most IA's belong, the ones i own of which are:
Enchanted Tome, Mercury, Hermes, Wonderland, Starmony, Longcat, Ara, White Drome, Faustine, Pantheracorax, Fallen Wish, Jinxi, Inari, Gogh, Noel, Sundae Sweets and Strawberry--, Cheepz, Cow, Mona, Siedh, Tutu, Twister, Ace, Boto, Shadowlegend, Nightmare (Buer and Bogey Man only) and even though they look like humanoids, Alruna, Foundling, Kottan, and Ebenezer.

They show a lot more items from behind than facing forward, and most things that work are not "attached" to the base. Almost all wing poses will show from behind, some show from both sides. Some of the IA's in the list will deviate in one or two cases.

Some of the items that work from both sides:
Albus Egg (halo)
Animal Cracker Buddies (all the ground poses)
Antique Shop (window)
Autumn Glory (Boughs)
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer (ominous mist, with some green goo in the front; the mist part of misty graveyard, with goo front and back; same of warlock's future; hellfire with goo both sides)
Case of Pietro (mob, and i think blood spill, but i don't have all the gens)
Celebrity Snare Hulk Impact Crater missing some in front
Celestial Wrap (Spiral Galaxy)
Cheepz (Ground Poses 1-10)
Chill of Artemis
Cloud and (Rainbow)
Compass of Seidh (attack of the mysterious wyvern, half of Sash of Heimdall, parts of Sash of Loki)
The Cosmos (Black Hole which makes anything that is completely under it disappear)
Death Whisper Dark Power
Error (all poses except red X)
Fairy Ring half missing in front and (fairies also half missing in front)
Fallen Wish (Way to the Stars)
Grave Danger Funeral Frame goo in front
Happy Capsule (Happy Scenery, partial and gooey in the front)
Herme's and Mercury's Moon (Wing)
Hidden Ace (all Wings)
Homeroom (all the bus parts)
Jinxi's Charm (part of Commencement Chant, the arms of Awakened Spirit, part of Forgiven Chant)
Kanoko's Dark Reflection (in the mirror with some interesting effects from the front)
Lumiere Noire (both Moons)
Lyndexer' Journal (Hospital Room, wing)
Mana Seed (both Mana Trees, but the front only shows a little, and the night one greens almost the whole square from the front)
Nano-C (all Aerial Boosters, Target Analysis)
Nightmare (Popobawa shows mostly from behind; one wing is visible from the front, Crescent)
Padmavati's Lotus (halo)
Pixie (Dust Cloud)
Rainbow Jubilee just the cloud part in front
Regalia of the Flame Tongue (Flaming Ring)
Reve Rouille (shallows and an offer both with green goo, shadow show poster, operating light, diving in)
Secret Retreat (Mirror)
all Sleepytime Beds
Smashing Cities (parts of all poses)
Summer Grass Field missing some and goo in front
Super Powers missing some in front and (parts of Death Summon)
Trail of Ants missing some in front
Wild Armor (parts of all poses)
Xmas 2K10 Event Winter Night
Yemaya's Pearl (under the sea but it's all green goo from the front)

Some items that show only from the front:
Baby Grand (+seat with goo)
Biancamella and Azuramella (slowing, floating, carmelize, growing, materialize, crystalized halo)
Double Complete Rainbow with goo
Gogh Reed (Lightning)
Masquerade (phantasm, crack [with green goo], supernova, --burn and pearls [both with green goo], visage [with green goo])
Nightmare (They never found their way back, some of Invidia)
most of Overseer's Tub
Regalia of the Flame Tongue (Flame Burst)
Shadowlegend (Death)
Trick or Treat Tote (shy Marshmallow Ghost)
Voracious Fog (Heart Consume)
Winter Rose (Thumbelina)

Some items that show only from behind:
Abundant Garden (Scarecrow, Garden)
Albus Egg (cape with green goo)
Aquatica (Green Bubbles, Bubbles, parts of Fish are Friends!)
Autumn Glory and (Leafy Pile)
Baby Grande (Fluttering Sheets)
Beach Day (both)
Biancamella and Azuramella (candied wings)
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer (Destruction, Curse of Destruction, musket on back)
Compass of Seidh (most of Summoning the Valkyries, parts of both chariots, seidh wings)
Coocoon (all the wings)
Crystal Parol and (snowflake)
Dander (only a small part of Tornado)
Death Whisper upper charge, Hellfire, Darkfire Dark Wraith Wings
Dreamer's Dust (Dreamland, one of the Wings)
Enchanted Book (some of: Dematerialize, Enchanted Swirl, FairySwirl; all of both Palaces)
Execution Tools
Fallen Wish (Flyer)
Faustine's Bottle and Yearning, Release, Descent, Wings of Clash
Fausto's Bottle Stage 8, 7, just the bottle of 7 (2), ditto 6 (2), ditto 5/5 (1)/(2)/(3) all with goo, Release, Yearning, Innocence
Fremere's Guard (part of Field of the Insatiable, Wings Schema, -- -Flow, Wings of Wrath, -- Left and Right)
part of Gavle Goat
Gift of the Gods (half of Scale of Anubis)
Gift of the Goddess (one each of the Wings)
Gogh Reed (Leafy, Lightning Cape, some of Cyclone, some of Smog, Sprinkles, some of Sandstorm, Crystal Wings, Leafy Wings, some of Aqua Liquid, Aqua Burst, Zero Wings)
Golden Sparkles
Great Old One (wings)
Grunny (shoulder)
Gwee (On my Back and Behind my Head)
Halftone Hero (all poses)
Herme's/Mercury's (both Times)
Heroes Eclipse
Hidden Ace (trump, you lose!, back design, magibani)
Homeroom and (Classroom, Library)
Ilmacchiato (wings)
Inari's Beads (parts of tsuchibi and mukaebi)
Infernal Spirit (part of Flaming tendrils, Boiling pit, some of Flame)
Imaginary Friend (Wings, both Police Boxes)
Jinxi (Forgiven Wing)
Kelp o'the Loch (Loch at Night and Something in the Loch)
Kottan Bell (wings)
The Love Song (some of waves, some of seaweed, one of mermaids)
Luck o'the Gairish (Cloverfield)
Lyndexer's Journal (Trench, part of Aircraft, War Site)
Mana Seed (Flowering, Summer Fruit)
Masquerade (transcend spark, transcend crown [with green goo])
Nano-C (Static Field [helical])
Nartian Rock (star base)
Nightmare (some of Webbing, Malphas Flight)
Noel's Gift (Gallus Wings, Golden Leaves, Pear Tree, Mini Golden Wings)
Oculus Magica (Electrica, Fira, parts of Ponies and Rainbows and Pwetty Birdies)
Oh My Gumball (barbed tendrils)
Owlpocalypse (Snowling)
Padmavati's Lotus (Lotus Seat, all the Petals, Heavenly Light)
Rainbow Jubilee (wings)
Shadow Spirit (Shadow Flame, Flame Ring, Flame Aura)
Shadowlegend (Tenkaze Village, Burial)
Silent Night (Starry Night)
Silver Laurels (tree)
Snow Feather (Gilded Cage)
Spring Nymph (wings with goo, Mana Tree)
Starmony (always)
Titan's Legacy (Tree, Crest of Awakening)
Twister the Fire Phoenix (wings)
Vampire Bat Swarm
Water Splash only the bottom part
Winter Rose (Petal Rain)
Yama no Tamago (yama)
Yemaya (wings, with green goo)

Humanoid-type IAs

Humanoid IAs generally equip most of the things that Grunny-types can, with some exceptions and differences in what side shows. In addition, Humanoids can equip almost all humanoid companion items. (like the dr's and nurses in Trick or Treat Tote, or the Alruna/Anurla companions). These usually show from both sides.


Hard Shell Pack defense poses generally equip more completely, that is, where grunny-types and humanoids show only parts of things or from one side, the turtle shows more or even all. With just a few exceptions, HSP will show things that Grunny-types do. Most wing poses, however, do not show on HSP (Spring Nymph is one exception).
Some item poses Grunny-types don't show, but turtles do, are listed here:

Visible from both sides:
some of Autumn Glory
Catastrophe (dreaming of fishies)
Clock Egg (most of Explode)
parts of Divided Stars and (most of crescent canoe)
Fremere's Guard (Falling Fury)
Furugasa (parts of ittanmomen)
Gift of the Gods (part of Cerebrus)
Gothic Veil
Picolitrosso's Urn (parts of both ethereal flames)
part of Pixie

Visible only from the front:
Aerial Ribbon Dancer
Dander (a bit of Dust cloud with goo)
Flame Sword (part of @ss on fire!)
Golden Laurels Sparkle just the sparkles with green goo
Nano-C (drone Mk I, II, III)
Pixie (part of Clips)
Reve Rouille (broken heart)
Voracious Fog (most of Heavy Burden, Brume)
part of Western Zodiac, and (Virgo's Veil)

Visible only from the back:
Furugasa (onibi kohai, kitsunebi kohai)
Pixie (part of Dust Cloak, part of Dust Scarf part of Dust Skirt)
Summoning Tome (most of Dragon of Light and most of Dragon of Dark)
Yama no Tamago (torii, furutorii)

Dust Bunny

Dander (You are dander bunny) can equip more item poses than any other IA. Almost anything that is not normally directly attached to the avatar base will show at least some part when equipped on the dust bunny. Some things show only a little portion, and some only from one side, but if you've gotten some idea of what kind of things equip on IAs, you will find little frustration in trying on various items; a list would be ridiculously long.

Animated Items and Items that Animate when Moving:
The bubble pop and falling leaves animated items will equip on IAs, but only show if enough of the avatar square has other stuff there. For example, just the Grunny isn't enough, but if you add the boughs from Autumn Glory, for example, it'll work.
Items which have animations in flash environments can also be equipped, and even if they don't show on the avatar changing screen or in forums, their animations work in flash environments. They have to be equipped last, so their animation takes precedence. These include:
Chyaku Norisu Scarf and (Unknown Hero)
Sinister Scarf (all poses).

Disappearing Completely:
You can have nothing at all of your base or any IA showing if you combine the Longcat Scarf (tacgnol)
with any of Pantheracorax, Drome, or Dander (and possibly some others i don't know). In order to do it, though, you must have other stuff equipped so that both sides of your avatar have something showing. This can be as little as the Trail of Ants.
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Want pie with your I Ams? Gwyneth Nostariel has been kind enough to send me her research into I Ams and Pies.

Gwyneth Nostariel
These are all referring to the Item Giant Spoon & Fork in the seated pose. I am also including pics of how the poses look. biggrin


User Image
1. Pantheracorax Agate (I am Griffon)
User Image
2. Dodo Bird (I am Dodo)

3. Dionaesil (I am Dionaesil & I am Dionaesil’s Hunger) ((Was working but when I compiled this list I could not equip it as the I am poses. As soon as I can I will send pics.))
User Image
4. Black Drome Egg (I am Drome)
User Image
5. White Drome Egg (I am Drome)
User Image
6. Yemaya’s Pearl (I am Jelly)
User Image
7. Yemaya’s Pearl (Waking Dreams)
User Image
8. Captain Ara’s Nest Egg (I am Macao)
User Image
9. Captain Ara’s Nest Egg (I am Ararauna)
User Image
10. The Jack-O-Lantern (You Are a Jack-O-Lantern)
User Image
11. The Jack-O-Lantern (You Are a Pumpkin)
User Image
12. The Jack-O-Lantern (You Are a Lit Jack-O-Lantern)
User Image
13. Vampire’s Coffin
User Image
14. Skeleton
User Image
15. Inari’s Beads (Watashi wa Yoake)
User Image
16. Inari’s Beads (Watashi wa Yugure)
User Image
17. Inari’s Beads (Watashi wa Yuki)
User Image
18. Furugasa (Ore wa Yorugasa)
User Image
21. Furugasa (Ore wa Furugasa)
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this is awesome~
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this is awesome~

Thankees. It took me a good long while to do. And hey, fellow dinosaur! At least for the time being.
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Barton Senshi

This is a good resource. I like how it breaks down the I Am items by type. This will be good for anyone who likes to I am it up in Towns with the smaller I am poses. Ever since those tomes and that turtle pack people love to don the I am poses that can hide them behind things in Towns. Good work done here, keep it up.
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Wheezing Smoker

[] Wow, didn't know Gaia had so many "I am"/"You are" poses.
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`deja vu
[] Wow, didn't know Gaia had so many "I am"/"You are" poses.

Yes, you can be many things in Gaia, except apparently someone with angelic or demonic backwings. xp
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Manly Lunatic

Well done.

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