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Thank you for the Guide! 4laugh
I'm sure it'll answer some questions from Gaians.
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Kinda wondered why Gaia suddenly decided to make my items sparkle like some faggy Twilight vampire. Thanks for clearing that up.
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This has been most helpful. I took one look at my inventory and said, "WTF? Why are some of my items sparkling?" Now I know.
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this is epic failure...
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I'm sure you are aware by now that there are some glitches occurring with the sparkles.

For some the Sparkles are misaligned in their inventories. This is causing problems with equipping items and listing them.

Here's the fix for misaligned sparkles in your inventory and Dress Avatar.

  • On your toolbar click “View” and choose "Zoom in" (magnify the page) then reset using ctrl + 0 (zero).

    It will put the sparkles back where they belong and you can get to your other items.

    This has helped most who try it. Though I think it works best for Firefox users.


  • If this doesn’t work for you then here is another work-around someone posted in the SF.

    It’s the link to an Older version of the Avatar Dress Up page. So it doesn’t have the sparkles.

    Old Customize Avatar page.

    Hopefully, one of these will work for you until we get the on/off switch for the sparkles that Gaia has promised it's working on.


  • There is also an issue where some non-premium items are sparkling in trades though they do not sparkle elsewhere. An Omni-mod has said she is passing this information along to the appropriate people. The White Rose Wristlet Corsage is one of the one’s that sparkles.

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this proved quite useful

tho hopefully i dont have any problems with the sparkles... and like many i thought that i was gunna make us sparkle... sadface

I thought it's gonna make me sparkle too sweatdrop
This feature is quite useful though.
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Its pissing me off because its creating glitches in my inventory when I click on my angelic drapes its say its the goldfish scarf and when I click the scarf it says its the scarf...so basically its locked me out entirely from some of my items. GTFO my inventory you damn sparkles!

You can turn off the sparkles... In your inventory... sweatdrop
how useful, (:
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Thanks 4 de info lol
Thanks for the guide! I never really understood which color sparkles meant what, so thanks!

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