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Too Long; Didn't Read

TL;DR firestorm version of the guide for those who can’t be bothered to read everything I wrote.
Seriously, this one is less than a page, just read it, it won't kill you.

The main principle here for both Exchanging & Vending is buy low; sell high. (You can
stop now if a page is too long.)

For those with a faster internet connection and fast fingers Vending might be for you. This is
how you use the Marketplace to earn gold by buying and selling. I use this page of the
Marketplace to vend with. But if you haven’t got a lot of capital or aren’t familiar with many items
then vending tickets or concentrating on a few small rares would be better. In that case go to
the main page, search “ticket” and buy up all the ones you can get your hands on for below the
average price. Then sell them off at the average price. Or search Ninja Sword, Long-Stem Black
Rose, Raider Shih's Garment, etc. and refresh that listing. When you see one a few hundred to
a few thousand gold lower than the average buy price buy it and then sell it at the average buy
price. You can do this with multiple listings with multiple tabs. Just repeat, repeat, repeat and
you’ll have earned yourself some pixelated gold in no time.

If vending is too lonely/boring/fastpaced for you then you might want to try the Exchange. Same
basic principle of buying stuff to sell it. And never tell me you don’t have enough gold to get
started. All you need is a few hundred (not thousand) gold. I recommend going into inventory
sales in the Exchange and offering on something in your price range. Inventory sales are so
varied there’s bound to be something there for you. If you have no idea what to look for then go
type your favorite color into the marketplace and find something listed that you can afford that is
not sold in shops (excluding the Cash Shop), find someone selling it, then offer 90-80% off the
Market price on the item- just whip out your calculator and punch in ITEMPRICE x .9
(there is a dot there before the nine, don’t forget it.) If the item is only worth a few hundred gold
then forget the calculator part and just offer a couple hundred gold off the Market price for the
item. Once you’ve bought it through a trade (you need a trading pass for this) go and sell it at
the average buy price in the Marketplace. Rinse, repeat, move up in the price of your items and
soon you’ll be rolling in the gold.
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A nice organized list of questions I get asked a lot.

  • Q: OMG! This is soooo long. How long did it take you to write this?

    A: The answer is complicated. Just the reserving of posts in itself to keep everything organized
    took over an hour. The writing of the beginners guide section took around six hours. I know this
    because I wrote it in two sittings about a year ago. As for the rest... I've been writing it for
    weeks. A few minutes here, a few hours there, bothering Magefeathers to read portions for me.
    The coding to make it look nice and organized, as well as the revisions I intend to do will take
    several more hours. So the end result is: it took me a really long time. Appreciate it.

  • Q: Huh? But if you get 500g every day for 48 days it only comes out to 24,000g.

    A: I take it you didn't actually read any of it. It is multiple pages long. Go back and actually read it.

  • Q: What are some good items to Vend/Exchange with?

    A: I suggest the item in the Level-by-Level section on page six. Or you can try Synchronized
    Mosher's Best Marketplace Items For Making Gold.

  • Q: Gah! Everything I buy deflates. What should I do?

    A: In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: "DON'T PANIC." You can either wait and see if it
    goes back up or you can sell it at a loss and reinvest your gold. Just keep working at it. This is
    why I suggest starting off with the cheapest items. That way when you make a mistake you can
    learn from it without losing much gold. Don't worry, you will get better.

  • Q: How much time needs to be put into this?

    A: As little or as much as you want. It's up to you. There is no set amount of time to vend or
    optimal amount of time to earn gold.

  • Q: Do you mostly vend or exchange?

    A: I do an almost equal amount of both. I also hoard.

  • Q: Do you know how sellers feel about people PMing them to buy items at 98-99% of the listed price?

    A: For the most part sellers in the MP don't mind offers like that but check their store first
    because some people have a list of rules there mentioning whether or not PMing is okay.

  • Q: If you have below a certain amount of capital is there a point at which you think Booty
    Grabbing is better than other methods?

    A: If you have below 10k.

  • Q: Is there some way to overcome 'pack rat syndrome' and the desire to keep what you've bought?

    A: I have the mindset that I keep the items I buy for my wardrobe and anything I sell is
    something I specifically bought for selling.

  • Q: You can sell things that aren't items?

    A: Yes, you can sell artwork, writing, signs, bumping services or other services. Anything
    someone is willing to pay for that isn't against the ToS.

  • Q: I have X amount of gold and I was wondering what I should hoard with that?

    A: If you have less than 1000k I usually recommend vending/exchanging over hoarding. If you
    have more than that you can check out the Recondological Forecast which I update with
    recommend items for hoarding about once a month.

  • Q: I have X amount of Gaia Cash what is the best thing to buy with it?

    A: The item with the highest gold to cash ratio. You can determine this by dividing the
    marketplace price for an item by the number of cash it costs to buy.

  • Q: When are you planning on selling such-and-such RIG bundle?

    A: One to three months after it leaves the Cash Shop.

  • Q: How long have you been hoarding?

    A: Pretty much since I joined since I was familiar with the concept from a website I had
    previously frequented.

  • Q: Do you have any tips on organizing your inventory?

    A: I use multiple accounts to separate my different hoards and my wardrobe. I don't keep
    anything on this account except what I'm selling.

  • Q: Have you ever been afraid you were selling your items too soon?

    A: Not really. I sell when I'm happy with my profit and decide it's time to invest in something
    else. I've never regretted that.

  • Q: What is your opinion on hoarding RIG items?

    A: I would never recommend it. There may be instances in which it is worthwhile but because
    RIG items are frequently re-released you can often find that rather than profiting you hoard
    yourself to a gigantic loss in money.

  • Q: So if I want to hoard such-and-such evolving item I should buy it and hold onto it until
    the final evolution, right?

    A: Actually evolving items often deflate rapidly upon their final evolution. I recommend holding
    onto it for a few evolutions until you feel happy with the profit and then sell. A good profit now is
    preferable over a maybe-better one in the future.

  • Q: If someone undercuts your listing in the Marketplace do you cancel your listing and
    re-list it at a lower price?

    A: Me personally? Generally not unless the item sells very few units a day.

  • Q: How long do you suggest we put the time for our vends?

    A: I leave it at the one day default time. If it doesn't sell in that time I re-list it for a different price.

  • Q: How many items should I buy at once?

    A: I try to sell ten items at once at all times.

  • Q: I'm trying to buy some expensive item I've been questing how much do you think I
    should offer for it in the Exchange?

    A: I'd try to offer the way you would if you were buying for profit and get the best possible price
    but you have to be willing to haggle on it and give up on buying it from a particular seller if they
    want MP price for it.

  • Q: When are the best hours to vend/exchange?

    A: When there are the most people on Gaia. Typically between four and eight pm Pacific
    Standard Time.

  • Q: Gaia has stated they are going to do X to "fix" gold outputs in some game or they are
    using such-and-such as a huge gold sink to "fix" inflation should we sell/stop
    vending/hoard/stop exchanging/booty grab/panic/hide?

    A: I usually ignore them and carry on as usual. There meddling has never really had any effect on me.

  • Q: You must have a lot of gold how can I convince you to give me some of it without
    making any effort on my part?

    A: You can't. I don't donate. The time I spent maintaining and updating my guides is my
    donation to all of Gaia. I do enjoy giving gold to deserving Gaians (upwards of forty million gold
    in four years) but if you're not willing to read my guides and learn how to earn your own gold
    then you're not deserving.

  • Q: My question is not included here what should I do?

    A: Feel free to post it in this thread and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
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